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Brian Kelly's Blog: I'm Baaaaaaack!!!......

Good to have you back Brian! 

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I'm Baaaaaaack!!!......
January 12, 2013

Reunited and it feels so gooooood!! Those of you who listen to the radio shows heard the story of my laptop deciding it loved Norway so much, it didn't want to leave lol. No laptop = no blogging. I'm now using my recently refurbished HP mini (compliments of American Kabuki) so I plan on getting back into my usual blogging groove here in the next couple days. So much to share! On one hand, it was nice to have a little break. On the other, I missed this conduit of connectedness as a tool to connect with you all and share my perception of energetic events.

6 Days Later -- January 18, 2013

As I started to write the post above, I put A LOT of material together but haven't posted it yet. I felt like there was more data that needed to come in before I could accurately give an account of what has been transpiring over the last couple of months since my return from the first trip to Morocco and the OPAL Tour. I now realize not having my computer was nothing more than an excellent excuse not to blog, but the Truth is, if I really wanted to blog, I would have found a way to do it. There was a day when all I did was sit at my computer searching for the next great story to share. I now realize there is no better story to be found on the internet or anywhere else for that matter, than the story being told within me. Far more amazing and exciting than the best blockbuster Hollywood ever produced. This time in my life is about integration. Taking the things I have learned, remembered, acquired, over the past year and letting it all soak in, like a delicious marinade in preparation for a bountiful feast.

As more data comes in I will share it here for you all to read and feel. In the meantime, my suggestion would be to also go within. Get off the computer for a minute, close your eyes, take a breath, let go, and recognize how beautiful this moment is. Think back to how far you've amazing the adventure has been. Give thanks to the Universe for ALL experiences that brought you to this moment. Feel the perfection of it all. My bet is you just might realize how drastically your perception of this world and your role in it has changed in such a short amount of time. Can you see the magnificence of it all? The magic? It's truly an incredible time to be alive. The Event is happening now inside each of us. The faster we recognize that, the quicker The Event will manifest within the collective. The timing IS and always has been in a state of absolute perfection. We are not behind...we are right on schedule. We are the ones we've been waiting for...and we're done waiting! Absent Limits. I love you all. <3 ~BK


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