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Updated Again! Rob Marquis Update - January 2nd 2014 Hearing and Call for Support (North Carolina)

Updated 1.13.2014 7:05pm - I just received an update on Rob. See the below section for the latest on his case, and how you can help. 

Updated 12.28.2013 2:07pm - I did receive specific information for his Hearing, see the update below. 

Rob's story begins in these posts here:

Acting as a Sovereign: The Chair of Saint Peter - Creditor to Bankruptcy of THE CITY OF DETROIT

In-Joy, The Show 2/3 Oct 2013 8pm EST - Special Guest Robert Marques Chair of Saint Peter

This is a message from Lori Marques today, about Rob Marques and what is going on with him now:

Hello Judy hope you had a very merry Christmas and a fabulous birthday... I have an update if you could share that would be great. Rob was sent to Annapolis and at that meeting the states attorney told Rob "well if we don't send you to SC then then SC can sue MD so sign the waiver and deal with the charges down there. My brother asked if he was a public servant and he him hauled around the question and said "well kind of".. Needles to say the corruption goes very high up the ladder. They sent rob back to Washington county as hr would not sign. I have an email from my parents I would like you to share. Were asking for lots of energy for robs Jan 2 court date. Rob is now very confident and ready to move forward he just needs a little help from the people. I love and appreciate you and all the others who are holding him in the light as he is truly trying to help free everyone by going through this experience..

Hi Everyone; I hope you all had a wonderful Christ-mas. It is time once more for another re-consideration hearing in Washington County District Court for Rob on Jan 2@ 1Pm. Rob has asked this one last time for your support at the hearing. The FBI has been contacted and is aware of Robs situation. Hopefully, they will visiting Rob soon for an interview. If FBI does not get to interview him by Jan 2.., (which i doubt they will not) he is planning on opening up the court in original jurisdiction. We are inviting the FBI to witness the proceedings and I may even call the media to sit in. The FBI has been Noticed of Robs status as a Diplomat and is under the protection of Title 18. The courts and the warden have been carbon copied on the documents that were sent to the FBI. 

We have all been 1st hand witnesses of what happens when Rob and witnesses enter the court room. This time.. some of us will not remain silent and say nothing if the judge leaves the bench and hauls Rob off again. Download pictures Which Rob will be prepared for. We will remain in peace and honor but will speak up. Once again they are going to try to get Rob to consent to being the ALL CAPS name that he is not. Please email me if you can definitely make the hearing. 

We are forever in your good graces for your attendance.. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful and blessed New Year. Warmly, Frank & Terry Marques

I have asked if there is any other information related to his hearing and where to make contact for support. Check back for updates.
- Justin

Update on Hearing Details and Information:

Please attend 4th Reconsideration Hearing by the Washington County District Court to be extradited to South Carolina as a fugitive for writing a document to help free another living being in South Carolina. (this is the bogus charge) You may google robert michael marques to see the real reason that Rob feels he is being held.

All are welcome. Please attend in peace and honor. If you would like to participate in the audience as a witness, please bring a note pad and pen to record the corruption and breaches of trust by the court. When all are asked for living witnesses in the court here to witness robert michael of the House marques, pease raise your hand with your pad in hand.

Hearing is to take place at 1PM ~ Room 1 Reconsideration Hearing for ROBERT MICHAEL MARQUES Washington County District Court of Maryland 36 West Antietam Street Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
Many Blessings.

Love, Light, Peace and Gratitude All ways.

P.S. If Rob does not appear in the courtroom for the hearing, then you will know something else has gone awry. They tend to use all kinds of trickery.

Update from 1.13.2014 

Once again, Rob asked me to send a request for your donation. Robs household expenses amount to $2149.00 per month and his facility expenses; phone, ink, paper, postage, books, commissary, amount to another approx. $350.00 per month and these amounts still do not include Evans expenses.

We expect that Rob will be home soon. The Circuit Court judge has given the Hagerstown warden until Feb 9 to get the wardens response (to show probable cause) to the Maryland Attorney General, who in turn goes over it and sends to the Circuit Court for final hearing. We hope to see rob out before then. As JT reminds me, we must be patient with them as they are not familiar with our docs and must be educated otherwise, they will choose to follow the same old stuff which is familiar. Rob & Jim want to be freed on the DP docs as well as the new documents that JT is writing, then we will know what works for the good of all.

Thank you all for your consideration.

In peace, love, light and gratitude all ways,

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