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Through the "See" to Alchemy - Waking up is an Initiation into the Universal Truth of the 'I AM'

Guthrie shares his story of awakening, and his recent experiences of reconciliation. 

This is, in a way, a story of everyone. We are all going through our awakening, and it is always a process of taking up the new, and letting go of the old. This is done in a space of love and sharing; and cannot be done in a space of invalidation and trauma. Guthrie's experience is a wonderful example of this, because his awakening was not forced on him by anyone with an agenda, it was offered to him and it was only his personal desire to seek the truth that initiated him into the process. 

As morpheus so aptly stated in the Matrix:
Morpheus: Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
In other words, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. This is why it is an initiation, which means "the action of beginning something." A creative act which must be demonstrated through action. This theme of action, or initation is how the universe determines when you are 'ready'. For when the student is ready, the teach will appear. And we are all, both student and teacher. 

Compass on top of the square suggests
in order to gain mastery of the material illusion
we must unify with our true self, compassion, a holistic
loving perspective of all experience
(material, mindal and spiritual)

Compassion is the Way to Remove Obstacles is a powerful truth, one which I am constantly attempting to integrate into my life. Compass, a tool to create a perfect circle. Allegorically, this is why the Compass is on top of the Square in Freemasonic symbology, because one must have a holistic loving perspective to remove the temporal obstacles we create for ourselves. 
- Justin

Source - Humanity Incorporate

(It's a pleasure to RE-MEMBER with you!)
Through the "See" to Alchemy

This is my first of many con-trib-u-tions (con= together, tribe= divided whole u= YOU tion= ACT, Together the divided whole creates change!) to the blogging world, and I am infinitely thankful for the opprotunity to share my story, which is truly OUR story as a wholistic mind. I was recently incarcerated and housed in the Pinellas (Pine-Pineal Ellas- Resident) County Jail, a less materially bountiful expression of conscious space than I had grown attenuated to at the time.

I was arrested (as stated on my corporate I.D that I was required to brandish in return for food, drink, mail, e.t.c) on 11/17/13, 8:10 pm and would come to be known in coming days as "in-mate number 15715903204". In-mate = within the mother, you are literally being re-born, how you are reformulated truly depends on the understanding of your experience. I had been, for the past year on probation for "Petit Theft". My best friend at the time and I had been drinking excessively(to inoculate ourselves to the unreconciled pain of perceived enslavement) and decided to use the neighbors sailboat without first providing the opportunity to Co-Create. 

Needless to say we were unsuccessful. We ended up getting the boat mired in a sand bar not 100 yards from the dock. After a few hours of trying to both push it out and then back in to the dock, we decided to clean up our mess and swim to shore. The Police awaited our arrival with a rapacious eagerness. We confessed, provided our sacrament and were sentenced to a year of probation each and fines. At that point I had reconciled with what had truly happened. I had used deception to acquire what I wanted instead of providing the loving space to CO-CREATE. I, however, lived each day in terror of being detained of either one minor offense or the next, "J walking", "loitering", "Underage Drinking", e.t.c. I was in a state of CONSTANT neuro-epinephrin release. I could hardly think clearly for nearly a YEAR. 

All of this time I was working a full time job and engaged to a wonderful woman, Haley Rachel Greenberg. I didn't feel as though I could perform my duties as a co-creative member in those dynamics, in the state I was in. About four months ago I was fired from my job and separated with my fiance, evicted(e=energy vic=victim, I did not provide the equidistant expenditures of energy with those around me and was what could be misconstrued as energetically "victimized". Although we know there to be no true "victims".) from my house and rejected by my best friend(and thus truly myself) for my behavior. I was in a hopeless state (not truly however, we are infinitely hope-full and empowered at all points!) and then they moved in downstairs. 

Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles. For the first few weeks of their settling in I didn't see them often, they kept to themselves and I reciprocated. A few weeks had gone by and both myself and my roommate (hadn't been evicted officially yet) Amadeus were invited downstairs to spend some time with the neighbors (JD and JR) but I declined. Amadeus returned with rhapsodies of consciousness and conspiracy as I had never heard of him before! I had been attempting to expose him to the idea that the Uni-Verse (wholistic word) was truly a conscious entity expressing itself physically and he did NOT buy it. I wondered how, after so much time of myself trying and failing these mystery monkeys truly got through to him. I HAD to investigate. 

I came downstairs and what I found was myself, waiting for me to RE-MEMBER. They provided a loving space to reconcile with my wounds and heal myself. The awakening process was exponential, I began to RE-MEMBER (reassemble the components) myself and in having the space to do so my awakening mirrored light onto them as well, through Equidistant Expenditures of Energy we each RE-MEMBERED both ourselves and eachother! We had all been stagnant in our conscious gradients and our introduction, our "feild line intersection" caused immense growth everyday (and continues to). We awakened one another to what it truly is to be, we just needed the catalyst. We've done this before, infinite quantities of times, we know all of this, we are RE-MEMBERING what we are. 

One afternoon while absorbing data we began explaining our links to the eastern religious doctorines. Julian and Justin had an incredibly powerful experience with a Buddhist monk by the name of Llama Gersom. He had provided them both individually with spiritual names. Justin's name translates into "Student of THE WAY", Julian's into "Student of COMPASSION". I had an experience many years ago at a Hindu monastery developed by Swami Sachidananda, dubbed by locals, "Yogaville", in which I was provided with a Sanscrit name by one of the well attuned spiritual teachers. My name was Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles. 

Combine the three and what do you get: COMPASSION is THE WAY to REMOVE OBSTACLES. We were astounded at the potency of not just the validation of our existential bond but by the potency of the phrase itself, for, compassion is TRULY the way to remove barriers between you and yourself. Each of us is a catalyst, an electrolyte even, facilitating the RE-MEMBERANCE of the unified self.

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