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Reclaiming the Rainbow Throne: Understanding Alchemy of Consciousness, Density and Light

Source - 1320 Frequency Shift Kin 58, White Rhythmic Mirror (Clear sign of Pacal Votan)—Day of the Throne

Everything is being remade in the Light of the New Sun
Just as there is an outer sun, so there is an inner sun. When we find the inner sun, we reach the center: the Eternal Now. The whole point of any spiritual practice is to first reach the center, stabilize and then create.

The more conscious we become the more we realize that we are on the leading edge of a mutative evolutionary wave that is rushing us toward the central light or the inner sun where our true self is awaiting our return. Then comes a new stage of being. —Book of the Timespace, CHC Vol. 5
The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan is also known as the Inner Sun or Mother of All Prophecy. Pacal means solar shield.

The Sun is Light. Light is information. The Sun is the coordinating consciousness and mind of the solar system.

The Zohar states: “Seven lights are there in the Most High and therein dwells the Ancient of Ancients, the Mystery of the Mysteries, the secret of Secrets: Ain Soph.”

These seven lights are the rainbow: this is why the Rainbow Bridge project is central to the entire system of Galactic Mayan time science. The Rainbow Bridge already exists, yet the purpose of the rainbow bridge meditation is to practice until we vibrate into its dimension.

At Galactic Synchronization, we opened the rainbow portal and now we have 7 years to build the Rainbow from the ground up (2013-2020) beginning with the Red ray: Spirit of Life; Orange ray: Spirit of Sanctity; Yellow ray: Spirit of Wisdom; Green ray: Spirit of Eternityand Evolution; Blue ray: Spirit of Truth, Indigo ray: Spirit of Divine Force; and Violet ray: Spirit of Divine Omnipresence and Spiritual Love.

The Throne

Esoteric texts tell of the 7 spirits who stand before the Throne of God.

There are 7 Major Arcanum in the cosmology of Time, which correspond to the 7 days of the week (heptad). The first is the Throne. The Throne corresponds to radial plasma, Dali, with the quality of heat, like the Sun.

Each of the 7 Major Arcanum is coded by a radial plasma forming a new psychomythology based on the number 7 (see brief description at end of blog).

The Throne is symbolic of the all-seeing eye of God, referred to as Horus in Egyptian mythology.

The opening of each of the 7 light gates (2013-2020) is initiated on the first Day of the Throne: Magnetic Moon 1 (July 26).
“And behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne …” Revelations 4:2 (also see 5:11 and 22:1).
Making a Rainbow: 3 and 7

To make a rainbow requires the light of the Sun and water (fire and water). When a light shines through a triangular prism (3) the light then becomes the 7 colors of the rainbow.

This 3 is our 3-fold nature and also corresponds to the integration of the 3 bodies: 3D physical, 4D etheric and 5D electromagnetic. For the light of the Sun to be perfectly refracted into 7 colors it is essential that the 3 sides of the prism be equilateral as well as perfectly transparent.

To make a rainbow we must become a pristine prism by harmoniously joining the trinary aspects of our being. Then we become clear transmitters and receivers of the Higher intelligence now streaming to our planet.

Our trinary nature also corresponds to the perfect balance between the 3 planes of consciousness: the plane of mind, the plane of spirit and the plane of will. This is the basis of the cube, 6 + 1 (the One is the central (inner) sun) (see Book of the Cube).

Practice Makes Perfect

The 7 daily radial plasmas recapitulate each heptad (week) the process of the primal seven. (Those who are familiar with this: Let’s Intensify our Practice. Those who are new to this, you can easily follow along daily using the Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity or any of the 13 Moon calendars, or sign up for the free moonly Noos-letterat

Triangle of Sensory Realm

In the first 3 days we build the sensory quantum and thus stabilize our 3D physical body.

On these three days: Dali, Seli, Gamma we activate our inner heat (Dali) and inner light (Seli) which creates the Mystery of life (Gamma).

Heat + Light = Mystery (of Life).

Then on the 4th day (Kali) we receive the initiation that catalyzes us from the sensory quantum into the higher octave of the telepathic quantum. So the 4th day of each heptad (week) is the bridge that catalyzes the light-heat of life (3D) into the psychic realm of telepathy (4D/5D).

Day 4: Kali–Initiatory Catalyst bridging the
 sensory world to the telepathic reality.

Triangle of Telepathic Realm

In the final three days of the heptad (week) we remember the New Earth as the unborn ultimate sphere (Alpha), dissolve conditioned dualities (Limi) and then finally, on the 7th day, we accomplish the actions of the Buddha by reaching our essence center (Cube).

Release and Purify to enter the center of the Cube

As we reach center (Sun) we eject the mental-electron neutron at the center of the Earth creating the rainbow body around ourselves and the Earth. The purpose of this is to quicken the cumulative frequency of our planet helping to vibrate all sentient beings into a more positive, radiant and spiritualized reality.

7 Major Arcanum–Brief description of Psychomythology.

The Throne (Dali) is the all seeing eye of God. The Avatar (Seli) is the one who takes the journey. He/she turns the wheel of time and renews the message of the Throne.

It is within the great Mystery (Gamma) that the Avatar communicates the message of renewal of time. The Mystery is the bond between invisible and visible that connects all things to the original matrix of the synchronic order.

The Mystery is opened by Initiation (Kali) as symbolized by the tomb. Initiation of the Avatar requires a Timespace (Alpha) for the journey to unfold. Correct knowledge of the Timespace hologram leads to Transcendence (Limi).

The initiatory process of Transcendence of the Timespace leads to the seventh stage: magical evocation of the Cube, both with its six sides and three inner planes, which could only be self-reflectively known after God assumed the power of the Throne.


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