Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pyramid Connections: Templar`s Cross, Black Pope, Jesuits, Swiss Financing, Vatican Guard & Anti Christ (ante christi)

This is a fairly interesting connection between ancient pyramid cultures, or megalithic structures, and our would-be masters, the Vatican. Templar Cross seen here:

Here is a post we did talking about the connections between the Pope and the World power structure: Pope 'Ruler of the World' to go after War Criminals?

We also see this symbol in movies like Resident Evil:
- Justin

Templar`s Cross, Black Pope, Jesuits, Swiss Financing, Vatican Guard & Anti Christ (ante christi)


Published on Apr 29, 2012

THE BEAST HAS 7 HEADS AND 10 HORNS: Switzerland has 7 heads of state who behave as kings do, and they divide 10 ministries among themselves.


  1. What is the real meaning of the Templar's cross? Why does Ralph ring wear a shirt with the cross on his shoulder? Also, what is the meaning of the spear or pin through the cross on the Pope's garments? I wonder if all is not what it seems. Love the work that you do. Love the digging and the revealing! You are wonderful! Happy New Year! - DP

    1. Great questions! Mark Passio claims the Dark Occultists only take what is already there, and do not invent new systems. IF that is the case, and this symbol is much more ancient then we think, then it was probably used in association with some highly evolved or advanced culture.

      All symbols always have an intrinsic meaning, related to their geometry and our personal intuition. Additionally we can assign meanings on top of the fundamental ones. For example the upward pointing triangle is suggesting working, and therefore is used a symbol for the divine masculine, or the active principle. Whereas, the downward pointing triangle, is passive and is used as a symbol for the divine feminine.

      I am of the opinion that there are different spheres of meaning we can apply to things like this and in turn extrapolate greater connections of meaning within our own lives. The umbrella corp is a world dominating corporation with massive global influence.. Sounds a lot like the Vatican huh?

      Until next year!


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