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LOCAL EVENT: Gathering of Healers: Celebrating Infinite Oneness - May 17th, 2014


This event is building lots of momentum! Definitely worth to listen to some of these incredible speakers, I can say I have heard a few personally; Elena C. Jones, Jeremy McDonald, and Virginia Drake. In case anyone would be interested in going I thought I would share, Justin and I may, but it isn't certain yet. 

Celebrating Infinite Oneness 

At Sacred Lands Education and Preservation
On May 17th, 5/17/2014
Main events start at 10AM to 6 PM
Entrance ticket is $20.00

Sacred Lands website:


Join the Facebook Event for further updates:

This land was inhabited by the Tocobaga Indians
approximately 500 to 1,000 years ago. (900s to 1500s AD).

A rich and sacred history is held in this land with a powerful energy of love that can be felt while you are in attendance.

This is very healing land. 

A link to pictures of the land is below:

You can feel the energy off the pictures!

Some incredible speakers already (and more to come):
Elena C Jones
Virginia Drake
Rev. Sheila Blanco-Pedrosa
Will Kingsley and
Jeremy E. McDonald
Powerful Healers will be Celebrating Infinite Oneness with amazing healing music along with wonderful vendors of the healing and spiritual arts.

We still have openings for Vendors!
Please contact Jeremy McDonald for more information at:


Events are being planned as well for Friday evening! 

A picnic at a Sacred Temple Mound in Philippe Park
***More information to come***

***Out of towners are encouraged to carpool to create community expenses as well as a healing space as you travel***

Event planners are looking into discounts for this event on hotels, we will also be posting camping areas that anyone can camp at. May in Florida is wonderful!!!

If you are looking at flying we have 2 Airports in the area:

Tampa International (Airport Code: TPA)
Saint Petersburg/Clearwater International (Airport code: PIE)

An inexpensive airline to fly on into Saint Pete (PIE) is:

Allegiant Airlines
website below:

This is FLORIDA everyone!
The beaches are great and this event is close to the beaches!!!

Hosted by: Lamplight Group and Alma Quest

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