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I AM - Wetico (Psychic Psychosis) - Global Consciousness - Oneness...

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I and my friend Virginia Drake have used for a few years now a term called Wetico which it's origins came from the Native Americans with regards to a Psychic Psychosis... or just plainly a Psychosis...

So today i'm doing more research and reading this book called The Greatest Deception / The Bible UFO connection by a Patrick Cooke... the link to that book is here online:

The Greatest Deception / The Bible UFO Connection by: Patrick Cooke

I start realizing as he is talking about how the word Heaven really just means: *Sky* but that around the time of the King James we twisted in our interpretation of the bible what heaven was really... It occurred to me that the world is suffering from a Psychosis on a global scale... so that lead me to look up the word Psychosis to see if I had been thinking of the word correctly and this is what I got back:

Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality that usually includes: False beliefs about what is taking place of who one is (delusions) ; Seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations)

Makes you take a step back and Ponder.. our world is veiled or blinded by what is right in front of us because we are all at some level suffer from Wetico/Psychosis.. in short.. all of us have a false belief of who they are.. most think they are insignificant in comparison and the universe seems to BIG to us... Our literature has been twisted so that we feel out of control in our lives and out beasts are fighting for survival... writing about this remind me of Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs...

A thought had occurred to me years ago and was confirmed when I started to study Maslow was that if I was to chip away at any one these needs like our Safety needs. Love/Belonging needs etc... then it would shake the foundation of that individual. When they reached a level of Self-Actualization then they were not heavily focused on the lower parts of this pyramid. Meaning they are no longer living in the Fright or Flight Reactive Mindset that we all have operated from at some point in our lives. Once we self-actualize we have done what Jesus taught and that was to build our foundation on ROCK...
"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mind and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock." -Matthew 7:24
Here is why most of us or even all of us in some part of ourselves are operating in a psychosis.. if you look at that pyramid and get really honest with yourself... are you operating at the top of that pyramid (Self-Actualization) 100 % of the time? Can you as you get honest with yourself really believe that you "lack all prejudice or judgement of others?", can you accept the truth when it is told to you? Take a look at every layer and ask yourself to you feel safe in your home? do you feel like you have enough money? Do you feel your health is in alignment? Our psychosis comes from a lack of our deep sense of self and YES we have been lied too and YES things have been hidden from the masses.

When we take a look at Wetico it really starts to show us though that it was not necessarily the Global Elite, the Governments, Kings, Queens, Emperors or anything else that caused our consciousness to be tainted and for words to be twisted such a Heaven and for us to not recognize that we are all ONE! It's a psychosis that is within each of us that makes us think and believe something that is not REALITY ... The true reality is that we are great cosmic beings but the more and more we focus on one aspect of who we are and when we think we are just physical matter then we miss the wholeness of us and that is the blinders we are operating from... Below is a blog that is talking about the I AM MOVIE by Tom Shadyac...

Here is the link: I AM MOVIE

Here is except from this blog:
"Native Americans noticed this way of thinking when Europeans first came to the Americas. They have a word called "wetico" which means a soft of cannibalism where one culture eats or destroys another culture's way of life. What we now know is that we are more then the sum or all of our parts we are connect to much more then ourselves. Each individual is connected to all other humans. Not justin the United States but in the world. And each human in the world is connected to all living things and all living things are connected to the non-living."

You see Wetico Separates us and has us operate from the idea that we are separate when we are very much connected to all things. So when we separate ourselves from others and make ourselves better or less then another we are missing the mark... We are missing a part of ourselves. Remember, all experience because we are interconnected is experience for all of us... The more we live in Duality the less we live in Harmony...

So is it a group of people that are working against us or is it a global consciousness? The Wetico in all of us working to create separateness that is causing the disharmony in our world?

Some things to Ponder...



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