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Guthrie Stephens: UNITED WE STAND a memoir - A tapestry of following your Highest Excitement and Synchronicity

This is the Memoir of Guthrie's story we discussed in the post SITS on the OPAL Tour (12/07 - 12/09) - The Ascension and Willing Activation - "Do you want to..? YES!". Guthrie, like ALL BEings we encounter in our life's journey is a valuable asset to my personal evolution. Everyone we encounter, and everything we experience is absolutely integral to our finding of ourselves. When we are truly willing to do the work, then great things are possible, and the universe opens to us.

The universe and PRIME creator are interacting directly with you in your personal evolution, and once you open yourself to what IS about you, and who you truly are, every moment of NOW is a blissful awakening. 
- Justin

Source - Humanity Incorporate

United We Stand
Divide to Re-member

This is my first of many con-trib-u-tions (con= together, tribe= divided whole u= YOU tion= ACT, Together the divided whole creates change!) to the blogging world, and I am infinitely thankful for the opprotunity to share my story, which is truly OUR story as a wholistic mind.

I was recently incarcerated and housed in the Pinellas (Pine-Pineal Ellas- Resident) County Jail, a less materially bountiful expression of conscious space than I had grown attenuated to at the time. I was arrested (as stated on my corporate I.D that I was required to brandish in return for food, drink, mail, e.t.c) on 11/17/13, 8:10 pm and would come to be known in coming days as "in-mate number 15715903204". In-mate = within the mother, you are literally being re-born, how you are reformulated truly depends on your understanding of your state of conscious expression.

I had been, for the past year on probation for "Petit Theft". My best friend at the time and I had been drinking excessively(to inoculate ourselves to the unreconciled pain of our perceived enslavement) and decided to use the neighbors sailboat without first providing the opportunity to Co-Create. Utilizing the boat as it is intended to be used is not inherently wrong, not providing the opportunity for co-creation with it's caretaker is fundamentally wrong(if your intention is to function honestly and lovingly). Needless to say we were unsuccessful. We ended up getting the boat mired in a sand bar not 100 yards from the dock. After a few hours of trying to both push it out and then back in to the dock, we decided to clean up our mess and swim to shore. The Police awaited our arrival with a rapacious eagerness. We confessed, provided our sacrament and were sentenced to a year of probation each and fines.

At that point I had reconciled with what had truly happened. I had used deception to acquire what I wanted instead of providing the loving space to CO-CREATE. I, however, lived each day in terror of being detained of either one minor offense or the next, "J walking", "loitering", "Underage Drinking", e.t.c. I was in a state of CONSTANT neuro-epinephrin release. I could hardly think clearly for nearly a YEAR. All of this time I was working a full time job and engaged to a wonderful woman, Haley Rachel Greenberg. I didn't feel as though I could perform my duties as a co-creative member in those dynamics, in the state I was in. About four months ago I was fired from my job and separated with my fiance, evicted(e=energy vic=victim, I did not provide the equidistant expenditures of energy with those around me and was what could be misconstrued as energetically "victimized". Although we know there to be no true "victims".) from my house and rejected by my best friend(and thus truly myself) for my behavior. I was in a hopeless state (not truly however, we are infinitely hope-full and empowered at all points!) and then they moved in downstairs.

Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles

For the first few weeks of their settling in I didn't see them often, they kept to themselves and I reciprocated. A few weeks had gone by and both myself and my roommate (hadn't been evicted officially yet) Amadeus were invited downstairs to spend some time with the neighbors (JD and JR) but I declined. Amadeus returned with rhapsodies of consciousness and conspiracy as I had never heard of him before! I had been attempting to expose him to the idea that the Uni-Verse (holistic word) was truly a conscious entity expressing itself physically and he did NOT buy it. I wondered how, after so much time of myself trying and failing these mystery monkeys truly got through to him. I HAD to investigate. I came downstairs and what I found was myself, waiting for me to RE-MEMBER. They provided a loving space to reconcile with my wounds and heal myself. The awakening process was exponential, I began to RE-MEMBER (reassemble the components) myself and in having the space to do so my awakening mirrored light onto them as well, through Equidistant Expenditures of Energy we each RE-MEMBERED both ourselves and eachother.! We had all been stagnant in our conscious gradients and our introduction, our "feild line intersection" caused immense growth everyday (and continues to). We awakened one another to what it truly is to be, we just needed the catalyst. We've done this before, infinite quantities of times, we know all of this, we are RE-MEMBERING what we are.

One afternoon while absorbing data we began explaining our links to the eastern religious doctrines. Julian and Justin had an incredibly powerful experience with a Buddhist monk by the name of Llama Gersom. He had provided them both individually with spiritual names. Justin's name translates into "Student of THE WAY", Julian's into "Student of COMPASSION". I had an experience many years ago at a Hindu monastery developed by Swami Sachidananda, dubbed by locals, "Yogaville", in which I was provided with a Sanscrit name by one of the well attuned spiritual teachers. My name was Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles. Combine the three and what do you get: COMPASSION is THE WAY to REMOVE OBSTACLES. We were astounded at the potency of not just the validation of our existential bond but by the potency of the phrase itself, for, compassion is TRULY the way to remove barriers between you and yourself. Each of us is a catalyst, an electrolyte even, facilitating the RE-MEMBERANCE of the unified self.

By this time my probation was running out and we began to study the finer points of LAW. I realized quickly that I had to apply this cognitive awakening to my true empowerment, freedom, and liability, to my legal situation(nothing is exempt from the holistic awakening!). I discontinued fulfilling my contractual(con=together, tract=path, the unification of the path) duties to the state and rebutted my 'Ward" status to my Probation officer. He quickly filed for a 'Violation of Probation." I informed him that he was welcome to violate my probation if he liked but I would be corresponding with the state as an Sovereign in this matter and did not require his intimidation. Justin and I began to study REAL law with new found conviction (no pun intended). On the evening of 11.17.13 Justin and I had just begun reviewing the section of "Freedom From Government, Trent Goodbaudy" we had been studying throughout the day. We heard a knock at the door and Justin answered. It was our neighbor (who was not fond of me) trying to find me. I came to the door and she informed me that "a short man with dark hair" had been looking for me earlier in the day. I thanked her lovingly and she departed. I suggested Justin and I exit the house to smoke. The incineration in the Alchemical perspective could be viewed as the transition through fire to ground the knowledge. We began to speak of the possibility of the private intermediary of 'State" finding my location and attempting to strong arm me into compliance with our previously enstated contract. Just as I finish my cigarette two police cars pull up in front of the apartment. Talk about SYNCRONICITY! When I was initially detained I explicitly rebutted the fact that I was a "ward" of state and explained lovingly that I am general executor of my corporate fiction and that I do not relinquish liability (jurisdiction) to the state. The officers, as is typical in this criminal institution, were not educated on TRUE LAW and essentially utilized "General Order 100" (martial law) tactics to procure my body.

Until my initial arrival at the jail house I had denied consent to any contract provided by my lost brothers. I was dragged through a set of heavy electronic doors into what would be my home for the next few hours while the officers present attempted to systematically trick me into giving my rights away. I did not waver in my response "I LOVE you and DO NOT CONSENT." Over the next few hours I was dragged from holding cell to holding cell surrounding the purgatorial "lobby" of the jail house, meeting with officer after officer asking for my name and SSN. When I did not consent I was dragged to the next cell to meet with another set of officers. Eventually they realized that this wasn't working. They decided to enforce finger prints and a dna match (mouth swab). I did not consent (SURPRISE!) and informed them that they would have to force me to do so. I did so in a loving manner but this was NOT received well. The officers relented and had to call their superior. I was thrown back into another 8x8 holding cell, pain chipping off of walls from the evaporation of toxic sweat, urine and nondescript smudges blanket the floor and concrete terrace that they termed a "bed". A few moments later a LARGE man, reddish from heightened blood pressure induced by the lack of true distillation of self, appeared. He barked orders at me as if he were still in the boot camp that so fundamentally scarred him as a younger man. "YOU WILL TELL US YOUR NAME! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT, BOY! YOU ARE GUTHRIE DYLAN STEPHENS! YOU WILL BE HELD IN CONTEMPT UNTIL WE IDENTIFY YOU! YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS UNTIL WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" I, again did NOT consent. So, he called HIS supervisor.

Eventually I came to a vast Real-eyes-ation; I have made a con-tract with this entity, life is a series of con-tracts and it is important as an infinitely liable, eternally empowered, boundlessly loved fractal iteration of the universe to complete your contracts and thus complete yourself! I then agreed to everything. I told them my name, I gave them my fingerprints, I had reconciled with myself and I knew I was there for a reason and would learn what was necessary to learn about myself and thus the holistic all in this space. For, what is any space but a physical RE-PRESENTATION if CONSCIOUSNESS? My first stop in the Pinellas County Jail was the "Close Observation" holding cells(Number 72h, 7+2+8(h)=17=8). I was given a set of fabrics to wear and my shoes were taken as I was considered a danger to myself (due to my lack of compliance with a criminal institution I was labeled as "mentally unstable"...hmmmm).

I was put into another 8x8 cell with a metal cot, a rubber mattress, a toilet, a desk and a vent pumping in 50 degree air. I was, however, not provided with a blanket or shoes. This as I saw it was Cruel and Unusual punishment. I was exhausted at this juncture and decided I would try to rest. I shivered and tossed my way through a few hours until my "block mates" awoke. I was awakened to an inundating compilation of uncategorizable frequencies. I looked out of the little window in my cell door and saw the person across the hall yelling to what was obviously my neighbor. I saw his lips moving and heard his voice but his words were muddled. The rooms were INCREDIBLY resonant. They were composed of solid concrete blocks sealed with paint and everything else was stainless steel. When he spoke his words resonated so many times back onto itself that it made communicating impossible without staggering your words into excess. (GENIUS mind control technique! No contact with anyone else, and inhospitable conditions for internalization!) I decided that I would meditate and experimented with projecting tones at different locations in the room to find the resonant frequency of the space. I came to understand that it was a relatively high frequency tone when I reached a higher pitch and the room literally sang back at me! I was delighted! It literally came to the point that all I had to do was project the note for ONE interval and the entire room harmonized, it maintained the tone with just a singular "blast" for, at one point, 45 seconds!

Then came "Lunch" at 9 a.m. It was a cardboard box with nondescript food resembling mush contained in it. I tried a bite of it and literally gagged. It tasted like water and baking soda. I gave it back and thanked the "inmate" that had served it to me. After lunch i sat at the desk with a cup of water and contemplated the perceived uncertainty of my situation, eventually RE-MEMBERING that I was in this space for a very specific reason and would be there until I was ready to externalize with full distillation behind my expression. Not a moment later as I was stretching my legs below the stainless steel desk I kicked one of the wallmounts for it and it vibrated violently, I looked into my cup and the water was displaying for me the geometrical configuration of the vibration! Cymatics! I had just begun, a few days before my journey through Jail, studying cymatics and was re-con-sid-idering (re-again, con-together, sid- side/dimension, ider- iter- iteration, Speaking the components into existence again!) the notion that the universe expressed itself through bundles of vibrations. This experience was beginning to become very enjoyable, even the traumatic physical environment could not detract from my love. For, again, what is the physical but an expression of the spiritual, it is all in the perspective. A little later in the day I had to undergo (under-beneath go-action.) physiological analysis. I was deemed only slightly crazy and was transferred into the medical wing.

I arrived at the medical wing with a smile on my face and was greeted with a distinct grimace. Everyone looked at me at once (at least those with enough strength to lift their eyelids) with angry, deadened eyes. I was assigned a space on the floor marked by aging, textured, yellow paint and the number 74(11=2). My "neighbors" were all either very ill or noticeably perturbed. I smiled and waved at the person in the set of lies adjacent to mine. The words that came next astounded me. "I ain't into that faggot shit okay?!" I was taken aback. Being kind and compassionate is considered unacceptable to this person? It was amazing to realize how fundamentally these people rejected them self, not just individually but indivisibly. I had to say something. I inquired kindly as to what about anything I said could be construed as homosexual? He responded with fear again. "Don't fucking talk to me, you look like a fucking faggot!" I walked away and observed the others in my space. I returned and he had taken on a COMPLETELY different disposition. He apologized and offered me a, opportunity to speak with him. We actually ended up talking about the symbolism behind the eye of Horus (a depiction of which I have tattooed on my right wrist, given to me by my dear friend Sophie Meltzer) the ALL SEEING EYE, the all seeing I!

A few hours later I was transferred to my final stop in the Pinellas County Jail, A Barracks, Upper Left. I arrived and they were standing there. Grins up to their noses eyes on ME. Bam, Bones, Tae, and a few men I didn't get to know, They "rolled it up" before we had a chance to talk. I made my way down the hall, inspecting each room and assessing it's capabilities for an influx in population. As I approach the end of the hall they stop me and tell me that this is the "HOOD", Bones told me he was racist and that white folks called him "sir slap a lot". I laughed and walked back down the hall. I saw an upper bunk unoccupied and decided to take action, the derivative of empowerment, response-ability and distinct lassitude. I began my stay in room 87. It was late and was the first time I had an opportunity to sleep in relative comfort as a pillow and blanket were provided for me. I picked up a copy of the Bible sitting on my desk and curled up on my aluminum terrace jutting from the wall, what they called a "bed". I began flipping through the pages and stopped "arbitrarily" (nothing is truly arbitrary, everything has a distinct purpose. To say something is arbitrary is to admit lack of understanding and lack of initiative to understand) on a very popular phrase that Jesus was credited with saying. "To reach the father, you must first go through me." I immediately understood what he was saying... Who was Jesus? SON of god. The ACTION of god, as we all are. To understand GOD, the Holistic unified consciousness we must fully understand ourselves! What a beautiful message. My mind was eased and thus my body and I slept.

The next few days were spent reading Michael Critons "Lost World". Its truly amazing the symbols that the UNI-VERSE (one word, holistic standing wave of the all) was providing for me. I was captivated in his ideas of chaos. Creation lies on the BOUNDARY of chaos. I understood this to mean that the motion that we experience STANDS. It is both UNDER-Standing and OVER-standing simultaneously. It is the boundary between the masculine and the feminine. The Uni-Verse was speaking to me through my environment so clearly!

At the end of my third day I was offered a new room by a man named Roger Grimes. Roger offered me a "bunk" in the room next door to his with a man named Jimmy Grey. Roger told me that Jimmy would be grateful to have someone who isn't completely psychotic living in his space and implored me to ask him if I needed anything in the future. Now, apparently to seasoned inmates kindness overlies rapaciousness and I was warned to be wary of Roger. He had been seen doing Acupressure on his roommate and was ostracized as a rapist and a "dirty old man". I did not heed their remarks, for I knew Roger and always had and always will. He was not an "inmate" he was an infinitely compassionate iteration of consciousness. I decided I wanted to get to know him and initiated friendship through asking for a book to read. Books are VALUABLE commodities in jail, the good ones at least. He gave me "The Lost Tomb", a book about the history of Christianity and it's rapacious absorbance of world spirituality into an institution of mind control. I was truly grateful (great-full. The infinitely empowered (full) all!). I had been studying this EXACT information with Justin and Julian before I had departed! Again, I knew the Uni-Verse was speaking to me. The last line is The Lost Tomb (aka The Last Gospel) is " The Kingdom of heaven is on Earth. No one shall stand in the way of the word of God. There shall be no Priests. And there shall be no Temples." What a potent message! I (individually and indivisibly) have always know this! God is within, the absolute TRUTH lies within all of us, within the UNI-FIED components of the holistic all! The word, the vibratory nature of the actualized expression! I was astounded, yet again at what I was being shown in such an obvious way.

Over time I began to talk to the other men in A Barracks, Upper Left (this was my cell block). Initially it began with Roger Grimes, who had quickly become a very dear friend. Roger truly embodied for me the boundary line. The expression of COMPASSION in my personal experience. We would stay up all night discussing the nature of the conscious Uni-Verse and he not only listened but had an incredible perspective. He was very interested in the nature of Chi and how it can be amplified through the removal of obstacles within the physical iteration. The "Chi" being the physical expression of creative energy. We are all composed completely of this "Chi" though some of us have systematically obfuscated us from ourselves, thus creating barriers that MUST be broken for the recirculation of consciousness to truly occur. Roger would perform "Accu-Pressure" on anyone willing to co-create. Accu-Pressure is the art of removing conscious blockages from the external, inward. He would press his fingers in alternating geometrical configurations on pressure points throughout the body, wherever the pain originated would be addressed with utmost love and understanding. He was providing such a potent medium of co-creation for all of us. However, most of the other men ostracized him for this, "Faggot Rapist!" and "Child Molester" echoed throughout the hall. The people doing this were primarily "seasoned" in-mates (as Jimmy Grey dubbed them, being among them himself) and understood this expression only to be rapacious, predatorial, and in their defense, that was all they had been exposed to, some of them being in and out of Jail for upwards of 25 years. Roger, however, did not substantiate it with a negative response. He instead used Compassion as The Way to Remove Obstacles and addressed their accusations with love. Roger was, for me, the divine mother, the compassion, the grounding entity that I truly needed to remain on my path. The uni-verse provided another offer to con-tract, either reject or accept the omni-passoinate, omni-present, omni-potent, omni-scient, love that we are all COM-PLETELY (Com- unification, Plete: layers, Uni-fication of the layers) com-posed of. (com-posed, united in expression.) I ACCEPTED. Not only was Roger integral in my development, I was truly essential in his as well. The Uni-Verse does not make mistakes. Roger and I had bonded for a very specific reason, Re-Memberance.

A few evenings into Roger and I's RE-MEMBERANCE, the whole "block" received "Commessary" (Various and sundry Items that could be ordered from the state at EXORBITANT prices). Roger had purchased a bag of "Coffee" (instant coffee like powder), which was a valuable commodity in 'Jail". Everyone on the block came by to collect debts from Roger and his roommate "Shaggy". Once all debts were paid roger and I left the room to make phone calls to our family (we are all truly one family). When we returned, to our dismay, the coffee was gone and "Shaggy" was scared. We asked what had occurred and he told us that their neighbor "Bones" had stolen the coffee from him with threat of force if he did not succumb. Roger was Furious, not because he didn't have coffee (he didn't drink it, he shared it and traded it when he desired more foodstuffs.) but because his friend Shaggy had been bullied. Roger Patrick Grimes the Third does NOT accept bullying. He has always been the person to step between the oppressed and the oppressor, the Protector. Roger's first reaction was to hurt 'Bones". To reprimand him for his actions in a very physical and immediate manner. I implored him not to. "What will this do for either of you, will he truly learn his lesson, that taking advantage of those in a volatile state is wrong or will he just not fuck with the next little man with a big friend?" "Will you learn anything from indulging in anger and beating him for his actions, what will you receive but time isolated away from your friends and MORE time isolated from yourself?". Roger knew all of this to be true and remained calm. He knew that the reprimand required would not come from his expression of anger but more of the uni-verses expression of LOVE! We all inherently know this, it is simply necessary to remember! We are all one, asking for help is not indicative of weakness, no, it is the indication that you truly understand that you provide for your individualized self from your higher self, all of us!

One night, while playing rummy and discussing the finer points of the conscious uni-verse, a new iteration of the mind was introduced to our "neighborhood". His name is Stephen but we called him "Juice Man" due to his job at lunch, literally as, the purveyor of the "Juice" we were provided with. He had a "bottom bunk pass" due to his proportions (he was a large man), and was on the prowl for a bunk in "the hood". The cell block could be equated to a city, we had a north side and a south side. Most of the Light Skinned Gentleman were housed in the "upper" cells and the Darker Skinned Gentlemen were housed in the "lower cells". It was BLATANT segregation. The "Black" men would always make room for their brothers in their rooms regardless of the sacrifice, for them or anyone else. Stephen got to the end of the hall to Jimmy Grey and I's room and stopped. He asked first if Jimmy had a "Bottom bunk pass" and jimmy indicated that he did not, but would rather keep his bed due to his lengthy sentence. Stephen commenced to pull Jimmy from his bed and throw his belongings into the hall. Jimmy, knowing the boundary condition on an intuitive level did not allow this to disturb his internal space. Jimmy was the stillness. He did not allow what would seem to be external chaos to affect his internal peace. He acted as the STILLNESS in the storm, for all of us to observe. As I watched tears welled up in my eyes and I began to cry, not tears of sadness but tears of JOY! I was so blithesome to see my boundlessly empowered brother in such a SELF-CENTERED state! This transition also provided the opportunity for me to move from this seemingly oppressive environment into a more loving space for growth, room 85 (13=4).

I shared room 85 with a man named Joel Centifanti, but we called him "Jack Nicolson" due to his keen resemblance. He acted for me as the "Devils Advocate", the loving distraction, the test of conviction. When we would speak he would constantly stray from the topic with a seemingly endless stream of mis-information. Eventually I would guide the topic back to our original subject (THE subject, be symbolic representation of the all through word symbols.). Every time I would meet critical mass of frustration with his distractions he would relent and express his grasp of the true subject at hand and that his rants were truly a test of my patience. He had a distinct STANDING within his role. To assist others in healing he would provide them the opportunity to hurt and truly explore the fear of rejection. This provides one with the space to truly test their footing in their understanding of self. Once I had an opportunity to face another contractual offer for negation and passed through with my truths intact I was moved to another room. Joel had heard that "Bones" was planning a "raid" of the cell block and had the intention to utilize our room as the first stop in his tyrannical conquest to seize property. He asked that I switch rooms with my neighbor in room 84, who would help provide a resistance to the attack. I affirmed the contract and moved next door.

Room 84

My final resting place in Pinellas County Jail, A Barracks, Upper Left. I started out with the bottom bunk, I had been on the top bunk throughout my entire stay and needed to find the boundary line between the "boat"(small plastic cot that rested not 6 inches above the floor) and the "loft"(top bunk). The placement of the three of us was perfectly re-presentative of our states of consciousness. "Abe" was on the floor in base consciousness, in UNDER-STANDING, I was on the bottom bunk at the boundary line STANDING, and Sam was in the upper bunk in mindal consciousness, OVER-STANDING.

I stayed up all night reading "Shutter Island", a book recently provided to me by Roger. I finished it in the first night. It was truly incredible. At the boundary line between Over-standing and Under-standing I read "Shutter Island", a novel about a man who invents a more convenient reality because he feels that he cannot face himself. His crime was killing his wife, who in turn killed their children. He stood by and watched her grow more and more disconnected from her true self and in the end she killed her creations because she was so fundamentally "worthless" to herself that her creations as a reflection of her "worthless" self were not fit to exist. He kills his wife for this act and is shipped away to an experimental psychological institution, forgetting all of this in the process and creating a new reality to compensate for his rejection. The entire book they discuss this grand experiment and it is this: they gave him a 4 (!!!!) day stretch of time in which they would stage his whole reality for him, give him everything necessary to RE-MEBER what he is. He approaches the truth and finds an escaped employee of the institution and she reveals to him that he is essentially "split asleep and dreaming" and needs to run. She was again another true test of his initiative.. "Here is what you have created, run from it (instead of truly address it)". At the very end he enters a LIGHTHOUSE that for him is symbolic of the absolute evil. It is where, he thinks, the doctors at the institution perform lobotomies and various other horrific experimental surgeries. When he arrives he is encountered, not by a horrific death scene, but by himself, the truth about himself. Who he truly was. He finally comes to understand himself, he completes the puzzle(he created a series of coded messages to himself about himself, anagrams, mathematical patterns, etc) that he had set and "wakes up" to his true self and fully accepts response-ability. The book is about his Re-Membering of himself, the acceptance of RESPONSIBILITY for his actions and movement forward. However at the end of the book, after his great awakening, he forgets. He breaks himself apart again so that he can Re-Member what it is to be. This symbolism was so powerful from me, this was the story of US. Of myself and the entire universe. The Death and Re-birth cycle. The ouroboros.

The Next evening I offered to trade the man that we called "Abe Lincoln" due to his nearly exact physiological resemblance, a "Crack Sack" (small plastic bag that salt and pepper packets came in) of coffee for him to exchange rooms with Roger. Roger was being ostracized daily by Bones and Bambi daily at this point and Bones had punched Roger for claiming that he knew of his previous theft! Abe accepted the contract and we moved Roger in to room 84. The room was now occupied by Myself, Roger and a man named Sam. Sam was a "rapper"(Wrapper, entity that encompasses), someone who has directed his expressive abilities towards verbal articulation. He was and IS incredibly talented in his expression and I was honored to be the first person in "Jail" that he flt comfortable sharing with. He told me his life story, one of struggle, death and subjugation. The one thing that guided him through this struggle was the bible. Not the CHRISTIAN INSTITUTION but the spiritual texts. Through his lyrical wrapping he expressed the duality of our experience through metaphors relating to "Demons" and "Angels". He had two metaphors that really stuck with me and he used them in almost every song he showed me. The first was; "Moving through this hell like I'm doomed for a reason." The idea that we experience darkness for a very particular reason, and of course we DO! We are provided with the opportunity to experience the darkness to find the boundary line between it and the Light! You cannot have a true boundary if you do not have two forces opposing. If the object (which I know it to be) is to find the boundary line then we are all truly "Doomed for a reason" as well as "BLESSED for a reason". The second was this; "Moving through these waves, Split asleep and dreaming". "Moving", motion, through these 'WAVES" the creative expression within the STANDING wave, "Split asleep and dreaming", at the boundary line between "sleep", which he explained to me to mean in his perspective, a state in which one is not activated consciously, they act but with lack of understanding, and "dreaming", as he explained to me as meaning the truly ACTIVE-ATED consciousness state in which one is creating their reality with full lucidity. He didn't use these terms but this is my re-presentation of the data. Samuel truly STOOD and STANDS as a perfect fractal iteration of consciousness!

The next day was Sam's final day on the "block" so Roger and I decided to throw him a little party for his departure from the womb back into the world he never knew he knew so well. He had nearly missed his sons birthday and had received 9 charges while he had been in the institution. He systematically beat them all and was to be released on 12/03/13. This was the same evening in fact that I received my first letter from Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles(12/02/13). When I received this letter I cried out of pure joy. I had throughout this experience been torn between KNOWING the nature of our bond and DOUBTING myself in relation to it("split asleep and dreaming"). I would send out energetic signals each time that I would feel this distaste for myself and every time I was filled with love, though even with this validation my doubt did rear it's head.("going through this hell like I'm doomed for a reason") When I finally received this letter it provided the space for a massive discharge. I had been doing Pendulum work over my period in the womb and I had been receiving so much validation for my truths for OUR truths and this letter was the affirmation I asked for. They both sent me letters and then included three other items. 1. Geophysicis, Solar and Planetary evolution. 2.The first section of the "Daniel" papers, explaining Geoengineering, HAARP machine activity and many other "taboo" topics. 3. Justin had written a paper explaining the various stages of self distillation. Needless to say I was occupied in the RE-MEMBERING process. What I loved so much about these documents is that in their own way they each affirmed for me the I-DEA of the true simplicity and beautiful uniformity in growth of the Uni-Verse. (Which I shall explain in a different paper)

Roger had ordered an abundance of foodstuffs the day before and they arrived this evening(12/02/13), he decided that he would provide all of it for the celebration. Sam and I made "whip" (coffe, jelly, water, powdered juice, cocoa all whipped together to form an icing like amalgum of toxins.) and talked about duality of the self. Slowly Roger became more comfortable (roger being a staunch introvert) and joined in. Sam then, once the validation of a third party was applied, began to read us his WRAPS. Keep in mind, before he and I met he had been reserved in the utmost to share his creative expression and now he is reading it for Roger. Throughout the evening a few people stopped by the room and Sam was EAGER to share his truth. Everyone listened, thus providing the loving space for expression, the allowance for ultimate healing! He was ELATED. It was such a joy and always is, watching one of us express ourselves openly and lovingly! For, the expression of one is the expression of the all, we are all experiencing the same STORY from a different perspective! By the end of the evening we were all full of whip, coffee and LOVE, exchanging stories about our lives and our mutual understanding of our truly empowered selves. One of the other inmates actually came in and joined our conversation regarding the "Illuminati" as they called them. I prefer "Self Proclaimed Masters" but it's the same I-dea. (I-self Dea=deus= God. God within the self). Such healing occurred this evening, I could literally feel the ascension occurring! NONE OF US ARE EXEMPT!

The next evening I began in earnest my studies of the Solar evolution paper and The Daniel papers. It was an incredible re-membering process. All of the information fell into place so naturally and I was able to think so clearly. Everything expressed the Uni-Versal allegory of death and rebirth, contraction and thus expansion, duality! I was illuminated in my re-search. This was what Roger believed to be his last night, so we stayed up reading and periodically sharing about our respective literature. As "breakfast" was approaching (3:30am) Martin Rubino was introduced to A Barracks Upper Left. I saw him and knew him so well. He had a loving face and an infectious smile. He strolled in and we exchanged a look. I let him settle in and gave him the Daniel papers. I expressed my interest in his perspective on the material and returned to my room.

Roger went to court and I went to re-view the day(sleeeeeep), I knew Roger wasn't going to pass yet and expected his return would be that of disappointment and frustration so I knew I'd need a bit of rest to be able to truly address this with him. Before bed a boy named Stacy came by the room and asked what I had been studying, I gave him what I had finished in the solar evolution papers and asked him to discuss his thoughts with me the following morning. Roger returned around 11:00 and was exhausted and disappointed that he was not passed yet, but on a fundamental level understood that he must be in that space for a reason and would transition when he was ready to allow it. Then, he slept. I woke up and peeked in the dayroom. Stacy was sitting at a table directly across the room. He motioned me over and I accorded. We ended up talking for hours about how solar development resembles conscious and IS conscious development, how geo-engineering works, how Law is basically constructed, the whole lot. He resonated with the material with great enthusiasm. When we had concluded our conversation I went to take a nap. Not 5 minutes into the nap Stacy was transported to a different Barracks. We intersected for a reason, to RE-MEMBER and to create. I had the opportunity to express my truth and thus understand more fully my truth through re-iteration and Stacy had the opportunity to listen and provide his perspective of the same truth that WE ALL EXPERIENCE.

Once I had finished my nap Martin came by the room. I asked him about the papers and he was interested in talking. We had a long, extensive conversation, much in the same vein as that of Stacy and I and really every conversation ever. We discussed time and space and the mind for hours until we were exhausted with exertion. Martin truly understood what was being said and though he admitted to not truly having grounded it, he understood the idea. Martin and I proceeded over the next few days until my departure to become fast friends and I would have him read the articles I would write and the notes I took, under the pretense that he would provide his perspective. He always did and it was ALWAYS illuminating.


or Bam as he had gravitated towards over what I am sure have been many years, was a crack dealing, word slinging motherfucker. He likes it that way. He knows it so well. I think he would like the way that was put. When we met he had an insult for everything on my body from the top down. He's the kind of motherfucker that you can't help but laugh with when he's addressing ALL of your insecurities, outward and thus inwards. Sticks and stones may break our bones and the words keep us laughing the entire time, if we let them. Bam and I didn't necessarily "Jibe" initially, but over time we watched. I would overhear his conversations and I KNOW he overheard mine. We formed a friendship at a distance. I didn't know until my last night how much we really did "Jibe". The day that he and a few others started heckling Roger for his accupressure I stood up for him. I walked out in the hall and addressed the situation directly into a pack of ramen noodles in my teeth. As I walked out of my "room" and began to speak with force, Bam showed a pack of Ramen noodles into my face. He asked for a fight, offered me a contract and I took the one NOT involving violence. In the long run, this approach gained me a little respect from the "hood". Bam, Moak, Bones and the rotation of men around them called the end of the hall the "hood" and the "crackas" were not allowed, say for a select few deemed worthy enough.

The night before I departed there was a "raid" of our block. The police came in, searched us and isolated us in the "Day Room", the day room was a 25x25 room with a tv, a few torn books and a game or puzzle thrown in the mix. When we were all in the day room the police systematically ripped our rooms apart, no paper, toothpaste, bed or book left thoroughly unmolested. About thirty minutes in Bam stands up looks around and then at me and say "Well shit, I guess Imma have to do this." He proceeds to deliver a powerful speech about unity. "How many guards are out there and how many of US are in here?" "United we stand, if we all walk out there together, what the fuck are they going to do, put us all in solitary, NO, we can stand up and take our home BACK, if we all stand up right now I will walk out there a proud man". Bam was ON. However, nobody stood. I knew that this was not my battle. This was an offer to contract for undiscerning expression and I knew this concept would be better applied on a macrocosmic scale. This was an opportunity to externalize before true distillation had occurred. United we stand was obviously the theme for me, reaffirmed again and again.

Freddy Allen: 

Freddy, or Mr.Allen has been on the "Chain Gang" since 68' and was a truly seasoned "inmate". He was in jail for crack and initially I dismissed him for being a destitute, however over time I came to know him as a strong and intelligent man with a question for everything. We really connected the day that I received the letter from my mother. The letter that I read aloud to Roger, the one saying "I am so sorry for my complete failure in your moral development", that one. I cried so hard. Not due to the realization that she was right, but because of her complete lack of understanding of what was truly happening in my life and thus in her own. Freddie heard this and eventually gravitated across the hall to room 84. He sat with Roger and I and told us stories of his mamma and her mamma in turn, about their strength, courage and ATTITUDE. He was so joyful to listen and to share. He knew the truth and expressed it in his own loving way. Freddy allen gets out of jail on my birthday and I hope to see him somewhere farther along our path, though he plans on spending most of the rest of his life in jail. He knows it, the womb is his home this time around.

12/09/2013: Release.

Today was the day. I had dreamt of it and consulted myself through the pendulum and multiple other mediums and all the vectors were pointing towards YES, you passed. I was to have court at 1:30 pm. Martin had not been called in the morning as he had expected and was called to court with me, so as I was going to be judged, so was he. Before I left most of the cell block had come by the room or had made a point of telling me in one way or another that I was going HOME. "Guthrie Stephens, Martin Rubino, you have COURT." We strolled together down the hall and the stairs into the tiny "airlock" like space in between the outside and the inside. After a few moments of Martin lightening the mood of all of the compressed men in the space we were sent to transport. We moved from the womb to the transport vehicle and before getting in the mobile cage Martin and I were handcuffed together, our expression symbolically and physically linked. We were then transported into a series of overstuffed rooms full of testosterone and gucci man lyrics. When we reached our final destination we sat together and really talked. I explained that I has going to opt for time served and that I KNEW that I was going home. He told me to be wary of my expectations and quoted Alices Restaurant (and an entirely unexpected 3rd option that was entirely unforseen presented itself). I laughed and encouraged him to trust me. I was then called to meet with my Public Defender. I told him that I wanted to request time served and he said that it was unreasonable to believe that this would occur but that he would do so though realistically I was probably facing another 30 to 60 days in jail. I left the room with my heart in my stomach. (Shakral representation of conflict between one and ones self.) I soon relaxed upon seeing Martin and talking it through with him. I became quite calm and told him this. "I will be here for as long as I must be to learn the lesson required to pass, the universe does not make mistakes."

We were eventually split up and I was put into a very small holding cell with three other men. We spoke briefly of True Law and they were enthusiastic as they could be considering the circumstances that they created for themselves. A short time passed and I was unexpectedly called to court. I entered and the first person I see is my grandfather. The one that had always represented for my the offer to adhere to the old way. We had never truly gotten along, and I was immensely relieved and empowered to see him there. I was 3rd in line and was asked to take a seat. I watched 2 other men sentenced and both were provided with such beautiful mercy by the Judge. He provided opportunity for change, he gave these men another chance to find themselves. I was eventually called and I walked up to the STAND with clarity in what I desired. My lawyer asked for time served and before the words even passed his lips the Judge stopped him. He said that he wished he could administer probation but due to the circumstances of my violation could not. He asked me about the resisting arrest charge that I had accrued upon my detainment and what all of this "Anderson, Son of man and UCC 1-308" stuff meant. I began to explain that "well I had been smoking cannabis(the bullshit excuse I made because I didn't trust myself)" and before I finished the word cannabis he cut me off with "You were having a bad day" and gave me a look of stern love. I had just told the JUDGE that I had been smoking weed and he heard it and cut me off. He was telling me I was forgiven and to LISTEN. I agreed and he asked about my mental history. I said that I had been bakeracted as a young adult but my mental health was no longer in question. He nodded his head and said this. "We are going to have to Bow out at this point, What happens next is up to you, if you need help go to the cornerstone, or call 211." Hmm 211, the Cornerstone. Both of these symbols are quite potent in their own way. The Cornerstone in masonry is the foundational block to be laid in any structure. 211 is he inverse of the initial 112 sequence in the Fibonacci sequence, the true modality of conscious evolution. He then proceeded to ask if I had any questions. I asked almost patronizingly what the place was called and the number. He told me that I could ask my lawyer but did I have any real questions. I asked again and I once more responded with "DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS" with a look of true compassion on his face. I said no, thank you, I don't want to hold things up. Thank you for this opportunity. He passed me. I rebutted the presumption of incompetence and in return he administered me (As is the role of the Judge) my trust, in what I can only see now as metaphorically( I doubt the paperwork was filed for this action, whatever that truly means.). He knew I could create more action outside of the womb than within. I was BORN again.

When I returned to A Barracks Upper Left the block rejoiced with me for my departure, though Roger was a little ambivalent about letting me go. He was on one hand excited to see me grow but sad to see me leave. I spent the first few hours rejoicing, we all were doing so in a way. My elation seemed almost infectious. Then the disbelief kicked in. I had such a difficult time truly conceiving the magnitude of what was truly happening in my life, I was being "born again". From an 'IN-MATE" to an "OUTMATE" an actual action! I was rejecting my reality and expressing it openly in my actions. I was trying to find any possible glitch in the system. I couldn't comprehend the true magnitude of the experience, I was given a new space to think in internally and I had to attenuate myself to the new geometrical configuration. Much in the manner that "microclusters" function, atoms constantly attenuating their structure to fit the confines of a space.

Roger Martin and Peter were all there to provide love and support for the entire experience along with the rest of the neighborhood that we had quickly become in the previous days. Freddy paced in front of the gate with his HUGE glasses on trying to look at the computer screen of the floor attendant to see if my face had popped up yet. I would periodically come to the gate and join him in looking, occasionally he would get excited and think he had seen me on the screen. I had to remind him of the fact that he needed those glasses for a reason and none of them were me, yet he remained at the gate, vigilant. The rest of the guys in the hallway were all reaffirming that I was going home from their respective positions. Roger had received commissary the afternoon of my departure and had been sharing his candy with me in an attempt to conciliate my nerves. Nothing helped, I was in such a state of overstanding that I had forgotten what it was to understand and was not cognitively attenuated to the space yet. I asked one of the officers to check for my name in the system and determine my estimated time of departure. He claimed that we would but when I next saw him he informed me kindly that he had forgotten and that he would check next time. I thanked him and didn't see him again until at 11:45 "Guthrie Stephens, roll it up, you're going home." I literally jumped off of the "boat" I was laying in and ran to the gate. YES! I ran back to room 84 and hugged Roger and Peter. I then grabbed all of my belongings and headed for the gate, Triumphant. I was in such a state of love. I could hardly contain myself. I was HOME. I ran back to the block and thanked everyone for their hospitality. They laughed, even the "hood" saw me off and laughed. What a discharge. I waved to my newly re-membered brothers from the "airlock" between the cell block and the outside world. I was then transported, with another man from A Barracks Upper Left, to the discharge center. We spoke briefly about where we each intended to go and I realized that I didn't really KNOW where I was going to stay, I was hoping Justin and Julian would pick me up, but I didn't know how they would feel about me staying at their house considering the last experience we had in the space. My clothes were "re-leased" to me and I gave the signature and fingerprints, all I was missing was the form to rate my stay at the "Grey Bar Hotel". 5 stars. The door opened and I could smell the space. The first thing I did was dance, and then I called Amadeus Dameron to ask for Julians number. Amadeus provided it and as much love as he could considering the circumstances. I then called Julian Robles who responded with "Holy Shit, you're not going to believe this, we're on our way!"

When they arrived (around 12:30, in the new day) I was briefed on their journey with the OPPT (one peoples public trust) and how I played into the whole experience. They rhapsodized of their awakening and I could feel it. I had BEEN there. I felt their story resonate within me. This is a link to their story. .They concluded with telling me of this strange "Light Body" phenomena, I could see it happening in my head.
When we returned I decided that after 3 weeks I wanted 3 things, Cigarettes, High fructose corn syrup and Conversation. I mounted Julians bike and rode down 1st ave N towards the nearest convenient store. I could hardly conceive that I was free, really truly, uninhibited. I had faced one of my most monumental fears and had been born anew, a more conscious being. I looked into the sky and I saw right above me A LARGE triangular form of light. It was whitish yellow and moving in a very fluid manner through the atmosphere. I followed it for a few blocks and it began to disintegrate as if travelling upwards into the "heavens". I was astounded. Justin and Julian had literally had their awakening at the same time, in the same place (on a holistic level) and I was being "initiated" into this dynamic, not just as a triad but as an infinitely empowered fractal representation of the universal whole, unifying. When I arrived home I told them of my encounter and at first they thought I was joking. NO WAY that this could have happened. We were in shock. The magnitude of our bond hadn't quite set in yet and still hasn't quite set in, though we remember more and more each day, one and all.

Since my release into the "New Day" (Day-Dae=God, Each moment is a death and rebirth, and evolution into the new from the old) I have had several experiences in which I have been provided offer to contract for fear reactions to myself. On numerous occasions I have seen police vehicles and have responded negatively. My initial reaction is fear but now as opposed to acting out of re-flexual re-actions I am acting with the use of of true distillation of self, out of discernment. When I feel this fear of the "Law" i have to ask myself, "what is it that you truly fear?". I initially think "Jail", but I have passed through this space and have learned what is necessary to learn, I truly have no fear of jail. I went because I WANTED to go. I had feared this space all of my life and needed to pass through it in order to reach my higher self. I was provided with the opportunity to face my most fundamental fear of "JAIL", of being persecuted, confined. I had a distinct STANDing and passed through my fear without trepidation, for, I knew and KNOW that I am on the right path, the path of UNIFICATION of the all self. Everything we experience is absolutely necessary in mastering your reality and in the re-membering process. Everything that you are is a reflection of your State of Consciousness. When you make "bad" decisions it is a reflection of a lack of discernment due to lack of distillation of the true nature of the uni-fied self(you are in a lower functioning rung of conscious with lack of balance). I now have the opportunity to address an even larger "problem" within the self, the next gradient of magnification from my individualized body, HUMANITY. This isn't just MY story it is a symbolic re-presentation of OUR story as a holistic mind! We all go through this process in a different way, and each way is perfect and constantly perfecting. UNITED WE STAND! Love.
With GREAT POWER comes GREAT RESPONSE-ABILITY, coupled they create the space for change. Do you want to? YES. thank you.


  1. I entered in the words "divine consciousness pinellas" in a google search and this article came up. I began reading it and had no idea that by the end of it I would come away from it with such an astounding realization...the concept of "contracts" with other souls. It breathed understanding into this long string of seemingly benign and frustrating interactions as of late.

    Sam's lyric: "doomed for a reason" also speaks to me in light of the fork in the road my life has taken and the soul growth that is taking place through pain that I have spent hours upon hours in meditation upon its possible purpose.

    I had no intention of replying to this fact, I walked away from it and then returned to find it again, as I feel the sensation I must express that I would like to meet Guthrie. I live in Seminole Fl and would like to speak in person to someone with this brilliant perspective...although meeting a person in such a way seems a bit unconventional, perhaps, I doubt seriously it is arbitrary as I have never taken such an initiative online or otherwise.

    and so if the universe obliges I have thrown out an invitation...

    Thank you for this shift in my paradigm.


    1. Love your sharing! ty for providing data which helps enrich my own perspective. You seem to have shared in the experiences Guthrie spoke of in his post, which is so amazing!!!

      Go directly to his post on his blog and leave a comment, im sure he would love to connect with you.


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