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Discovery of the Law of Time - The False Paradigm to Control Reality (Gregorian Calendar vs Mayan Calendar)

Thanks you D of RTS for sharing this in the Energy Room. I find this data to be very poignant in this moment of NOW. Why? Because much of our world is controlled by subtle acceptances of offers to contract by us. They make an offer, and we unwittingly accept. And rarely do we fully understand and question the things we accept into our lives. This is changing more and more now though.

Nick, had a wonderful perspective to share relating to this topic:
Not even sure how to put it into 'English'. During reading through the article, I kept getting the connection between the mechanical construct of time and the 'worship' of that construct. One major commonality between most of the world religions is the worship of the time construct.  
Measured in ways such as "1000 years of darkness..." or setting specific ages for baptism or barmitzva. there are subtle time allusions woven into our daily lives. Look at a deck of cards. 52 cards= Weeks in a year. 4 suits represent the seasons. 13 of each suit represent a lunar year.  
The gradients of our time measurement are represented in seconds at the smallest increment. It is an imposed limit. Look at all of the perception tricks that time plays. How a second can, and does stretch out during the 'fight or flight' response. Or it does the opposite. I will swear only 5 minutes has passed, then I turn around to find out it has been hours. To quote one of my favorite authors, "Don't you hate it when time doesn't?" It can refuse to pass, no matter how far you pull over to let it go by. The entire paradigm is built to worship that false construct of mechanical time. Corporations, religions, individuals.
This concept goes along well with so many posts discussing the nature of our control mechanism. See the post Secret's in Plain Sight: It’s About Time - Undeniable Connections Revealed

Mark Passio also discusses the concept of time and money very well. He posits that Time is TRUE Spiritual Currency. And when you consider this, it is true. When you spend your time DOing is what energize with consciousness. Spend time practicing painting, and your become a better painter; spend time living in the past and regretting past decisions, you'll be unhappy; spend time meditating and forgiving yourself for past occurrences, and you'll develop a grounded personality. 
- Justin

Source - 1320 Frequency Shift — Kin 41: Red Lunar Dragon

Today marks the 24th anniversary of the discovery of the Law of Time by Jose Arguelles on Kin 121–Red Self-Existing Dragon. The following is an excerpt from 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler/New Page books 2009/Stephanie South.
Clocks slay time…time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life. —William Faulkner

The process of mechanization was furthered by an ideology that gave absolute precedence and cosmic authority to the machine itself. —Lewis Mumford
In 1989,just two years after the The Mayan Factor was published, came the discovery of the 13:20 and 12:60 timing frequencies, which was the beginning revelation of the Law of Time and the reawakening of the need for calendar reform.

While in Dornach, José was flipping through the guide map for Geneva, Switzerland, and found the Museum of Time. He knew he had to make a visit.

On December 10, a cold Sunday morning, after two hours touring the Museum of Time looking at one archaic proto-clock after another, from the cuckoo up to the pendulum and then on down to digital quartz and cesium timepieces, José had a revelation.

“That’s it!” he exclaimed to Lloydine. “The world is living in artificial time! This place should be renamed the Museum of Mechanized Time.” Since she also had been living on the larger cycles, she quickly grasped what he was saying. Living by the Mayan cycles, José had an experiential and mathematical contrast to evaluate what he experienced in the Museum of Time. His mind raced with realizations. Noting that everything in the museum was according to 12, and everything was related to the clock, he saw immediately that the 12 months and 12 hours were mathematically equivalent. He saw that the 60 minutes and 60 seconds were based on the same mathematical principle: the division of 12. He immediately concluded that the machine frequency was based on the ratio 12:60.

It all seemed obvious: the 12 and 60 were mathematical constructs of a geometry of space and not of time. In the geometry of space, a two-dimensional circle is divided into 360 degrees. 360 is divisible by 12 and by 60, hence the 12:60 timing frequency of artificial time.

He learned that the mechanical clock was perfected just after the Gregorian calendar reform of 1582. He realized how, after the adoption of this calendar and clock, the human mind accepted these instruments as second nature. He was aware that the Gregorian calendar was a crooked standard of measure based on measurements of space and not time.

In contrast, living by the principles of the 260-day Tzolkin, the rhythms of life were interrelated patterns of 13- and 20-day cycles—hence the 13:20 frequency of natural time. José understood that the Law of Time was a fundamental law, like that of gravity. Just as the law of gravity cannot be seen, neither can the Law of Time, but both are invisible principles fundamental to the universe.

In observing the examples of the evolution of societies and culture, José realized that, from a scientific point of view, what is called “normal society” is actually a consensus reality driven by the combination of two timing standards: the calendar and the clock. Mistaking space for time, this civilization has become fixated with space technologies and exploration, and the biggest complaint is not having enough time. By now, virtually the entire civilization is operating under this artificial frequency.

To reverse this error, he immediately knew the calendar must be changed.

The Law of Time, it’s Nature and Discovery by Jose Arguelles

The discovery of the Law of Time is the revelation of a scientific truth so fundamental and which has eluded human science for so long, that its presentation totally subsumes and overturns the old science in its entirety. Its conclusions are so profound, its consequences for the future of human society are so urgent and radical, that it is mandatory that the discovery of the Law of Time be immediately brought to the attention of all world leaders.

Time is the fourth dimension. Time is a frequency. One common timing frequency governs and shapes all third-dimensional phenomena. This frequency is an undeviating ratio, mathematically expressed as 13:20. The Law of Time also takes the form of an equation: T(E) = Art

T(E) = Art. (E)nergy factored by T(ime) (13:20 frequency) = Art, where Art is the form, quality and process distinguishing any third-dimensional phenomenon, (E)nergy, be it a rock, a flower, a star, or a human being. The Law of Time affirms that the quality of beauty in nature is supreme; it is a scientific and mathematical function of fourth-dimensional time.

T(E) = Art is radically different from E = MC2. The Law of Time shows that the world-view brought about by the acceptance of the Theory of Relativity is partial, incomplete, one-dimensional, and morally unacceptable. The relativity of all values held together by nothing stronger than self-interest creates social chaos and environmental disaster. The very timing of the discovery of the Law of Time, demonstrates that this discovery is also an antidote to the one-sided administration of world affairs and values which have plunged the human race so deeply into the blind alley of materialism and immorality.

The discovery of the Law of Time was the result of the investigative research of two independent co-workers, J. and L. Argüelles. After years of research on the Mayan calendric system (Earth Ascending, 1984, 1988, 1996; The Mayan Factor, 1987, 1996), chief investigator Jose Arguelles had concluded that the scientific superiority and galactic sophistication of the Mayan calendrics was due to the fact that Mayan calendrics were based on an entirely different standard of measure and mathematics than any of the time-keeping devices now known or in use world-wide today.

Determining to isolate and distinguish the standard of measure and system of mathematics underlying the Mayan calendrics, in 1989, Jose concluded that the key to the system was a vigesimal (20-count) rather than decimal (10-count) mathematical code, expressed as a 0-19 radial number matrix. The 0-19 vigesimal count is capable of a positional mathematics possessing a flexibility of powers and qualities superior to the positional mathematics of the decimal system.

A sub-set of the 0-19 code 20-count is the 1-13 count (“wavespell”) which defines a constant of cyclic measure. The combination of the whole set 0-19 and its sub-set, a cyclic thirteen-count constant, create the frequency ratio 13:20. In this lies the basis for the principle Mayan measure, the 260(13 X 20)-unit tzolkin. Together with co-investigator, L. Argüelles, the researchers augmented the mathematical research with the phenomenological study of living solely by the Mayan calendrical cycles.

While Mayan calendrics and mathematics provided the cause behind the discovery of the Law of Time, it was not the researchers’ goal to “discover the Law of Time,” but merely to isolate and define the mathematical system behind the calendrics. All Maya calendrics and mathematics subsume the Law of Time, but it was not the Maya’s concern or need to articulate the basis of their science and belief system, only to apply it. However, having isolated the underlying mathematical codes in the form of the 13:20 ratio, while phenomenologically living them, the investigators’ perceptual frame was prepared for the actual discovery.

In essence, because they had postulated the existence of the galactically synchronizing “Mayan” timing frequency, the 13:20, by contrast, they were able to isolate and identify the artificial timing frequency, 12:60. Hence, by 1989-1990, the researchers had verified that there is a galactically natural timing frequency, 13:20, and an artificial timing frequency, 12:60. The basis of the artificial timing frequency is the irregular twelve-month Gregorian Calendar and the 60-minute hour of the mechanical clock, hence 12:60. Further, they now understood that the 12:60 artificial ratio is a purely human aberration, a mechanistic fiction restricted to a physical plane third-dimensional science and world-view. They also concluded that the 13:20 frequency is the actual fourth-dimensional timing frequency.

The fourth-dimensional Law of Time operates by a single frequency, the 13:20. This frequency and the radial mathematics by which it operates is not measurable by, nor finds any application, in third-dimensional standards of measure and instruments of investigation. In this lies the reason that, while admitting that time is the fourth dimension, Albert Einstein and all other researchers have been unable to formulate the actual law of fourth-dimensional time.

The next corollary to be drawn is that the mathematics of fourth-dimensional time are a totally different construct from the mathematics of third-dimensional space. It is absurd to apply measurements of space to define qualities of time. This was the root error of the twelve-month calendar and its offspring the mechanical clock: mistaking the measure of time for divisions of a circle in space. Rather, the mathematics of fourth-dimensional time are totally apart from virtually all the mathematical systems in use today, which are all a mathematics of space.

Fourth-dimensional mathematics are fractal, radial and holonomic. The fractional, algebraic, and infinitesimally reductionist mathematics of space in some way can be regarded as being completely aberrant for never having been able to participate in a correct understanding of time. In fact, all of the rise of modern physical science can be predicated as a deviation for not being properly informed by the correct measure of time.

The discovery of the Law of Time is a genuine new knowledge. This new knowledge supersedes in every way the old knowledge, and until it has been used as the correct measure of all human values and institutions, we shall never completely know. The discovery of the Law of Time is an evolutionary value whose proofs and consequences extend to every last aspect of human life.

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