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Decoded: Revealing The Alphabet and Spiritual Meanings within our Language - Santos Bonacci (Video)

This video by Santos Banacci is a treasure trove of new meanings and interpretations to words and letters we use every day. We often speak of the One Truth on this blog, and this data perfectly exemplifies this concept. I have a feeling I'll be reviewing this video many times!

Our world is a kaleidoscope of hidden meanings and occulted truths. The most well crafted lie or illusion is always, with out question, made of 100% truth. It is the composition of these that assemble illusions we unwittingly accept into ourselves. 

But 'the web of lies is woven with threads of truth'. Literally encoded in nearly all languages and alphabets are the deep truths about ourselves, the universe and our history. 

This is the type of data that takes every day things you have already been using for your entire life, and casts a whole new light on. The potential for inner work and discernment is great with this type of data. 

Green Language is the hidden language of meaning encoded within each word we use today. Since most new words are assembled from parts of other words, even people who are unaware of this mechanic will still imbue what they SPELL (spell as in to cast a spell maybe?) with great meaning. Green is what color? The color of balance love, awareness unity etc. It is also the color natures uses to express itself in the main. Therefore, green Language requires a unified consciousness of both Divine Masculine and Feminine working in harmony to extrapolate and distill meanings. 
- Justin

Syncretism With Santos Bonacci - The Holy Alphabet [12/06/2013]

Published on Dec 7, 2013
Syncretism With Santos Bonacci & Co-host Kate Of Gaia on Critical Mass Radio recorded on December 6, 2013
The Holy Alphabet

"For over 30 years, Santos Bonacci has been researching the ancient works, compiling and translating them into more accessible terms in his study of AstroTheology.
Santos lives in Melbourne,Australia. He is a producer of video lectures and special DVDs,hosts a weekly radio show on American Freedom Radio and presents regular Seminars and webinars on demand."

"Kate Of Gaia is a two spirit Gemini dragon, radio show host, researcher and investigative journalist digging deep into the illusions of this reality. She has spent her life thus far in a full learning capacity with stages as a singer songwriter, writer, poet, diver, pilot, etc with the last many years spent exposing the lies within religions, politics, legal land etc.
She chooses to encompass as many aspects of this reality as possible to get the broadest perspective that she can."
"Kate hosts an Open Forum style radio show called 'Outside The Box'
where thoughts and ideas are shared, on any given topic or subject that is the flavour of the moment.
Kate now refers to her shows as 'episodes' and also likes to think of them as
'nightly gatherings' .
Broadcasting 7 nights a week at
7pm-9pm EST/Midnight-2am GMT
all 'episodes' are geared for the listeners to really get involved so that they are the guest speakers.
So join and share with Kate by tuning-in and calling-in.
You are always welcome.
You can listen to Kate live on air, and find the archived recordings of all her previous broadcasts here: "
Invocation Of The Crss Document -
The Long & Short Of It By Kate Of Gaia -
Santos Bonacci's Site -

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