Tuesday, December 31, 2013

David Wilcock Comment on Ben Fulford’s 12-31-13 Update…

Source - Kauilapele's Blog

See: Original Post by Benjamin Fulford on 12.31.13.

Comment by dwilcock on December 31, 2013 @ 3:32 pm

Good to hear this stuff. I predicted, through cycle analysis, that we would see the defeat of the Cabal, or at least a major change in that direction, in 2014.

Given how rough they had it in 2013, and how rapidly things are accelerating, there is no doubt that we will see some action this coming year.

It is tough to say whether it will continue to be gradual or whether there will be certain events that change the game very quickly. I have had a tendency to want to see mega-events, but so far “gradual” has been the way it goes.

Nonetheless, I do feel that even if it stays gradual, the pace of positive news is going to increase dramatically — and at some point there will be that “Moment of Truth” that we’ve all been waiting for.

I needed some time to rest and recuperate for the winter but I’m getting my strength back and looking forward to doing more!

- David




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  2. David did you hear about the blatant Illuminati symbols in the Sydney fireworks display last night for NYE? I even saw a one eyed Koala in the commentators area and one eye symbols on their couch cushions...and the website! http://www.sydneynewyearseve.com/ I see a clear agenda here.


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