Wednesday, December 25, 2013

David Wilcock Comment on the 12-24-13 Benjamin Fulford Update…

I have no doubt that things are shifting. I know. I can see it happening all around me everyday. People who have long denied the shifting of our reality are now more open then ever. Take some time and offer your associates some the truths you have been distilling, you'll be surprised at the reaction with these new shifting energies. 
- Justin

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Posted on 2013/12/24by kauilapele

Here’s what David Wilcock had to say on Ben’s post:

“Great to see this. In my new book I show how the events of the history of the Roman empire are repeating in modern American history. There is a ‘time fractal’ across the so-called “Age of the Zodiac” of 2,160 years.

“I predicted openly in “The Synchronicity Key” that we would see the Cabal fall apart in 2014. It has already started and nothing seems to be stopping the momentum.

“It’s the greatest football game on earth right now…

“- David”


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