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Conscious Co-Creation - Culmination of the Ninth Wave? Gregorian, Tzolkin and Ha'ab Calendars

This post goes along well with Consciousness is PRIME: is there a Civilization based on each Individual's Unique Purpose? it lasted 5,000 years.

There are several interpretations of the Calendars and dates put forth below. The point is not to hold up one as the flag of truth, but to process the data and find a most likely candidate given what we know. This way we can keep ourselves open to new data streams and perspectives of interpretation. 

In my view, there is much data to support the notion that Conscious Co-Creation is culminating on a massive scale throughout the planet. This was marked by Occupy Wall Street reaching its climax at or around the ending of the 9th wave; October 28th 2011. The mark on the calendar only indicates when these influences and energies have reached their full strength in Consciousness. This is grounded into our material reality through activation or willingness of the BEings who are in-dwelt with consciousness to step into this realization and choose to unfold it into their lives. 

This is the phase we are realizing now, and it will keep revealing its grounding affects and effects as we move forward in our journey with the earth. 
- Justin

Source - Humanity InCorpOrate

The Gregorian calendar is today's internationally accepted civil calendar and is also known as the "Western calendar" or "Christian calendar". It is named after the man who first introduced it in February 1582, Pope Gregory XIII. The Gregorian Calendar replaced the previous Julian Calendar due to a calculated error of one day every 128 years. The introduction of the Gregorian calendar allowed for the realignment with the equinox, however a number of days had to be dropped when the change was made. The alleged reasoning behind this reform was to realign the set date of Easter to a time that was more concordant with the spring equinox, due to it's undesirable drifting under the Julian Calendar. Between AD 325 (when the First Council of Nicaea was held, and the vernal equinox occurred approximately 21 March), and the time of Pope Gregory's bull (inter gravissimas) in 1582, the vernal equinox had moved backward in the calendar, until it was occurring on about 11 March, 10 days earlier. The Gregorian calendar therefore began by skipping 10 calendar days, to restore 21 March as the date of the vernal equinox.

The Gregorian Calendar was then systematically distributed to the four corners of the world, in the hands of men willing to kill all who would stand in the way of their "righteous" conquest. The theme behind this distribution seems to me to be the implementation of a unified world culture with an exclusively external sense of time. This could be seen as a very powerful tool of control, equatable even to the interpretation of holy texts to form a more innocuous social state. If the people don't internalize external experience, life will be confusing and one will be constantly seeking for more external answers. If instead of recognizing that you are truly creating your experience of time as well as all else, you depend on an external source to distribute this reality for you, life can seem to be unsatisfying and difficult to understand. This puts those with more "Power" in a prime position to capitalize of the unwitting citizen/consumer.

Tzolkin (Personal) Calendar

Personally I think that this needs to be refined due to the constant evolution of self with respect to internal understanding and thus external understanding. For example our sun is constantly getting hotter, more dense and its magnetic fields are adjusting accordingly. We (earth) rotate around the sun with respect to suns constant magnetic flux. Our seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years etc, are, due to dated perspective not truly attenuated to this constant flux. But before we do this as a collective we must do so for ourselves. By this I mean alter our "calendar" to ourselves, our goals, our motion. The Mayans did a wonderful job of this with the Tzolkin Calendar, otherwise known as the "personal" calendar. It is composed of 13 "intentions" and 20 "aspects". When composing this calendar the Mayans kept in mind that the physical iteration is the polarized aspect to a spiritual essence and believed (as I do) that we truly choose every experience in our lives, so why not your birth date? It was a 260 day calendar broken into 13 month increments of 20 day cycles. Each day corresponds with a symbol and an aspect. For example the first day Imox, is associated with the crocodile that represents the more earthly essence and is considered a "bad day" associated with the insane. We however must keep in mind that these interpretations of the calendars were made in the 1500's and have not been updated seriously since.

The Tzolkin calendar is based around what you are meant to express and how you choose to express it. The intentions associated with your birth date represent the goals that you are intended to accomplish in this life with varying priorities. The aspects represent the manners in which you can choose to overcome obstacles to achieve these goals. The intention is the goal and the aspect is the archetypal role that you assume in one way or another to achieve that goal. Let's say for example your intention in life is to be a scientist and the initial archetype you take on to become a scientist is that of the skeptic. There are multiple archetypes that you will have to pass through and many intentions as well in order to achieve this higher intention of being as a scientist. Its a conscious merit system. This is a very effective way to provide meaning to ones life, hoewever, I think that it can be a bit inun-dating (if you'll excuse the pun) to have all of that information given to you at such a young age and may not, in some circumstances, allow for the feeling of "free will" if you are limited perspective. We also have to consider the fact that as time progresses we evolve and archetypes fragment and expand as do goals, we must attenuate ourselves to ourselves, yes, but must also do so with respect to the very real physical changes in the environment. This is where the Tzolkin's temporal counterpart is introduced to address this quandary.

Ha'ab Calendar (Solar Round)

The Ha'ab Calendar, also known as the "Solar Round" is a 365 day calendar distributed into 18 months of 20 days and a final month of only 5 days dedicated to giving thanks. "Ha'ab" translates into the Mayan word for year. Early archaeologists speculated that the Solar Round was linked to agricultural events but there is not any sound evidence to support this assumption. However, it would seem practical to have a calendar with which they could plan planting, harvest and even sacred ritual days.
"Mathematical equation shows that the cycle of the 260 day Tzolk’in and the 365 day Haab recombine on the exact same day they both started together after 52 turns of the Haab and 73 turns of the Tzolk’in or in 18980 days. 
52*365(Haab) =73x260(Tzolk’in) =18980days. These 18980 days equal 52years and is called the calendar round and a cycle of the Pleiades.
In 18980 days (52years) you become elder with the wisdom and responsibility to guide your people. When you are 52 years old the sun has travelled between its north and south extremes 52 times, the Tzolk’in has turned 73 times, the moon has grown full some 643 times and the Pleiades has returned to the same position it held when you were born.
The pyramid in Chichen Itza was used as a calendar 4stairways, each with 91 steps and a platform at the top, making a total of 365, exactly equivalent to the number of days in a Haab calendar year."
The Mayans divided their time into denominations of 13, 13 hours, 13 minutes, 13 seconds, and it continues to display fracticality, so that every moment is a geometrically oriented to 13 increments.

Mayan "Long Count" Calendar (Tun)

The Mesoamerican or Mayan Long count calendar is a "vigesimal" (having a base of 20 and also 13) and non-repeating calendar allegedly linked to the timeline of creative life expression in the universe. This calendar was meant to prophesise all events that had and would occur in our Uni-verse, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, and "ended" just recently (December 21st 2012). I personally believe that the end is not an ultimatum but an opprotunity for further growth. Logically we can continue to fractalize the calendar according to it's base division pattern and continue the calender into the forseeable forever do to the (again) fractal nature of their mathematics. The Calendar is distributed into 9 levels or "Tuns" and subdivided into 13 base sections or "B'ak'tuns" that represent 7 days and 6 nights within creation. The days are periods of illumination and learning or an increase in awareness. The nights are periods of application of the new awareness and the increase of awareness through application and "mistake". The first stage in this progression could be called the beginning of "I" or the birth of the Uni-Verse (as we are currently experiencing it) and it is set at 16.4 Billion years ago, a cosmic "day" would thus be 1.26 billion years. For a culture that existed so long ago in an apparently uncivilized and rapacious culture this is incredibly significant data. In modern science, we calculate that the universe is 13.8 billion years old, however, this projection, even though the most accurate we have now, is not certain. Still it is startling how close the projection is of the Maya to our own.

Now we look back to the end of this initial cycle 1.26 billion years ago and relate that to our Terrestrial experience. What occurred 1.26 billion years ago on earth? Multi-cellular life began proliferating at an exponential rate. This can be comprehensively referred to as the Cellular Cycle.

The next cycle we see on the calendar is 820 million years long with subdivisions of 63.4 million years.
We begin to see mammals developing rapidly on the cosmic stage around 63 million years ago on the 7th day of "creation", the first LIVE births. This process can be comprehensively referred to as the Mammalian Cycle.

With the conclusion of the Mammalian Cycle the birth of the Familiar Cycle began, 41 million years ago, with each cosmic day being 3.2 million years long. Primates broke onto the scene around 40 to 41 million years ago and 3.2 million years ago marks the initial evolution of more basic primate species into "Hominids", Australopithecus among them.

The next cycle in the Cosmic evolution occurred 2million years ago beginning with the illustrious Australopithecus (first tailless ape) and ended 160 thousand years ago with the introduction of the Homo Sapien! This stage can be identified as the Tribal Cycle.

Following the death of the 7th day of the Tribal Cycle another age dawned 102 thousand years ago, the Cultural Cycle, this spawned discernment with respect to the environment and the basis of shared reasoning. 8000 years ago, at the end of the 7th cosmic day agriculture is being developed, the stage in which we begin to attenuate our needs to ourselves and address them externally.

5125 years ago in 3113 began the National Cycle of Patriarchal city and nation states. Law, writing, exploitative religions, economic systems, and legal systems began to be introduced into the world here (as we would readily postulate, however data suggests that human culture has existed for MUCH longer than we suppose)

252 years ago in 1755 the introduction of industrialization would lead to electricity, technology, democracy, genetics, e.t.c. This could be referred to as the Planetary cycle and tied the entire planet together in POWER.

January 5th, 1999 marks the beginning of the Galactic cycle and February 10th 2011 marks the conclusion, as you can see the fractal is starting to become more condensed. This age introduces internet, global communications, satellite TV e.t.c.

The Universal cycle lasts from February 11th 2011 to December 21st 2012 [October 28th 2011]. This cycle introduces the age of collective consciousness. The realization of ourselves as the perfect fractal iterations of the universe that we are. The conclusion date (again) is not an ultimatum, rather an opportunity, a question. Do you want to?



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