Friday, December 27, 2013

Cobra 2012: Return To Innocence Activation Report - Wednesday December 25 2013

Source - Cobra 2012

Our Return to Innocence activation was a partial success. Although the critical mass on the surface of the planet has not been reached, we have still managed to anchor a lot of energy of innocence into the planetary energy grid. This will help dissolving the Matrix in the near future.

Our core group in Glastonbury was extremely successful, fully anchoring the energy into the Glastonbury vortex and transmitting it into the etheric planetary energy grid through the leylines. Instead of heavy stormy weather which was forecast, we created this:

Just before the activation we have been guided to visit a subterranean energy vortex in Glastonbury and it was a very special experience. That spot is one of entrances into subterranean tunnels and while we gathered around the sacred pool, we were being discreetly watched and blessed by the Resistance.

Although the window of opportunity has closed today, we have collectively managed to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet significantly with all the portals we have opened in the past. This means that the Event can now also happen anytime between windows of opportunity and the next window of opportunity in spring next year means only an increased probability for the Event, which can happen before that, then, or after. The Light forces are doing everything to prepare the surface conditions for the Event so that it can happen as soon as possible.

More details about the planetary situation and the Event are coming in my next update.

Victory of the Light is near!


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  1. We don't need another empty promise or claim. Didn't anyone notice the latest Zap report brought nothing once again when claiming that Christmas would be another timeline to see the re-val happen and it didn't happen folks, again, for the thousandth time. Cobra is no different, he will simply push his line in the sand further into the future until he hits his desired goal. Sounds like a broker who keeps telling you to invest in his shitty companies only to see them go belly up every time while you lose your money, and our patience. How many times do we need to hear a carnival barker's claims, only to find there is no bearded mermaid half dog boy. David Wilcock has not brought us any closer to a better life any more than the OPPT have brought us back our value through their foreclosures. Neil Keenan dropped his trillion dollar lawsuit like a hot potato and yet he continues to claim he has the Indo group behind him and they intend to re-monitize the world? Ben Fulford says he has the White dragon families with him and all their wealth. Then there's the "White Hats" and Anonymous who seem about as effectual as herpes and of course Karen Hudes who seems hell bent on raging into a UN void that no one wants to touch mush less believe in. These do gooders who believe they have our best interest at heart need to go the way of the DRAKE and the Dodo bird because the road to hell is paved with all that good intent. Wake us all up when you have something of substance to tell the world instead of flapping your gums about how things are just around the corner of getting better, soon, very soon things will get better. Well I've been hearing this rally cry for five years and some of you out there have heard it since the 1980's or 90's, poor bastards. So when Cobras line in the sand passes by he'll come up with another one and claim he has some kind of "truth" to tell us all again. Truth is as evasive as trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. There is no "TRUTH". There are only endless versions of what many claim to be "THE TRUTH" . If we all part of the one conscious being, then we have just as many ideas/opinions of what "THE TRUTH" really is. Trying to discern the "truth" down here in 3rd density seems to be the biggest joke of all, and that, IMO, is a "truth". We've become the universes' biggest laughing stock falling over each other to tell each other what the "truth", is. "I know the truth when I hear it", really; and so does everyone else.


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