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Apocalyptic Gradients - Understanding Time in relation to the Self

Another perspective discussion. We are constantly bombarded by words and their extrinsic meanings but how often to we contemplate and distill what these meanings are in relation to our personal intuitive experience? This post goes well with Discovery of the Law of Time - The False Paradigm to Control Reality (Gregorian Calendar vs Mayan Calendar).
- Justin

Source - Humanity Incorporate

Now that we have come to the realization that time must be attenuated to your Conscious State, I would like to address a few "Apocalypse" (complete "destruction" of the "world".) projections and why they didn't seem to occur.


Through studying the mayan calander and linking it with the Julian Calander (an archane system of time denomination not attenuated to reality) we have discerned that the end of the mayan calender would lie on DECEMBER 21st 2012. However, as we clearly saw, the world didn't end, so nothing happened right? I don't buy that for a second.


Various romans throughout their time projected a great Apocolypse, "End of times events" happening in 365 CE, as well as periodic projections of what the hindu would call "minor Yugas", minor apocalyptic events between(66 BCE, 644 BCE etc).


Various Christians believed that a great "end times" event could occur in 995 CE, 365 CE, 1000 (Jan, 1) CE, and many more throughout time continuing into today.

How this Relates to US

We can on one hand look back and say "Obviously the earth isn't gone, so in turn this apocalypse didn't truly occur", this seems logical enough if our expectation is a true PHYSICAL destruction of the world. On the other hand we can look at these events as CONSCIOUS apocalypses.

The dating system that we have minimally altered in thousands of years is constantly being applied to ancient projections of apocalyptic events. We haven't truly attenuated our time to ourselves and our environment. Even from a stricly material perspective, the sun is growing in stages, we are in a quantized ralationship with our sun that is constantly changing at all times. As our sun is changing our orbit around it changes and as this occurs our time begins to change. Our time is changing at all times due to our relationship with the sun, and symbolically what does the "SUN" re-present? The SON. The action, the articulation of the father and the mother. What are WE? The action, the dynamic of the material sector, the Distortion of the vector equilibrium. We must attenuate our time to the changing SUN and thus the changing SELF. Everything external is a RE-PRESENTATION of an internal process. KNOW THYSELF.

KNOW THYSELF is a concept, or rather THE concept embodied in every cultural text, spiritual and otherwise. The oracles of Delphi at the Temple of Apollo, Coffin Texts in Egypt, The Sufi "Rumi", Islamic, Christian, Hindu, religions alike all express this central IDEA. (I-self DEA- God.)

Time is our Template. (Temp-temporal Late- typically slower in speed, our temporal representation of accumulation) What do we do with a template? We attenuate it to OURSELVES. Once we can do this on a individualized level we will be able to do so on an indivisible.

When we expect these events to occur at specific dates there are two paths to take. The first is to put blind faith into the date and not truly distill and discern what is and must happen. The date is an opprotunity, not an ultimatum. We have an opprotunity to distill and discern within and create the change that we wish to see. When it doesn't occur on this VAST level that we're expecting it's because we are not ALL ready to move forward. We are all in different spheres of understanding within one UNIFIED mindal sphere. When these events take place it's an "Offer to Contract", you can be dissapointed because you set unrealistic expectations for yourself externally without meeting them internally, or you can realize that you have found your path and we are not ALL truly ready to evolve yet. The "individual" INVOLUTION will always lead to an external EVOLUTION, they are inherently linked and always have been.

What the Apocalypse re-presents as a CONSCIOUS death and RE-BIRTH, the RE-VIEWING of the old to CREATE the new. When we don't see a massive physical change this DOES NOT mean that an evolution is not occurring, it is the death and rebirth of an age. The repercussions take time to occur, the initial aging process takes longer than the final RE-MEMBERING. We are in the final RE-MEMBERING. The date is up to YOU.



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