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Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change

Source - Global Research

Originally published by GR in 2009

Ten facts about climate change

1. Climate has always changed, and it always will. The assumption that prior to the industrial revolution the Earth had a “stable” climate is simply wrong. The only sensible thing to do about climate change is to prepare for it.

2. Accurate temperature measurements made from weather balloons and satellites since the late 1950s show no atmospheric warming since 1958. In contrast, averaged ground-based thermometers record a warming of about 0.40 C over the same time period. Many scientists believe that the thermometer record is biased by the Urban Heat Island effect and other artefacts.

3. Despite the expenditure of more than US$50 billion dollars looking for it since 1990, no unambiguous anthropogenic (human) signal has been identified in the global temperature pattern.

4. Without the greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature on Earth would be -180 C rather than the equable +150 C that has nurtured the development of life.

Carbon dioxide is a minor greenhouse gas, responsible for ~26% (80 C) of the total greenhouse effect (330C), of which in turn at most 25% (~20C) can be attributed to carbon dioxide contributed by human activity. Water vapour, contributing at least 70% of the effect, is by far the most important atmospheric greenhouse gas.

5. On both annual (1 year) and geological (up to 100,000 year) time scales, changes in atmospheric temperature PRECEDE changes in CO2. Carbon dioxide therefore cannot be the primary forcing agent for temperature increase (though increasing CO2 does cause a diminishingly mild positive temperature feedback).

6. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has acted as the main scaremonger for the global warming lobby that led to the Kyoto Protocol. Fatally, the IPCC is a political, not scientific, body.

Hendrik Tennekes, a retired Director of Research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, says that “the IPCC review process is fatally flawed” and that “the IPCC wilfully ignores the paradigm shift created by the foremost meteorologist of the twentieth century, Edward Lorenz“.

7. The Kyoto Protocol will cost many trillions of dollars and exercises a significant impost those countries that signed it, but will deliver no significant cooling (less than .020 C by 2050, assuming that all commitments are met).

Pyramid Connections: Templar`s Cross, Black Pope, Jesuits, Swiss Financing, Vatican Guard & Anti Christ (ante christi)

This is a fairly interesting connection between ancient pyramid cultures, or megalithic structures, and our would-be masters, the Vatican. Templar Cross seen here:

Here is a post we did talking about the connections between the Pope and the World power structure: Pope 'Ruler of the World' to go after War Criminals?

We also see this symbol in movies like Resident Evil:
- Justin

Templar`s Cross, Black Pope, Jesuits, Swiss Financing, Vatican Guard & Anti Christ (ante christi)


Published on Apr 29, 2012

THE BEAST HAS 7 HEADS AND 10 HORNS: Switzerland has 7 heads of state who behave as kings do, and they divide 10 ministries among themselves.

The Beginner’s Complete Essential Oils Guide (and the Top Ten Most Used and Useful)

Thanks Beatrice for sharing this with me. 

Essential Oils are a high frequency substance capable of entraining their energetic signatures onto the body, imparting healing in the process. The use of of herbs and oils throughout history has been an essential part of natural health, something the cosmetic industry is only beginning to recognize. 

To be sure, the best things for our bodies are from nature, and Essential Oils are a great example of this. 

- Justin

Source - Holistic Dad

Guest post by Rachel Denning from DiscoverShareInspire.com Sign up for her 3-part video series on natural health care for unconventional families.

Many people cultivating a holistic lifestyle will eventually ‘discover’ essential oils as a powerful tool for natural healing — physically, emotionally and spiritually. Essential oils have a long, beautiful history as gifts from Mother Earth provided to care for us, her children. Ancient Egypt, Ancient China and the Bible all have recorded the use of essential oils.

DNA's Absolute Tech: Is there Evidence DNA is used to Stabilize Star formation, Planets and Ecosystems?

The following 3 posts by Guthrie, are all very related to each other, so I'll post them in one block here. 

Guthrie discusses what David Wilcock, Dan Winter and so many other researchers have discovered, that DNA and its manifold emergences in the Universe are much more interconnected to our physical reality, gravity, and how our starry sky is held in balance. If you have never heard of Dan Winter and his research into Galactic History, and the Role of DNA, your in for a real treat because I find it some of the most fascinating correlative research; research that ties in multiple seemingly unrelated data points, into a cohesive dialog.  

When you begin to start your life as a truth seeker, and depending on how passionately you seek new data, you'll begin to see a framework for DNA, and our selves being laid out. Our would-be masters have long kept hidden from us our true history, and just how we interconnect to our mutual reality.  The following outlines well just how much data there is to support the notion that DNA is helping to stabilize our material creation via our spiritual and mindal BEing's and DOing's. 

See the post DNA and Gold (Key to Immortality?) If Human Energy Backs All Currency, Why Are They Hoarding Gold? for Dan Winters complete video on Galactic History and related evidence found. 

See the post Keys to Living - Positive and Negative Knowledge: Fearlessness, Self Mastery and Healing the body for Bruce Lipton's complete video on Biology of Belief and how this connects with the 2 types of manifestation.
- Justin

Source - Humanity InCorpOrate


I began reading "Experience and Nature" (John Dewey) this evening and came to a section that I felt needed to be expended upon, the conscious prioritization of experience.

I will begin with an introduction to the idea of Experiential and Natural entwinement. For many years we have, from a scientific and cultural standpoint, regarded our experience as trivial and separate in relation to the natural world, or as we have called it the "Objective" world. With the scientific data we have now to support that everything, down to our once thought to be "confined" and "interpersonal" emotions has a physical force or "Object" associated with it we are obligated as a global scientific culture to review our paradigms. For example, I will reference the "Emoto Water Experiments", in which Masaru Emoto had a variety of subjects interact with water as it crystallized with various intentions or emotions in mind. When the emotion applied was "loving" the water crystallized into very rigid, cohesive patterns. When "Hate" or rejection was applied, the structure was considerably more nebulous. This exemplifies the fact that the emotions that we have hold charge and thus that our "experience" does have repercussions in the "objective" world.

Now we must consider how emotions are built and refined. Emotions, initially, are built by basic stimulus, response. We experience an object and react without distillation, though on a fundamental level we are storing this experience in a "database" that we will draw from to form more refined emotional responses in the future. Through your initial experiences in the world you build a new aspect to your emotions, the filtration process. Once you have built your initial database of experience you begin to filter "new" experiences through the previous experiences that you have. This is the fundamental organization principle of the mind in action. Your brain takes an object that may be entirely new to your perspective and filters it through previous experience with like objects to form a comprehensive idea of what the object is in relation to the self.

David Wilcock Comment on Ben Fulford’s 12-31-13 Update…

Source - Kauilapele's Blog

See: Original Post by Benjamin Fulford on 12.31.13.

Comment by dwilcock on December 31, 2013 @ 3:32 pm

Good to hear this stuff. I predicted, through cycle analysis, that we would see the defeat of the Cabal, or at least a major change in that direction, in 2014.

Given how rough they had it in 2013, and how rapidly things are accelerating, there is no doubt that we will see some action this coming year.

It is tough to say whether it will continue to be gradual or whether there will be certain events that change the game very quickly. I have had a tendency to want to see mega-events, but so far “gradual” has been the way it goes.

Nonetheless, I do feel that even if it stays gradual, the pace of positive news is going to increase dramatically — and at some point there will be that “Moment of Truth” that we’ve all been waiting for.

I needed some time to rest and recuperate for the winter but I’m getting my strength back and looking forward to doing more!

- David



Benjamin Fulford - December 30, 2013: For the Zionists, 2013 was like 1944 was to the Nazis

Source - Hipknowsys

Looking back at the events of 2013, it is clear the fascist Zionist forces have been severely battered and purged. If we continue on the offensive, the human species can be finally freed from their murderous slavery in 2014.

The year 2012 ended and the year 2013 started with a purge of Nazi/Zionist elements in the US military. The Bush/Nazi/Zionist faction in the military had been planning to sink 3 US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, blame it on Iran and start World War III, according to multiple sources. Instead fascists like David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles Gauoette and General Carter Ham were removed as part of a purge of over 200 senior US military officers. The CIA , NSA and other alphabet agencies experienced similar purges of Zionist agents. Fascists like Michael Hayden, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Chertoff and all the other main architects of the 911, 2001 fascist coup d’etat in the US have now been removed from power.

Also, we can confirm from government sources in Washington that underground bunkers the elite had prepared to hide in during their planned World War III have either been seized or destroyed.

Then in Rome in February and March, Nazi Pope Maledict was told to either resign or be killed, paving the way for the genuine Christian Pope Francis to start cleaning up the Catholic Church. Francis has now removed Vatican secret power broker Cardinal Tarcision Bertone, paving the way for the Vatican bank and the Catholic Church to refocus their energies from creating a fascist world government to helping the poor and the weak.

After these purges, the fascists tried a counter-attack with a big push to start World War III in Syria. The push included an Israeli nuclear attack on Syria, an attempt to frame the Syrian government with a Sarin gas attack and a hysterical Zionist war mongering media campaign. The Pentagon and Russia put a stop to that, with them threatening at one point to declare war on France to prevent an attack on Syria.

Then in Egypt, the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood government, empowerd through fraud, was removed by the military, backed by Egyptian public opinion. A fascist plot to create an oil crisis by closing the Suez Canal was thus prevented.

The Zionist plot to start World War III in the Middle East was dealt another massive blow when the United States Government decided to make friends with Iran. For over 30 years the Zionist media has been hysterically screaming “we must attack Iran because they will have nuclear weapons within a few weeks” Now, this mind numbing charade has been ended.

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Sol Flips it's Magnetic poles.... or not?

D did a great job covering all the data points in this post. thx D!

Source - Removing the Shackles

So after all the hype, it would seem that our lovely Sol has flipped it's magnetic poles..... at least, that's what main stream news story is saying. However, I can find not a single mention of it on NASA's website.... then again, this is NASA that we are talking about, so the fact that they haven't updated their news section since December 26th, 2013, really isn't that much of an indicator. Below is a video from NASA, and another video that discusses the news article. What I DO find interesting is that neither Solarham, SuspiciousObservers, Watchers, nor any other sites I usually visit are reporting on the Solar magnetic pole reversal..... and that makes me say "hmmmmmmmm".

....although, SDO was out of commission last week for a few days -notably, exactly when we had 6 M class flares in a row, and now we get a report that the Sun has reversed it's magnetic polarity..... what a convenient time for the SDO camera's to not be working eh? Kinda like how SOHO and SDO seemed to of been glitching right as ISON was doing it's sling shot in perihelion around the sun? I'll get back to this in a second.

Yesterday we had a direct earth facing solar flare- an M3.1 - and several smaller incoming CMEs that gave earth a supposedly "glancing" blow, and we had a short radiation storm. Incidentally, along with spot 1936- which is Beta Gamma- directly earth facing, and 1934, which is Beta Gamma Delta, almost rotating past the western limb, we also have a sizable coronal hole that will be directly earth facing in about 24 hours.

Here's the thing that has been bugging me for a long long time now. We have NASA as our main "eyes in the skys" for most things we are trying to watch in our solar system- such as our sun Sol. Whatever doesn't outright belong to NASA is pretty much controlled by NASA or one of the "Government" agencies, which means that every thing they tell us is highly suspect and has most likely been spin doctored to the point of outright lies. We've watched them show us doctored photographs over and over again since the first space flights. We've watched them falsify evidence, scientific papers, satellite images and lie through their teeth over and over again. The faked images during ISONs Perihelion trip were so ludicrously amateur that any grade 7 student could of done a more convincing job of making a single frame look like a video feed!!

We have to rely on their satellites, their pictures and for them to actually release that information to the public.

Then you have things that just don't add up. Now as I've said, I'm not an astrophysicist- I'm just an eager amateur at best- so I don't have the scientific background to be able to explain, back up or refute some of the things I've been watching. Such as:

- how almost EVERY SINGLE major sun spot- particularly those that are Beta gamma, or Beta gamma delta- can be firing off M and X class flares for days, then as soon as those spots rotate into directly earth facing position,....... then suddenly turn quiet as a mouse. And then as soon as they rotate over the western limb.... BOOM! off they go again. I have watched this scenario play out over and over again for the past couple of years. I've discussed it with several friends who are also sun watchers.... we've all seen it happen continuously, and yet cannot explain it. Back in October I wrote several articles following the solar updates as we were getting flare after flare- as yet, right in the height of it all, the mega sun spot 1877 rotated directly into earth facing geoeffective positioning.... it completely fizzled out. Then the moment it rotated to the far side, it started belching out M and X class flares again!

-and this bit about the sun reversing it's magnetic poles.... I can't wrap my head around it- and neither can my husband Nick, who is rather knowledgeable about magnetics. Follow me on this for a moment: if you have two strong magnets, they each have their own magnetic field, right? OK, so if you lay the magnets on a table within range of each of their magnetic fields, the magnets will automatically align themselves to the magnetic polarity of the other magnet. if you take one of the magnets and turn it around so that it's polarity is reversed, then the second magnet will TURN itself to align itself with the first magnet. Right? I mean, we've all played these games in school with magnets- we've all seen how this works.

Hope Girl Video with Andrew Bartzis - (IRAQI DINAR RV) An Energy Zapping LightWorker Psyop - Its a Skull ‘n Bones Scam

This goes well with the post RV/Gold Bait and Switch? - Secular Value vs Absolute Value - Hidden History of Gold.

Source - Lightworkers XM




If I could translate this 40 Video minute discussion into one sentence:

“The Iraqi Dinar is an energy zapping Con and Psyop, plus a massive light diversion tactic by Skull n Bones. Period”

You have been fooled again, pick yourself up, cash in and get out of this ‘skull & bones’ scam and spend your time & energy on a new protocol”.

Here is the video and stand tall and be prepared to use an open mind :

You have been fooled by Bush and his cronies:

Try to spend less energy on their cyclic tactics of energy in and energy out:

It is by Cabalistic design,


Here are some donation links Hope Girl suggests in the Interview:


Jeremy Ayres who could impact the way we do health and wellness globally and on line:

Jeremy’s Mantra ” Your Not Sick Your Tox-Sick”

Remember Jeremy says in His interview with Chris Hales and Hope Girl:

” that we have to understand how clever these bastards are and overcome with sincere forgiveness”:

Please think hard how you can help other change this world into a world we all want and can see :

We are all responsible for our own destiny now:

In Light Dave:



Gregg Braden - Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate (Video)

Nice find Angel.

Source - Angel Lucci - Streets of Love Unconventional 

Published on May 16, 2012
Gregg Braden's talk from the "2012 -- Gateway to Your Future Conference" that was held on October 22 -- 23, 2011, Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, Canada

To see the lecture from it's original source (with image presentation), go here:


''2012: Gateway to Your Future'' - Day Two
''Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate'' - Gregg Braden
23/10/2011 1:00:00 PM
Wisdom-Forum presentation - Oct. 23, 2011




Benjamin Fulford - December 28, 2013 About Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine (NOT the weekly update)

Source - Kauilapele's Blog

About Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine

Once again Zionists have manipulated public opinion in Asia by having their puppet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visit the Yasukuni Shrine. The result has been to provoke a mindless feed-back loop among brainwashed politicians in China and Japan to make them shout at each other. This is exactly what the Zionist agents in the US State Department and their puppet masters in Washington and Tel Aviv desire. The last thing they want is Asian unity.

Let us examine this sterile debate for what it really is. For over 60 years, any time Japan has tried to assert a little bit of independence from its Zionist conquerors, their politicians have been murdered, bribed or blackmailed to put them back into line. Any time Japan shows independence in foreign policy, they are reminded of war crimes committed more than 68 years ago. Their politicians are ordered to go to the Yasukuni shrine to provoke a knee-jerk reaction among their neighbours to make sure Japan remains isolated.

There is no denying that the Japanese military government of the World War II years committed war crimes. A Japanese veteran I will call Mr. F. who participated in the Nanjing massacre told me what he saw and witnessed. He said that Nanjing was defended by elite Chinese troops who killed many of the Japanese attackers. He recalled how a friend of his lay badly wounded in the no-mans’ zone between the Japanese and the Chinese troops. For over 24 hours he moaned in pain and cried for help. However, any time anybody tried to go to his aid, they were shot so the Japanese were forced to listen in vain to his cries.

Finally, when the Japanese troops tunneled under the city gates and blew them up with dynamite they entered the city full of rage. Mr. F. cried as he told me how they killed any man, woman and child they saw. He says most of the civilians had been evacuated from the city before the siege and that most of the Chinese killed were family of the defending troops. In the 76 years since that day, Mr. F. has lived in regret of his actions and in sadness at the memory of all the deaths he witnessed. He told me that war was something that should never happen. I believe in the end, if there is a God, that Mr. F. will be forgiven.

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The 12 Cell Salts and Their Astrology Signs

I started the practice of drinking distilled liquids earlier this year, and I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall health. There are 12 essential salts our body and cells need to function properly, and if you're eating a modern diet, it will lack the essential salt balance needed

This data just further underscores our interconnectedness with all things and given the watering down of Astrology over the millennia, I find this data particularly intriguing.

Thank you, Jeremy for sharing this with us!

- Justin

Source - Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology

by Robert Wilkinson

A friend thought the astrological correspondences for the 12 Cell Salts would be an article many would find useful, so welcome to today's subject for consideration. The 12 cell salts are considered to be necessary to our health, and I have found over the years that the salts corresponding to the Ascendant and sign on the 6th house are very important in our biochemical workings.

The Ascendant, of course, represents the physical vehicle and therefore the primary chemical makeup of a person. The sign on the 6th house also shows important factors concerning the physical health, since the 6th represents the health of an individual. I've also found that if a person has a stellium (3 or more planets) in a given sign, that mineral salt needs to be kept in the diet regularly, as do the substances ruled by the Moon sign, since the Moon rules our absorption and is active in our biochemical processes on a constant basis.

Apart from these few suggestions, there are other astrological factors that show our need for various salts. However, thanks to our fascist AMA, there are some strict laws governing what can and cannot be said regarding our health and what substances we might need. Therefore I cannot offer suggestions in this forum as to what you may need.

So that you may get the maximum benefit from this article, in addition to offering you the sign correspondences, I'll also offer you a few foods that are high in certain salts. Obviously there are other foods with these mineral salts in them, so don't confine yourself to what you read here. Please feel free to explore the subject to whatever degree you are called to do so, and if you find that certain salts (or foods) seem beneficial to your health, then by all means find the diet and/or supplements that work for you.

Extended Minds: The Mental Fields Within & Beyond Our Brains - Rupert Sheldrake Dec 27 2013

Source - I UV

By Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., published on December 27, 2013

We have been brought up to believe that our minds are inside our heads, that mental activity is nothing but brain activity. Instead, I suggest that our minds extend far beyond our brains; they stretch out through fields that link us to our environment and to each other.

Mental fields are rooted in brains, just as magnetic fields around magnets are rooted in the magnets themselves, or just as the fields of transmission around mobile phones are rooted in the phones and their internal electrical activities. As magnetic fields extend around magnets, and electromagnetic fields around mobile phones, so mental fields extend around brains.

Conscious Co-Creation - Culmination of the Ninth Wave? Gregorian, Tzolkin and Ha'ab Calendars

This post goes along well with Consciousness is PRIME: is there a Civilization based on each Individual's Unique Purpose? it lasted 5,000 years.

There are several interpretations of the Calendars and dates put forth below. The point is not to hold up one as the flag of truth, but to process the data and find a most likely candidate given what we know. This way we can keep ourselves open to new data streams and perspectives of interpretation. 

In my view, there is much data to support the notion that Conscious Co-Creation is culminating on a massive scale throughout the planet. This was marked by Occupy Wall Street reaching its climax at or around the ending of the 9th wave; October 28th 2011. The mark on the calendar only indicates when these influences and energies have reached their full strength in Consciousness. This is grounded into our material reality through activation or willingness of the BEings who are in-dwelt with consciousness to step into this realization and choose to unfold it into their lives. 

This is the phase we are realizing now, and it will keep revealing its grounding affects and effects as we move forward in our journey with the earth. 
- Justin

Source - Humanity InCorpOrate

The Gregorian calendar is today's internationally accepted civil calendar and is also known as the "Western calendar" or "Christian calendar". It is named after the man who first introduced it in February 1582, Pope Gregory XIII. The Gregorian Calendar replaced the previous Julian Calendar due to a calculated error of one day every 128 years. The introduction of the Gregorian calendar allowed for the realignment with the equinox, however a number of days had to be dropped when the change was made. The alleged reasoning behind this reform was to realign the set date of Easter to a time that was more concordant with the spring equinox, due to it's undesirable drifting under the Julian Calendar. Between AD 325 (when the First Council of Nicaea was held, and the vernal equinox occurred approximately 21 March), and the time of Pope Gregory's bull (inter gravissimas) in 1582, the vernal equinox had moved backward in the calendar, until it was occurring on about 11 March, 10 days earlier. The Gregorian calendar therefore began by skipping 10 calendar days, to restore 21 March as the date of the vernal equinox.

The Gregorian Calendar was then systematically distributed to the four corners of the world, in the hands of men willing to kill all who would stand in the way of their "righteous" conquest. The theme behind this distribution seems to me to be the implementation of a unified world culture with an exclusively external sense of time. This could be seen as a very powerful tool of control, equatable even to the interpretation of holy texts to form a more innocuous social state. If the people don't internalize external experience, life will be confusing and one will be constantly seeking for more external answers. If instead of recognizing that you are truly creating your experience of time as well as all else, you depend on an external source to distribute this reality for you, life can seem to be unsatisfying and difficult to understand. This puts those with more "Power" in a prime position to capitalize of the unwitting citizen/consumer.

Cobra 2012: Event Situation Update - Saturday, December 28, 2013

I don't know if what COBRA envisions for the Event will be what he describes. However I do know, not believe, but know, that the Absolute plan is moving forward without question, and the Absolute Plan draws ALL THINGS and BEINGS to itself. 

You may not realize it, you may not see it, but everything you do and are doing is working to unfold this ultimate and supreme goal. The following is an integral part, but it is up to each of us to interpret the data within ourselves and find what it means personally to each of us. 
- Justin

Source - Cobra 2012

Our internet poll has shown that 90% of the awakened population (14,112 of 15,660 people who voted) is in favor of the Event taking place now and is at least theoretically willing to take risks that triggering the Event might entail.

Our street survey of the general population has brought similar results. Around 20 volunteers did »sociology research« in various locations on all five continents. I gave them the following instructions:

»The purpose is to conduct this survey on a busy street or inside a shopping center in a large or small city where you can stop many people anonymously. The purpose here is to get an accurate sample of the general human population. Do not search for awakened people or people of a certain age, gender or social status. Do not try to convince people into anything. Do not give any explanations about the Event, ETs, Cobra, the new financial system, etc. Do not try to convince anybody into participating in this survey, there are many that will be willing to stop for a minute and cooperate. Just say that you are conducting a street survey for a sociology research and you can then give them the document I attached to this email (of which you will make many copies) to those who are willing to cooperate. They can either circle an answer YES or NO. The goal is to collect between 200 and 1000 answers in the general area where you will be conducting the survey. Please send the results (numbers YES and NO) back to me as soon as possible.«

We collected 5853 valid answers, of which 5064 people circled YES. This means that almost 87% of the general surface population would be open to partnership with the Resistance and positive ET civilizations after the Event. It is interesting to note that results did not vary much across different countries and continents.

The petition did not bring expected results. Due to heavy interference from the Cabal, we have managed to gather only about 20,000 signatures.

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