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Biology of Belief | Keys to Living - Positive and Negative Knowledge: Fearlessness, Self Mastery and Healing the body

By Justin Deschamps

Our life in its present iteration is about perception. 

Perception is Everything

And we shape our perceived world by what we accept as knowledge or truthPositive Knowledge is a concept you have developed that is an accurate reflection of your experience, or Data stream. Negative Knowledge is a concept you have developed that is an inaccurate reflection of your experience, or Data stream. Bruce Lipton and the following video presentation, is an absolutely fantastic allegory for how this works. As above so below is one of the key aspects of Natural Law; the law of Correspondence. In this post I will attempt to detail some of the foundational concepts behind how this works, and how we can use this knowledge to evolve and progress on earth. 

The Power of Negative and Positive Knowledge

The entire universe is set up to have you acquire as much Positive Knowledge as possible. The way this is achieved is through experience, and your experience on earth is a product of the inner and outer boundary conditions set by your bodies geometry. Positive knowledge revealed by the choices and experience feels good, Negative Knowledge revealed by the friction between your experience and your rejection of it feels bad. Your BEing is a physical 3D body created through the loving mother earth (divine feminine) and the Spiritual indwelling of the Cosmic spark, or the father fragment. The mind is a product of the two, and a creation of your DOings and your BEing; in other words how much Positive Knowledge and Negative Knowledge you have acquired. Regardless of the words you want to use, the idea that your body is a geometrical house or temple for the soul is well established in many works through out the ages. 

As Bruce Lipton details in this video, our cells are a perfect reflection of their environment and as a result the experiences gained in this environment shape and develop the cell and the gene's therein. Your genes are literally turned on and off by your environment and how you perceive it; how you choose to filter the Data. This is where Negative and Positive Knowledge come in. Positive Knowledge will create an expansive force on the consciousness aperture, if you will; the total amount of truth data you are capable of receiving. This is mirrored in the processes of the cell. The cell will change its physical structure based on the perception of the environment it is in. And if it does not have receptors for the data of the environment it will literally create new genes to then create proteins to receive more data; but only if the cell is capable of receiving the data or being in 'love'. It s very much like a feed back loop with electrical audio equipment.  

Body Systems Transduce All Experience into Data Streams

As your knowledge increases your mind will create structures to then receive more truth, or positive knowledge. The mind is not within the brain, the brain is just a data transducer  converting Data from the ALL source of within and without, into a physical data stream for your body to then absorb; the community of trillions of actualized cells. Think about it like grounding your experience into the community that is your body, each cell works in harmony with all the other cells to create your physical body, and they want to know about your experience. But what you send them, the signals you radiate biologically, are a reflection of your mindal beliefs; your knowledge base. 

For example, imagine you are trying to read a book for the first time, but do not know how to read. Your mind will be unable to decode the letters and symbols into meaning, you lack Positive Knowledge. As you begin to learn how to read the Positive Knowledge expands your mind, filling it with greater potential for truth receptivity. And this also will provide you with a framework for greater creative expression; a mindal geometry. Positive Knowledge will always enhance the totality of a BEing, causing greater caring (heart space) and greater wisdom expression; always acting in harmony with your higher self, and the ALL. Negative knowledge effects you in the same spheres, accept in the opposite direction. Your creative expression will be hindered, it will create chaos when used instead of wisdom, etc. Negative Knowledge will hinder your ability to receive the truth instead of expand it. And it will literally create physical effects in the body, disease, sickness, cancer, etc. Logically the reverse is true for Positive Knowledge.

Your body produces Love and Fear chemicals which send signals to your cells. When your beliefs cause the data to be filtered so that you perceive your experience as 'bad' norepinephrine is produced causing the fight or flight response. This is the anger, fear, frustration, anxiety sensations we experience consciously within the body and ourselves. This is a REFLECTION of YOUR CHOICES AND PERCEPTIONS, your beliefs. This is where we can begin to develop tools to heal ourselves and expand our Positive Knowledge base, which naturally removes negative knowledge. Your emotions are a tool to show you the state of your knowledge base with respect to the data you are receiving at the time (what your attention is focused on), and as a result if you are experiencing something 'bad' you can either run from it (creating more Negative knowledge and more bad emotions) or change your database to embrace the Positive Knowledge inherent within experience. 

Norepinephrine Fear

Emotions are a product of this mechanism of the Data Stream juxtaposed to your knowledge base. The data you receive is always the truth, and as such when it 'butts up against' your Negative Knowledge, 'friction' occurs causing negative emotions. When you reject an aspect of the Data, you are in fear. The universe creates the 'pain' response so that you can 'pull your hand out of the fire.' Again the choice is fear or love, do you receive the loving message from the universe to change your beliefs and remove the negative knowledge? Your brain responds by drawing blood away from the neocortex and into the limbic and reptilian centers, the centers for emotion and fight or flight. Causing you to act more emotionally instead of rationally. Fear literally perpetuates fear, and what cause fear is rejecting the truth about your experience. 

Serotonin Love

Just as the rejection of data by fear creates friction, hindering your growth and creative expression - love, creates the opposite experience with respect to the data causing expansion, healing and growth. Remember Perspective is Everything. Your perspective is guided by the simple act of yes and no, receive the data or reject it. Therefore, as you embrace the truth which you are swimming in at every moment, you expand, and grow becoming more receptive to it.

How can this help you in your life?

The entire creation and Universe is set up for the simple purpose of allowing you to find yourself by your free will choices and grow into each new sphere of experience, by those choices. This is accomplished by choosing what experiences you create (places, people, activities, etc) and how you choose to receive the data of your experience (with a full open loving heart or with a closed fearful heart). 

When experiencing anger, fear and frustration, take a step back and ask yourself: "what choices have I made with regard to my beliefs that are causing me to see this experience in this way?" I keep a note book handy and often have internal dialogs to help facilitate this process.

Bruce outlines all the hard data to back up the conceptual frame work for this method. The method is simple, but what makes it hard to fully actualize is all the small and subtle choices we have made along the way to reject our self created experiences. Once we embrace the full truth, by reflecting back with an earnest desire to distill the truth, it will transform us and reveal our full purpose in not only this life, but the great beyond. 

- Justin

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Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

Published on Apr 16, 2012
The Biology of Belief: An Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

From : May/ June 2005

BL: The new mechanism of evolution suggested by the new biology you describe in your book is one that
consists of repeating patterns of self-similarity; it is a pattern based upon fractal geometry*. The
significance of fractals is that they represent basic patterns that are iterated (repeated) over and over
again. If you can recognize a pattern at one level of the structure you can apply that awareness to
understand the patterns throughout the whole structure.
LG: Right, like the Fibonacci patterns found in nature?
BL: Right, so basically the evolution of human civilization is self-similar the evolution of a single giant organism. We are *humans are the cells in that ' social' organism. The relevance is that human civilization will evolve through the phases that characterized the evolution of animals, Human civilization will go through evolutionary phases that are redundant to previous evolution patterns. For example, in
the evolution of vertebrate animals, the pattern provided for fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and
mammals, an evolutionary jump occurred between each of these major classes of organisms, Civilization
is in the process of such a jump now, as we are evolving from a reptilian-based civilization to a
mammalian-based civilization. The intellectual character of our culture's leadership is currently most
similar to that of reptilian behavior. And yet more advanced mammalian characters yourself and myself
are in the process of rewriting a new blueprint for civilization, different from the way we are living now.
Reptiles are 'conscious,' and do not express the trait of 'self-consciousness.' What that means is that
they live for the moment but they have no conception or vision about how their actions today affect
civilization tomoorow.

To read the whole interview please follow the link below.


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