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Emotional Guidance Scale (Explained in detail) How to be guided by your emotions, instead of controlled by them. By Justin

Source - 2012 The Awakening

UPDATED - 11:41 12.04.2013 - We are discussing this article in detail on our blog talk show on Wednesday at 10am. First part can be found here; Second Part is here; Third Part is here, Fourth and final Part is here. Future shows will be added to this post. 

UPDATED - 7:53 11.21.2013 - Went in and added an image Glenn from the Law of One group shared. This image is another great visual guide for emotional understanding. The following is a write up for the above image which inspired me to share some of the processes for personal growth and healing I have developed since I stopped using heroin in 2004. Sometimes, hitting rock bottom, can be the best thing for you, because it shows you how much you were invested in own self destruction. 

One Truth - Infinite Perspectives

This is a very good visual diagram for how our choices effect our emotional state and how we can use our emotions to reveal blockages we have created within ourselves. There is ONE TRUTH, we are all experiencing, but there are infinite perspectives. We are always seeking to expand our awareness of the ONE TRUTH, but we will NEVER have a 100% complete grasp of it (within 3d reality that is), only quantized spheres of accomplishment and attainment. Filtering your reality to limit this truth is one of the methods we use to create our reality.

There are no victims, emotional experiences that you have, are 100% within your creative powers to affect, in that you choose how you can feel about a thing, and also if you continue to experience a thing. (this idea can be expanded into all experiences and scenarios, which we can discuss in future posts if there is an interest).

Experience and Emotions 

All of experience is a tool to reveal yourself to yourself, and to make free will choices to further expand the idea of the self, becoming more truthful and accurate to what actually IS. This is self realization, and the ultimate goal is total awareness of the self; self mastery or realization (real-eyes-ation). 

Our emotions are the universal mechanism for personal knowledge reflection. When you feel a 'good' emotion it is because whatever is in the focus of your attention is reflecting back to you a positive knowledge state, which will always lead to positive emotions. Negative knowledge, even in small amounts, always creates a negative emotion. This is all by design, negative emotions are revealing self created pain, harm, and frustration; the universal correcting mechanism, or Karma.

You Create your Reality: by Filter or by Movement

The Law of Attraction concept helps provide a basis for this. The idea is, what you focus your energy and attention on is what you manifest into your reality. The Key aspect is realizing you give energy to choices about your reality, either to accept or deny the Data you are receiving. This is how you create your reality, or more accurately, how you filter your reality. It is this filter that creates all of your perceived experiences. In other words, when we say "you create your reality" we mean that the outward events may not change, but because you choose to view it differently, it creates a different experience. This mechanism is binary or based on acceptance or denial of your data stream, which is simply what you focused your attention on. This means you can change your focus by either changing your point of view (wile your physical position remains constant) or by changing your physical position (which is also a method of manifestation) which changes your perspectives, which in turn changes your beliefs and knowledge. Both accomplish the creation of personal experience.

Recap. We create our reality by filtering our Data stream (more on this later), and by moving in our reality. If you do not like a movie that you are watching, you can create a new reality by changing the movie; its that simple. 

Moving to change your Reality

Cells in biology move towards food, and away from toxins; they create their reality in this way. As mentioned above you can create a new reality by changing the movie your watching, and this can be applied in a lot of ways. Many times we find ourselves in places we do not like. The universe is providing a bounty of choices, this is where free will comes in. If there is something within your data stream which does not serve you, you can move away from it; changing the data stream. Husband that beats their wife? The Wife can move away from the husband, therefore changing the data stream and in turn changing the wife's reality. This applies to jobs, relationships, family, everything. We can move away from data streams that do not serve us, because maybe we are not ready to experience them fully yet.

For example, Monarch Mind Control programing is one of the most horrific things we can find in our reality. For many, this data is very hard to reconcile, and will create negative emotional states. This is revealing that your world views, and beliefs are filtering the data to create that interpretation; based on a belief system you have. Therefore, in our process for self realization, we must attenuate our 'work load' so that we do not get overwhelmed. When I first came across the Monarch Data, it was a major shock, but now I am able to review the data and it creates positive emotional states. 

Glenn's image from the Law of One Group on facebook. Thanks again Glenn. 

Filtering to change your Reality

We are 'masters of limitation' as Bashar has mentioned before. On Earth we are able to see how free will is truly at work, but how? Filtering your data stream, and denying points which counter your 'version of reality' limits the absolute data stream of your experience, and as such limits you. Allowing you to create a version of reality that is not accurate for what IS. As we discussed above, there is an objective SINGLE TRUTH that is out there, we are swimming in it now. On earth we have false realities that are offered to new souls coming in, which can only be seen as true, if we constantly filter our data stream; by creating negative knowledge. False realities can only exist in the presence of ignorance; by selectively ignoring aspects of your reality. This happens every moment of the NOW and is a simple binary process. 

When you Deny Data, it is a Fear reaction, and as a result, the universe will create fear spectrum emotions. When you accept Data, it is a love reaction, and as a result the universe will create a spectrum love emotions. The mechanism is your choice, what do you accept as true (either positive knowledge or negative knowledge). Either reaction creates, literally, a belief system which goes along with it positive or negative knowledge. And this belief system, if not a perfect reflection of reality, will cause confusion when you begin to interpret your Data Stream; it will create a reality that is not in harmony with what IS. Lets consider an example to help demonstrate this.

On September 11th 2001, we had the world trade centers hit by planes and come tumbling down. If you accept the official story, as your reality, then when you see footage of the towers falling, you'll see what you want to see, the towers collapsing because of the fires, and structural damage. The 'knowledge' you have about the events, are the framework through which you understand the data you are focusing on. Now to an engineer who has studied structural design, and more specifically, the design of the WTC, you'll see these buildings falling, and have a completely different reaction. You'll be asking yourself how in the world the official story could be true, because your reality incorporates your knowledge of how the buildings were constructed. The engineer has a different knowledge base, and as such, their data stream is understood differently. 

The point here is your knowledge (whether positive or negative, ie accurate or inaccurate) filters your data stream. This all is interesting, but what does it have to do with emotions? 

Emotions = Energy in Motion

Lets break down the Green Language of the word Emotion. E-Motion. Energy in motion. Now the key here is that this energy comes from your focus. If you never see footage of the WTC falling, can it create emotions for you? If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Yes it does make a sound, but since your not there to hear it, it doesn't create an emotion. 

Emotions are Energetic reverberations of your Belief Systems as they are charged by your Focus or Attention

Now that we have laid the framework for what emotions are, we can begin to understand how they reflect your beliefs, and understand that they are really a tool for discovery, not a drug to make you feel good (which is how most of us conceptualize them). The universe wants you to develop and create positive knowledge and the more positive knowledge you have, the happier and more productive you will be in your life. Again Positive knowledge is simply a belief system or RE-PRESENTATION (say that a few times slowly) of what is experienced outside of you. In other words, your knowledge is a reflection of how you interpret your outward experience, from within. That is why the word Re-Present is so applicable. Because we literally create a version of our outward reality, within ourselves. 

Emotions are our Universal Mirror

And as such they are tools. When you bring something into your focus, that you have acquired negative knowledge about, you will begin to experience one of the negative emotions, this is because the universe is offering you 'pain' so that you can move your hand out of the fire, or so you can change how you see the experience, in turn changing the pain to pleasure. Sexuality is a good example of this. Some experiences people have, in loosing their virginity, can be 'bad', especially if your partner is not attentive to you. Many people have 'bad' first time experiences, only to enjoy sex later in life. So what is going on here? The experience without, that of having sex, and the physical act does not change, but you feel differently, and it is now pleasurable. This is because you have changed the way you filter your data stream. Food is another example. Many people eat foods early in life, that they 'hate' only to develop appreciation for later in life. Somethings are an 'acquired taste' after all? This phrase reveals how the idea of changing your beliefs, which change your perspective, to change your reality, is absolutely acknowledged as valid by nearly everyone on earth. 

I am going to go through the diagram and briefly cover what is happening from this perspective, to create the various emotional states we experience. 

When reading the following, remember it is the focus of your attention, that creates the data stream, which you filter to create belief systems, creating the resultant emotional states; the totality of your reality experience. It is the RE-PRESENTATION (your negative and positive knowledge about a thing) which creates the emotional state.

Upward Spiral 

The only way to create positive knowledge is to be open to new perspectives, and be willing to expand your view of what IS (vs what you want to see), which will always expand and create more positive knowledge. To choose LOVE instead of FEAR. 

1. Joy/Knowledge, Empowerment, Freedom, Love, Appreciation - Your Representation is complete and replete, being of positive knowledge. You have accepted enough of what you are focusing on to create a quantum leap of positive knowledge. This is what creates the bliss state. You see the flower, for the life it is, a perfect fractal representation of the universe, the microcosm expressing the macrocosm. Your accepting all your focus has to give, allowing it to create more, and more positive knowledge connections within; expanding your data stream. This is transcendence level appreciation of what IS, where the object of your focus has been transcended, and you begin to see how it is connected to the ALL. You see all the myriad of connections in your total knowledge base. At this level of Data acceptance, you are literally in cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, and oneness with the all. A dynamic flow of experience ever changing, and expanding. The truth is not static, it is ever widening and growing and so is positive knowledge. Unlike negative knowledge which is usually static and fixed.

2. Passion - Your Representation is complete, and becoming more and more replete. It is filling the quantum leap frame work that you started to develop when accepting your data stream without bias; but the leap has not occurred yet. The joy of creating the positive representation has you in an emotional ecstasy, as this idea's point of focus is beginning to transcend the limits of itself.

3. Enthusiasm - Your Representation is reaching completion. You are starting to see the focus, for what it truly is, and develop an unbiased perspective. This is the start of true positive knowledge. Any previous biases and negative knowledge have been let go, although the structuring of your belief system maybe still affected by them. The Enthusiasm comes from seeing the error of past beliefs, and the efficiency of the new way; the two are reconciling, creating the emotions of truth realization. For example when you see a faster, better car, you usually get excited recognizing what you are seeing. 

4. Positive Expectation Belief - Your Representation is faith based, and the frame work for completion is being laid, but not confirmed by comparing against your data stream; your starting to do that now. This is where we begin to allow new beliefs or ideas into our reality, and we explore by setting them against our data stream. Good example of this is food. You eat fast food for most of your life, then are told it is bad for you, and you start to look for how this new idea may be true for you. The Expectation is that this new belief will be more accurate for your reality, than the previous one. Which will be confirmed and expanded as more of your data stream is accepted, processed, and contemplated. As you begin to eat more fast food with the idea that it is bad for you in mind, you begin to see that the head aches and pains in your stomach always come after eating it; your beginning to be honest with yourself. The foundations of negative knowledge are being broken down and replaced foundations of positive knowledge. 

5. Optimism - Your Representation is still grounded in the old way, but your holding an open mind for something new. You have not yet grasped the framework of this new idea yet, but you are keeping yourself open to new ways of seeing things. Your data stream will still reflect the old beliefs to you, but your starting to realize that there maybe a better way. 

6. Hopefulness - Your Representation is grounded in the old way, and your not really open to changing that yet. However there is a hope, deep within, that there is something better out there, and maybe one day you'll find it. This is the crack in the door for opening your mind; which is essential to acquiring positive knowledge. If you have rigid static beliefs that are closing you off to new ways, something in your experience is starting to have you take a second look, but just that. A catalyst can usually push you over the edge. The key here is that you still view the old way as the 'path of least resistance' and your choice is to hold on to that until the 'pain' from the old way causes you to move or change your beliefs. To move to a new path of least resistance. 

7. Contentment - Your Representation is static, fixed and grounded. You are not open to changing your beliefs, because you have developed a filter that is so strong, you actually view this as a positive experience. Now this could simply be because you have no awareness that there could be a better way. For example, you are perfectly happy eating fast food, and even though you do feel health effects, you are not aware of them because you have always felt them; its just normal to you. There hasn't been enough catalyst in your life to make you hopeful that there is a better way. 

Downward Spiral

The only way for negative knowledge to be maintained in your Representations is to create more negative knowledge to filter the new data. To choose fear instead of love (to accept F.E.A.R. false evidence appearing real). 

8. Boredom - Your Representation is static, and your not open to changing it. There is something within you that recognizes this. Boredom is reflecting a choice to stay fixed, and unchanging, to stop progression; which is counter to your nature of constant growth and expansion. Your data stream is so heavily filtered that you are not able to create any new frameworks of interpretation, you are not acquiring knowledge of either polarity, and as such you feel bored, un-motivated and lacking. Boredom is the defeat of the self and acceptance of what does not serve you. When in this state, the universe is suggesting you need to MOVE to create a new experience or to change your choices so you can be open to new perspectives. Remember: One truth, but infinite perspectives. Your soul craves novelty, and new focuses to put in front of it, to dissect, review, and understand. 

9. Pessimism - Your Representation is static, and is being charged with friction from the truthful aspect of your experience you are denying. Pessimism is a reflection of a belief system being challenged by a new perspective or a new data stream. If you choose fear, you will begin to filter the data stream so that your Representation does not change, you simply filter the data better. Using the fast food example, your data stream is suggesting to you that the food you are eating is bad, but you choose to see that experience as something else; that you are coming down with something, it was just a bad batch of food, you have a genetic condition etc. The point is you begin to come up with excuses to justify your belief system, which in turn creates more negative knowledge. 

10. Frustration, Irritation, Impatience - Your Representation is static, and is being charged with friction from the truthful aspect you are denying and that charge is becoming very strong but still tolerable. Because this charge (the fact that the truth is causing you to question your obviously wrong belief) is the focus of your attention, your emotions are also becoming more intense; Energy in Motion. These emotions are the universes way of saying, "you need to create a new experience." For example, your ex-wife that you have built up all this baggage for, when you see them, is the symbol of all this for you and you begin to feel the 'pain'. This emotional state will cause the fight or flight response, move way from the pain, or deal with it.

Your mind is totally closed in the below states. Which means when the focus is in your awareness field, your energy will create more negative knowledge instead of dispelling it. This is what I call the negative ego state. 

11. "Overwhelmed" - Your Representation is static, and is being charged with friction from the truthful aspect you are denying and that charge is becoming very strong and is now reaching breaking point. This is when the choices for how you see the data are really causing you trauma. When in a trauma state, your really only capable of moving away from the trauma. Rationalization and expansion is extremely difficult, the way to address this state is to move away from the focus, so that you can calm down. You'll want to contemplate this experience, when in a calm state, to try and figure out what was happening. Your beliefs are usually so crystalized and immobile that your not able to do any major of changing them, as long as the focus is in your attention space. 

12. Disappointment - Your Representation is static, and is being charged with friction from the truthful aspect you are denying which is now just a symbol for you to feel broken. The belief system is disempowering, and you see this as a major blow to your desires, and goals. This reveals that you are in a negative ego state, and when this focus is in your field of attention, you are building a greater base of negative knowledge. Instead of causing you to move away from the pain, it actually draws you in deeper; for some reason feeling depressed is something that you now view as somewhat good, because at least you can feel something, right? You'll find yourself spending mental energy dwelling on this thing more and more. 

13, 14, 15. Doubt, Worry, Blame - All these are different sides to the same coin. Your Representation is static, and is being charged with friction from the truthful aspect you are denying which is now just a symbol for you to feel broken, battered, and bruised. This is where the negative knowledge you are building, is becoming complete, creating major affects in other areas. Usually the focus that is the source of this is now lost in a mire of confused feelings, and justifications of negative knowledge. You may not have the focus in your attention field, but the effects begin to present themselves from unrelated things. You are literally beginning to develop more 'buttons' that can be pushed to cause you to feel this way. We are approaching PTSD levels of negative knowledge filtering where you begin to confuse data streams, causing reactions that do not have a direct correlation. You doubt yourself more and more, you worry about the things that you used to do with confidence, and you blame anyone and anything you can so that you do not have to accept it yourself. The blame reaction is a way of dealing with the Trauma (running away) and always something you have created, but you are assigning to outside of yourself. Blame can only be fixed by taking responsibility back for that thing you are trying to skirt off on another. 

16. Discouragement - Your Representation is static, and is being charged with friction from the truthful aspect you are denying which is now just a symbol for you to feel broken, battered, and bruised. You have developed such a complete negative knowledge base that seemly anything you focus on can discourage you. The negative ego state is now beginning to be your foundation and the feeling of disempowerment is now your MO. 

17, 18, 19. Anger, Revenge, Hatred/Rage - Your static Representation is now so complete and replete that you have developed channels of expression to deal with the emotions created as a result. Your negative ego state is so strong now that you beginning to blame the without so that you can channel the energy. It begins to feel good to lash out and take your frustration out on others. There is literally a 'high' which is created by being in this rage state, which you begin to use to your advantage, and you actually start to create a reality which gives you more options to vent. Instead of moving way from focus's that cause these states, your actually seeking them out, becoming drunk off the emotions you create. Deep down you are 'soothing' the source of your pain, by lashing out. Your sense of self is being protected by this, but soon the negative ego will turn the lashing inward.

20, 21. Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt Unworthiness - Your static Representation is now totally out of control, not even your blaming and hatred of others is enough to protect you from personal attacks on yourself. The negative ego has lost its sense of self preservation, and is now causing serious problems of self destruction. Your sanity can begin to degrade as your reality becomes a maze of confusing and traumatic emotional reactions. Seeing others in a happy mood, causes you to feel guilty, frustrated, angry and worthless. You misinterpret what people say and do, as a personal attack on you; people who are happy around you cause you to feel sad or that you are being ignored by them. You begin to envy others in your life, and their situations. People begin to become symbols for your horrific and depreciated view of self. You begin to turn away from life, and find yourself creating more experiences of escape and distraction; drugs, long hours of watching porn or movies, reading books, anything to escape. Your just trying to run from your self created problems, instead of facing them. Escape the self created Trauma.

22. Fear/Grief/Depression, Powerlessness, Victim - Your static Representation is all consuming, all distracting, and at PTSD level of trauma. You are in a constant fight or flight state of mind, never able to feel emotionally stable. This is approaching the level of self destruction, as your feelings of powerlessness cause you to not want to create or grow at all; even your negative knowledge is barely expanding at this point. You begin to feel that all of your experience is quietly confirming what you have always suspected, 'that your life is over, worthless, and you should get it over with already.' You find yourself thinking about suicide, and death more and more. Seeing these as relief, and any time you are traumatized by your experience (which is now a constant stream), you begin to fantasize about your own death. Your barely making any new choices about your data stream, just making small confirmations of a total, complete and replete view of self that is so disempowered and victimized is not even worth your attention.


We are each capable of experiencing all of these states multiple times during our life. The point is not to feel discouraged if you are in the lower register, the point is to feel empowered because now you can recognize what is really happening; the universe is offering you choices, you simply need to make the ones that serve you best. 

In my personal life, I am bouncing all around the spectrum depending on what is happening. I am a fairly left brain dominant person (which I am seeking to balance) and I have the ability to create all sorts of rationalizations and justifications for what I am doing. Asking myself WHY, and being brave to seek the real truth, and not accept a limiting fear choice is what has helped me greatly. 

Many times I "think my way through" the experience I am trying to heal. For example, if I have a craving for food that I know will create pain long term, but pleasure short term, I experience a feeling of excitement when thinking about eating the food. After some question asking, I find myself getting a bit depressed because I have discovered that this food is not good for me after all, and my natural reaction to that emotional state will be to say 'screw it I'll just eat the bad food anyway.' The method of "thinking my way through" means that I hold the whole truth in my mind as my focus, and reconcile the disappointment as a letting go of an addictive act. Meaning the food, and the good feeling from it was really a type of sensational drug experience purely for materialistic pleasure. That greater truth, although causing negative emotion initially, once I have gone through it, and made a different choice, will in time create positive emotions. And now when I see the food I used to crave irrationally, I see it for what it is, and feel a deep sense of satisfaction knowing I am making a better choice. 

Road to Enlightenment

This process is the great work of your life. It is not a quick fad or diet you can use here and there, and expect to see big changes. You have to completely change your world view, and how you see your experiences. Many of us view our emotions as beyond our control and as a high we can feel depending on what we do without. The big question to ask yourself, is why? Why are you here? 

Granted, we can live our lives as if our emotions are just a drug and have fun with that, but that's playing small isn't it? The universe wants you to play big, to set your goals as high as possible, and always seek to expand them. Although this path can be challenging, and require a great degree of personal motivation, the gains in your life, are truly mind boggling. 

I have shared this with many in my life since I discovered it. And all those who have been brave enough to try it, admit to me that they feel like they have found the keys to living life. Every day will become a joy, and expand your bliss, if you are willing to accept a method for self mastery and universal attainment. 

- Justin


  1. Well isn't that interesting. On one hand you claim we are trying to reveal a "greater truth", and on the other hand you claim we don't know what the truth really is. How convenient. Here's a bit of truth for you. According to the "Law of one" and Wynn Frees' webstite the Elohim are the creators of the physical 3rd density. This can be researched in both the readings of the "Law of one" series or in the further readings on what the Elohim have claimed in Wynn Frees' website. So if they are the creators of 3rd density then why have they been driven to desperate measures to extract their own Ra-an members by creating the Mormon faith? Why is it the Elohim either cannot or refuses to shut down third density if they can't retrieve their own members? I suspect they will claim they cannot breach their most sacred law, and that is not to interfere with free choice of other beings. And yet, do any of us have the free choice to remove ourselves from 3rd density when ever we wish? Not according to the Elohim and the "Law of one". We are forced to stay here in in 3rd density in perpetual reincarnated lives. Of course the Elohim claim that once you've, "got your mind right"; which most call enlightenment, only then can you return back into higher density where we originated from. So lets see if I've got this straight. The Elohim create 3rd density and it becomes a run away freight train that they can no longer control so they convince trillions of souls/beings/entities, even some of their own Ra-an to go into 3rd density to fix all the problems that are starting to arise and cause problems within 3rd density but cannot retrieve them back into higher density due to the difficulty of third density such as memory loss from one life to the next etc. But refuses to allow us the free choice to remove or exit ourselves from 3rd density when we cant handle it anymore. Committing suicide in the physical sense only forces us into another re-incarnated life and does not mitigate our problem of being in 3rd. density itself and only exacerbates the problem because we have no free will to remove our essence completely from 3rd density. Doesn't anyone see the disconnect here? On one hand the claim we have free choice is touted to the rafters by everyone and yet we don't have the free choice to extract ourselves from 3rd density? IN FACT WE ARE FORCED INTO PERPETUAL LIFE AND HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO LIVE FOREVER!! Does this irony escape all of you that we have no choice but to live forever? Even if it's against our will and wishes? Who decided that I must be forced to live forever and why don't I have the free choice to destroy my essence permanently? Why must I be forced into playing this game here in 3rd density ad infinitum until "I get my mind right"? IF THAT ISN'T THE MOST CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATIVE MEASURE OF OTHER BEINGS/SOULS THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!! UNTIL WE ARE ALLOWED THE FREE CHOICE TO REMOVE OURSELVES EITHER FROM 3RD DENSITY OR IRRADICATE OUR SOULS PEMANANTLY THE IDEA OR CLAIM THAT WE HAVE FREE CHOICE IS AN ABSOLUTELY FABRICATED LIE!!! You cannot claim we have free choice and are yet denied to stop our essence from existing....this whole scenario stinks to high heaven(pun intended).

    1. "On one hand you claim we are trying to reveal a "greater truth", and on the other hand you claim we don't know what the truth really is."

      There is a TRUTH out there, and we are capable of knowing it. I Am not claiming we are trying to reveal a greater truth, i am saying 'this is how it is' I think if you consider this truth, you'll see what I am saying...

      As far as your bit on the elohim and the law of one, you don't seem to fully grasp what is being said.

      Ra never says "And yet, do any of us have the free choice to remove ourselves from 3rd density when ever we wish? Not according to the Elohim and the "Law of one". - can you quote a section which says this, i havent seen it b4.

      The only reason why 3d is 'out of control' as you say, is because WE, the ppl in it, let it get that way. We have to take action to change things.

      The disconnect you refer to, is a mis understanding of the concepts imo. great contemplation is needed on your part.

      Getting your 'mind right' will absolutely help, and i can tell from your responses, you seem to have given up on that, keep up the work friend! it will help!

  2. Hi Justin, I liked your article. I think it is a truth, along with many others we have yet to learn. We can be guided by our emotions and use them to determine our belief systems AND future choices too. One thing I find interesting, too, is something Edgar Cayce said about anger. I don't know if you are acquainted with Edgar Cayce but he was a psychic that lived from 1877-1945 and many of the points The Law of One books make are actually reflections of readings from that time. One thing he said is that anger wasn't necessarily a negative emotion and could be used as a catalyst. Here is what he actually said about anger:

    "For well may it be said, one without a temper is as lacking as one without a pilot, but one that does not control same had best been without one." 311-1

    "Wrath is rather an excellent quality, but wrath uncontrolled is very bad and very detrimental, as the entity has found even in the present experience." 497-1

    "He without a temper or without resentment or without care may manifest very little. And he that does not control resentment, he that does not control anger, he that does not control that urge for the egotism in self, is indeed worse than he that has none; for such may make for stumblingblocks and experiences that bring distraughtness and disturbances, not only of self as to the THOUGHTS of self but to the fellow man." 956-1

    As far as what Joe Renaud had to say, he is assuming that we are stuck here in third density because we are forced to be here, but what if we are not? What if we have decided to be here and that is why we are here. Edgar Cayce said earth is the testing ground where we come to test out what we have studied between lives in the different planetary spheres (each planet in our solar system has different density/dimensional schools. For example, venus would be love and beauty, and uranus would be psychicism and extremes. Whatever planet was closest to earth when the person is born is the ruling planet in Astrology because that's the planet the soul was last residing in and studying in before being incarnated into earth

    Anyways, just offering a different perspective on the matter.

    1. Excellent commentary! I find Cayce's data very profound and truthful. I think the Negative Emotions are part of the feedback mechanism. Emotions seem to be a totality reflection of who we are at the time in relation to a given stimulus. Anger and Wrath are powerful emotions of creative force, just like all emotions. Either we direct that creative energy into transformation by acting within principles of Natural Law or by turning to Egoism.

      I actually had a thought the other day that all blockages of spirit created by our choices to be egocentric will be charged with negative motions as a way of compelling or incentivising the desire for change. In that sense then, all transformation of real import will be 'painful' to the static ego (the part of us that does not want to change). Depending on how much we identify with the static ego depends on how much pain we will experience when provided an experience which compels a change within; which is pretty much all of life.

      Great discussion here!

  3. Hi! Justin. It is a wonderful experience to go through your article. At some point in my life i have been exactly at the peak of negativity. I have been fortunate to overcome it. However, still long way to go.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful information in a very simple way. I am indeed feeling enlightened to know these aspects of life.

    1. I am inspired by your commentary! Thank you for sharing your experience. This post is the synthesis of nearly all my life's observation and study, and I am reminded of these principles constantly in my life.

      It is amazing how understanding these principles can change our outlook on life and allow us to accept things we would normally like to place in a category of victimhood and helplessness.

      Thanks for sharing =)


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