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Self Mastery and Actualization "the Great Work" - Hidden Techniques of the Elite - Alchemy and Freemasonry

Updated 9.09.2013 1:06am - I went in and added another presentation by Mark Passio below, he specifically discusses the corruption of freemasonry over time and how it was originally used, and still is to a degree, to teach Self Mastery. Well worth the time to listen the podcast. 

I have been researching Alchemy, the Occult Mysteries and Consciousness or Spirituality for some time now. Part of what helped me develop a concept of god, or a creator, was that our would-be masters are VERY MUCH focusing their energies on consciousness and the idea that our reality is based on Intelligent Design. The more one investigate Freemasonry, Occult Symbolism, and Magick, one discover that for thousands of years, up to modern times, the elite have been training themselves in Mind Mastery; the art of Alchemy or transmutation of the mind and spirit - the total evolution of consciousness. Self actualization is very similar to this concept.

Notice the similarity between Self Actualization Pyramid
and the Esoteric Third Eye or Eye of Horus
We are ONE

When we look honestly at the Data we come to an inescapable conclusion: Our reality is based on ONEness of all things, and at an absolute, level we are all interconnected via Consciousness. The illusion, we hear about so much, is manifold, however the foundation is based on the fact there is only ONE of us, individuated via progressive illusions of separateness. We discussed this concept in depth in this post Bashar: The 9 Levels Of Consciousness were we learn just how this process of progressive separation operates.

Notice the similarity between Self Actualization Pyramid
and the Esoteric Third Eye or Eye of Horus
In the post Basic Principles of Existence and The Self - Learning to Know the Dweller in the Flesh by Manly P. Hall we discussed how important Self Actualization is. When we self actualize and continue to develop our Consciousness we can reach a level of progression where the Third Eye Opens and a physical Electro-Magnetic effect is created (see below reference video for detailed explanation). The symbol of the eye in the triangle has this meaning, that of an awakened person, illuminated by their Self Actualization or Mastery of Self. And as we awaken, we realize who we truly are empowered with a profound new perspective of life and its journey. 

Worldview and Belief System

As we discussed in How Transparency and Reconciliation are RePurposing the World your world view and belief system plays a HUGE part in how you live your life, what decisions you make, and ultimately what type of reality you manifest. Your Consciousness is shaped by the things you believe, and once you recognize this mechanism you can begin attune your consciousness to manifesting what you actually want, instead of bumbling through life as a victim of circumstance.

Your world view is usually subconscious and acts 'behind the scenes' on all of our mental processes in that it filters the Raw Data you receive from your senses into bundles based on previous habits. For example, if you have ever tried to play a sport during school only to discover you were not 'as good' as most of your other school mates, you will create a world view that "I am not good at this sport." This world view will affect your decision making process in the future. For example, later in life your co-worker may offer you to come play a game with his local team, and if your world view is that 'I am not good at this sport' you will most likely decide not to go with your co-worker because of the world view. 

Automation of Thought Programs - Building your Foundation

All of the events within your life create a bias or tendency based on how we felt about the experiences of the past, like running a program. Your mind is designed to accumulate programs, and limit the need to consciously think, as long as the task you are attempting to realize has been accomplished before. For example, the first time you rode a bike it was probably very difficult and took hours, or days to get to the point where you could ride with out assistance. Once you have acquired this skill, it is 'automated' as a program within your subconscious mind. Every day since the first day, it took less conscious energy to ride the bike, eventually becoming reflex. This is now part of your Foundational Reality. 

Foundational programs accumulate with experience but often we do not focus on the quality of the mental foundations we build for ourselves. For example, if your having an experience of anxiety and trauma, which the vast majority of earths population go through early on in life, you will develop a program for dealing with the anxiety, lets say you start biting your finger nails. We call this type of thought program a 'bad habit' despite the fact this program is addressing a real need (alleviating some internal anxiety), we may not desire to continue this program. We must remake our foundation or Transform it, but how do we do this? 

The elite have suppressed the Mastery of Mind and Spirit on Earth intentionally to keep us dependent on them; Occult Knowledge. Their program for us is to offer experiences which subtly traumatize us so that we will display the behavior they want. Trauma Based Mind Control is used extensively in our society. School is a perfect example. Children who are 'abnormal' are traumatized by their peers and the 'abnormal' behavior is either suppressed so that the individual does not express it outwardly, or the individual assimilates into the 'normal' peer group - either way the trauma is alleviated and the behavior corrected. This is just one example of the mechanism at play. We are indoctrinated into this system and usually end up traumatizing others with out being aware of it. Forgiving yourself is a big step towards Self Actualization and Mastery.

Alchemy and the New Belief System

There is a lot to cover in the way of Alchemy, and I will not be presenting detailed explanations here (you can view the resource material below for this). As we discussed above, there are some basic 'facts' or assumptions, we need to make about reality in order for the concept of Alchemy and Mastery of Self to fully take root; at least insofar as the methods of Alchemy are concerned. If you think Alchemy is all hog wash and bogus (a world view and program) then this belief will prevent you from working these methods into your life to change it for the better. Therefore let's create a new foundation to at least understand how this process works:
1. We are ONE. Your experience of separateness, of individuality, is the great Illusion of reality we hear about. All things, all events, all particles, all fields, all realities act as one grand and unified expression of a single, infinite and eternal thought. Your personal experience is totally intertwined with the world around you and in you. As above so below, Mind, Body and Spirit seemly separate but actually unified. Time, Space and Consciousness are unified at an absolute level of reality.

2. The illusive Self, the Individual, is actually infinite in totality, and as such the parts, always, affect the whole. Each Program, you remake or change will affect the whole of your BEing in ways which may not be apparent. 

3. You are totally unique in your perspective and experience. Others may have similar experiences, but there is only ONE experience which is yours. That experience is infinitely valuable in an absolute sense, regardless of its method of manifestation (i.e. a coma patient in a hospital is just as valuable as a marathon runner, or a musician). Which is why when you heal yourself, you heal the universe.

4. The Reality you experience as in Individual is a function of your Beliefs and World view which have been hidden from view through progressive subconscious Automation. 
Your BEing is constantly changing and evolving based on your experience. You can not help but evolve, this is a fundamental aspect of existence; but your choices definitely either accelerate or hinder this evolution. Now that we have the basic building blocks (new worldview and beliefs from the 4 points above) we can begin to look at this material with a workable point of view.

What is Alchemy and the Great Work

Again see the resources below for a very in-depth explanation (I highly recommend this material for the concepts presented). Alchemy has many meanings, but the one that concerns this discussion is that of transmutation of the soul. Alchemy, and the Mystery Schools from the deep past have all focused and known about progressive perfection of SELF that life is meant to offer.

Life may seem pointless to you now, given all the horrors of this world, but the Elite have a totally different view point. Every experience is the Universe quietly offering transformation to you, the student, if you are willing to take up the 'Great Work.' The post Manly P. Hall - The Secret Language Of Symbolism - True Nature of Symbols gives hints on how the Elite actually view our reality. What we discover is that all things are symbolic in nature, and it is part of the work of Symbology to explore your SELF when interpreting symbols; exploring meanings. This is in direct contrast to the normal usage of symbols; accepted meaning based on social convention or agreeing what is so. What the Elite believe is that symbols are actually everywhere, and the creator speaks to us, or more importantly to YOU personally, through your life experience and the symbolic meanings thereto. The Law of One also describes this as Catalyst

David Wilcocks latest book (which I have yet to read) is discussing this topic in depth; watch an excellent video here discussing this. The notion that your life experience is guided by the Source field and the Cosmic Intelligence. 

The Great Work of Alchemy is the perfection of one's Self to 'god like' status. This is not some obscure goal of a disillusioned elite. The Great Work is attainable to ALL BEings, and as a matter of fact, the total perfecting of all humanity is an aspect of the Great Work. As individuals 'Master the SELF' they can then up-step the progress of their brothers and sisters around them.

This is why sharing of one's experience and wisdom (which in the Urantia book means truth experienced or made real) is almost an instinctual urge. When you finally discover something in your life that has true meaning (positive knowledge), your natural instinct is to share that.

The Elite have twisted this idea, originally from the ancient mysteries tracing their origins to Atlantis, due to Luciferian Influences, and now the Great Work seems to be about creating an Elite class of super human 'Gods' to rule the "flock of sleeping sheep" below.

We are the Builders in the "Great Work"

Mark Passio's Work below, is an absolutely breath taking presentation on these concepts. The Great Seal in particular is one of the most miss interpreted symbols of our age. It has multiple meanings which can be understood from it. One in which we are meant to actualize the "anti-christ" consciousness and block out the light from the top; negative interpretation, And one in which we unbuild the material pyramid and bring the light back down to the earth; positive interpretation. We are the actual blocks in the pyramids, therefore we are the builders who are actually partaking in this great work. Mark gives a whole new meaning to the idea of being a 'light worker.' See below for this video presentation.

Reference Material for further Study

Alchemy - This is the first part of 2 videos discussing Alchemy in depth. The First video covers the terms, and basic concepts of alchemy in general. The second Video discusses how alchemy is applied to the human experience and the Mastery of Self.

Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed

Solve Et Coagula - The Great Work of Alchemy (HD)

Thomas Campbell has been doing work with Consciousness from a Physics point of view for years and has some profound perspectives to offer. The concepts puts forth in his work is very much in harmony with the concepts of alchemy, and other sources presented in this post. 

Tom Campbell: Who Are We In This Reality? 1/2

Tom Campbell: Who Are We In This Reality? 2/2

Mark Passio has done an amazing amount of research into all of these fields, Alchemy, Symbolism, The Occult, Ancient Mysteries, Consciousness, Allegory, etc. Even if you are very familiar with these ideas, there is much to be gained from watching the below video. 

The Second video is another presentation on the positive aspects of freemasonry and how it can be used to elevate consciousness. 

Mark Passio - Masonic Symbolism & 9/11 Occult Numerology

WOEIH 53 Esoteric Freemasonry w/ Mark Passio - Full

Despite Manly's Connection to Freemasonry, and the Elite, the viewpoints put forth give more perspective and data to consider. Manly can be called a Light Occultist, revealing the hidden truths about ourselves that the Dark Occultists hide for their own purposes. 

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