Wednesday, September 25, 2013

RTS: RE: Unknown Script- Have you seen this before? (With Search Results of Script)


Hi again everyone! So over the past few months during the energetic work I've been doing I have seen several documents. Some are in known "english" alphabet, but in the past three weeks or so I have had several incidents of seeing a completely unknown type of script. A few weeks ago I went through about 10 minutes of "pages" of this script flashing in front of my eyes- about 5 pages per second. Last night I "knew" what this script was, "knew" where it came from..... and then on the moment of waking, it's gone- as if the information was erased. Below is a picture I drew that looks very similar to what I have been seeing. Do you know it? Have you seen it? Please let me know! - D

I did a google image search (search google via uploaded image or by camera) and got the following. I think it is very interesting that DNA kept popping up. I'm no chemist, but I speculate there is some connection potentially waiting to be discovered...

I took some screen shots of the first few google image pages:

- Justin


  1. Go to the 30 min mark on this video, it may or may not help. They translated a writing on the bottom of a small pyramid that was found with the all seeing eye. and it was translated into "The Son Of The Creator Comes". There is some other things that are questionable in this video, but more truth is being revealed every day.

    1. I am not sure how that hapenned but its this link sorry

  2. An energetic healer named Kenji Kumara stated people will start receiving internal downloads for a new language. The language stems from your essence - start home system (where you go between life on Earth). This language will reflect certain truths and individuals receiving this information will soon be translating it into a common language like English to share. The fact that it is similar to DNA suggests to me it's ancient memory popping back up into your consciousness. Best to you. Light and love.


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