Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Karen Hudes says "Basal III and 'Backwardation' prevents banks from accepting your DOV's"

Greg shared this with me on Facebook.

Apparently he reached out to Karen to see is she could push threw his DOV for a fee of $2.5 million. Karen responds below with why she cannot accept it and why the banking industry will not be able to either. 

During our call on 9.7.013 we discussed that the RV and Basal III agreement may prevent the banking industry from honoring our lawful DOV's because this would create a currency backing problem. 

If the entire RV and new financial system, Basal III based off gold standard and precious metals, they can not accept other forms of value like a DOV because there would 2 to backings instead of just the one standard; this is the logic they may be working with. 

However, just because the system does not  want to work with DOV's, according to Karen, does not prevent us from making an offer of our own. Energetically we are still telling the banking system, WE are the Creditors and WE are going to set the rules for play. 

The bankers can make all the rules they want, but with out US, the people, their banking system will fail. Lets show them what we really want!

Original Message sent to me by Greg:

Greg for 2.5million dolars, I offered,
World bank whistle blower Karen Hudes whom worked 20 years there,
she couldn't Deposit My certificate of value/Dov For me, she said she would try, asked me send it to here,

But she couldn't and said,

The days of fiat banking are numbered as we slide into something called permanent gold backwardation. There was no more leasing of gold starting on July 7, 2013. For this reason, there is no bank that would accept your certificate,


- Justin 


  1. I thought we are Basil III complaint based on the fact that the recovered value from the OPPT filing included Gold.

    1. I havent read Basal III, have you? I have heard some ppl talk about how the OPPT filings secured assets which would make us bankers for all intents and purposes... but i do not have first hand data to support this idea.

      if you find any let me know!


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