Sunday, September 22, 2013

I-UV: Update Wells Fargo Release of Lien After Phone Calls About BWWEE 9.21.13

Very interesting. Definitely an interesting correlation between these recent talks with Wells Fargo and the release. Whether there is an actual causal connection is unknown. As much as we would LIKE to believe this is due to the talks, objectively we would do well to receive the data, but not jump to any conclusions. 
- Justin

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and yes the old adage “You Must Be Doing Something RIGHT is in Evidence !

 [9:04:26 AM] Kelly Sutton: Received this yesterday and a little history behind this… I haven’t paid on this 2nd since July 2011 when I was filing for a bankruptcy. It was not part of the bankruptcy, but I was hating on Wells Fargo at the time. :) Also, they have not contacted me much of anything since that time. Being in 2nd position they could not have foreclosed unless they paid off everything in front of them. ( By their corruption ) None the less, my opinion is that they are cleaning the public books or everyone with the name Kelly Sutton received this letter from WF after our calls last week. Notice – there is no account number on the document.


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