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How Art and Sovereignty can Help Fix Our World. Introducing Jagamarra. Australian FTW Tour Part 3.


We are so excited to introduce our newest advisor, partner and very good friend Gary Jagamarra.
Jagamarra is an Australian Aboriginal Shaman, Artist, Performer, Medicine Man and Lawman. He has devoted his life to learning and maintaining the dreamings of his Ancestors according to Aboriginal law. His duty is one of care for all life and our beautiful planet.
Jagamarra is now working with the Fix the World organization in two separate areas.

Aboriginal Art that tells the Story of Fixing the World.

While with Jagamarra, we created this beautiful Aboriginal work of art. It is a representative map that tells the story of the people coming together to clean up the planet, the story of Fix the World!  Each of the “river lines” coming in from the edges towards the center represent peoples from different countries, who have woken up on different points of the collective journey. All of whom are moving towards “the event” that occurs in the center, an energetic explosion that creates the new paradigm and changes the planet. Each color in the painting is representative of something different, there are frogs, and kangaroo tracks, pelican feathers and possum tracks. Aboriginal art holds a special place in the art market and is highly valued. Jagamarra is also intending to create bonds behind each of these paintings from his estate to increase their value and offer not just a beautiful work of art to the buyer, but an asset. In a beautiful ceremony, 5 people created this painting in the middle of the night with love, intention and Jagamarra’s guidance. Below is a beautiful slide show portraying the full creation of this very special painting during this magical night.
This painting is the first in an intended series, more will be created in the weeks to come. We are currently setting up a platform for the sale of community artwork. The first pieces to be displayed and sold here will be authentic Aboriginal paintings. These will be available via both donation and auction. This platform will enable these wonderful artists to achieve a true value for their artworks without the manipulation and control that they have had to endure over recent times, as they will be protected by the ethics and transparency of the Fix the World Organization. Eventually all artists will be able to use this platform to sell original pieces, and various size prints. Fix the World Organization will take a small commission from each sale thus creating a sustainable safe transparent system for everyone.
IMG_0417Jagamarra and HopeGirl

Reclaiming our Sovereignty to help ourselves and help Fix our World.

We will also be working with Jagamarra helping to educate anyone who wishes to become a Sovereign Being. Currently a huge amount of time and energy by many is being put into the creation of a simple to understand education system. This will enable anyone who wishes to properly educate themselves to become a complete sovereign being.
We feel this is a vital step for the future of humanity and our freedom. This information will be easy to access and simple to understand. There will be a very clear process that when followed carefully and precisely you will be a Sovereign being, Lord of the Manor.
Peppi is planning on heading back to Australia to create a Youtube video that portrays the entire process for us to share with all the people of the planet. This should be out next week.
We will be asking for donations of any amount as small as $1 or whatever you feel worthy so that the education programme from the sovereign group and various groups that have been assisting in bringing out this information can receive some support for their efforts.
We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to have spent a wonderful week with both Jagamarra and his lovely partner Stephanie. We have learnt so much and really look forward to a wonderful journey together freeing our planet completely from slavery.
To hear Jagammara speak about this information in his own words, please be sure to listen to the 2nd hour of the Re-purposing show from Sept. 8/9  The link for the show is here:

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