Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5d Media Network Forum: Small things that all Can Do to manifest change. Woof!

This was posted on the 5D Media Network Forum, and I feel like it has amazing potential to uplift consciousness. Here is the post and my response. 

Thanks Aussiebob! 

- Justin

Small things that all Can Do to manifest change. Woof!
Praise:* When you go to a store and get good service from another be-ing, remember their name and then send an email to their manager saying something like;" really enjoyed shopping at your store today, Shiela was so helpful, I hope you appreciate all the beautiful that are working with you!"
Love Woof. ( working with and not for,is important, and you have given praise and posed a a question)

When you greet someone do it in an uplifting way:" G'day Shiela, you look especially radiant today" or "Brian, I just love those fluorescent yellow tights and those curly toed shoes"

Helpful:When you are driving into town and you have empty seats, stop at the next bus stop and say " Hey guys I'm going to Paradise or where ever, can I drop you anywhere on the way" I have met some beautiful people doing this.

Personal Responsibility:*If you're walking into town, take a spare bag with you, and when you see some rubbish, pick it up; even that beer bottle that someone has thrown under the hedge, and you'll have to get down on your knees to retrieve it. You'll be glad that you did, and if you are like me, probably need the exercise anyway! Woof!

*Create your own personal mission statement. Love it, Live it, and be careful what you ask for!
* Engage in at least two ridiculous things everyday!

For years I thought "Namaste" was a sneeze! It's all about perception hey!
In Love & Woof! B and B 
Amazing! On earth we are trained to only focus on the external effects of our DOings, but rarely do we acknowledge the INTERNAL effects created by our consciousness when we DO the things we do.

your suggestions remind me of the consciousness building exercises. Great stuff!

PS - Come share on in the SITS Group. Each of us has an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience which when shared will cause you to feel connected, and will help all of humanity as we become more interconnected. 



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