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Orgone Energy Neutralizes Nuclear Radiation: The ORANUR Experiment Reich’s Radiation Disaster

This is a fascinating piece on Orgone Energy. If you are new to the amazing properties of Orgone look here for more information.

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by Klark Kent, Orgone Researcher


What is the hardest thing of all ? 
That which seems the easiest
For your eyes to see,
That which lies before your eyes.

  – Goethe

orgone accumulatorNuclear technology of death from the tribe of Einstein, Oppenheimer, Sakharov and Teller was deployed in the desert in July of 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Within two years of the advent of this realization of the death formula E = MC2, the living planet Earth was being reconnoitered by unknown numbers of aliens whose origins, purposes and intents remain a mystery. Whether as guardians, brothers, predators, scavengers, parasites, landlords or foemen – the space creatures have been observed (along with their craft) continuously since the beginning of atomic explosions on Earth.

Not proving (there is no “proof”) a causal relationship between atomic explosions on Earth and the advent of UFO sightings, the coincidental relationship is there. It is “proved” that atomic explosions begin to occur in July of 1945. It is “proved” that reports of observations of flying saucers and other UFOs are being received in unprecedented numbers by the “authorities” commencing no later than June of 1947.

Let’s look at an experiment which had as its goal the relationship between the living energy of life and the nuclear technology of death. To possibly utilize the effects ofOrgone Energy upon the human organism as an antidote to nuclear radiation sickness was ostensibly the goal of the Oranur Experiment. (Oranur = Orgone Anti-Nuclear).

Friday, January 5, 1951: Wilhelm Reich M.D. puts one milligram of pure radium inside a 20 layer Orgone Energy Accumulator. For five hours the radium remains inside the life energy charging device. During the next seven days the process is repeated for one hour per day; the one milligram of pure radium is placed inside the 20 layer Orgone Accumulator. On Friday, January 12, the radium was removed from the Orgone charging device after only one half hour and the experiment was stopped

It was on the last day of the experiment that the most dramatic effect occurred. The observers were outside the student’s laboratory where the metal lined Orgone Room housing the powerful 20 layer Orgone Energy Accumulator was located. While one experimental milligram of pure radium served as a control and was kept far away in an unused building on Reich’s 280 acre farm; the other milligram of pure radium was placed inside the life energy charging device. We must remember that there was a war going on, the Korean War, and Reich and his associates were conducting this research partly in response to the threat of a nuclear conflict demanding some sort of antidote to radiation sickness. Therefore the experiment had as its goal the discovery of a possible anti-nuclear property of the newly discovered Life Energy.

The “normal” background count of “radioactivity” at Reich’s laboratory in Western Maine where a dozen people lived and worked was 30 – 50 counts per minute measured on the big 4096 Tracerlab Autoscaler. The background of radioactivity within an Orgone Accumulator measured with a portable SU-5 Tracerlab Survey Meter, type 6C5, was 40 – 70 cpm. In other words, with no nuclear material present, the concentration of Life Energy within a charging device caused the Geiger Counter to give a higher reading; about 40 % higher.

Once the Oranur Experiment had started; once the concentrated Life Energy had been exposed to the radioactive nuclear material – the background count at Reich’s laboratory climbed to approx. 80 cpm and would not immediately subside even when the nuclear material was removed from the Orgone Accumulator.

The radioactivity of a one milligram unit of radium had been calibrated at 16,000 cpm (8.3 Roentgens per hour). This was done in New York City, away from the highly charged atmosphere of Reich’s setup near Rangeley, Maine. The two units of Radium arrived on Jan. 5, 1951 and immediately they were measured unshielded at one centimeter distance and gave a reading of 254,760 cpm in the highly charged atmosphere near the various Orgone Accumulators. One milligram unit was secured as a control and not exposed further to the charging effect of the Orgone devices. The other milligram was placed inside the 20 layer Orgone Accumulator in the metal lined Orgone Room in the student’s laboratory. While the radium was within the charging device, accurate measurement was not possible because the instrument, the SU-5 Survey Meter would either race right off the scale or go completely dead. Away from the active experiment, the instrument resumed normal operation. fateful Friday, January 12 – again the milligram of pure radium is placed inside the Life Energy device and again the observers feel the amplified radiation effects: severe nausea, loss of equilibrium, pressure in the forehead, sensations of fainting, severe headache, hot and cold flashes, severe belching: all these symptoms were observed and experienced by the one dozen or so physicians and technicians present during the 5 month course of the experiment. 

Additionally each observer was affected by a recurrence of any old or dormant injury or disease condition varying according to each individual’s weakest spot. It was as if the effect of the reaction of the concentrated Life Energy to the nuclear irritant was to attack each living organism in its weakest area (a converse relationship to the observed pattern of the effect of a “normal” Orgone Accumulator which seemed to strengthen or benefit the weak areas within the Organism; of course for our purposes there is no healing, beneficial or medical implication here).

The last time that the radium was placed inside the 20 layer Accumulator was to prove so dramatic that for fear of possible consequences, the experiment was stopped. The observers (Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Simon Tropp & others) were standing outside in the cold afternoon of January 12. They could see through the large picture windows the atmosphere inside the student’s lab become clouded within minutes after they had placed the unshielded milligram of radium inside the Life Energy charger. The clouded atmosphere was starting to move visibly and was shining blue and purple 1 The men became quite ill from nausea, loss of balance, cramps in the stomach – all this from one milligram of radium over 300 feet distant. Never before had symptoms of radiation sickness been so strong or had they been felt at such a great distance from the physical setup of the experiment.

The experiment was stopped in that the radioactive material was no longer placed inside the Life Energy charging device. The effects from the experiment continued and they intensified. It was quite unbearable to be near any Orgone Accumulator on the premises. It was as if the Oranur effect had spread and affected all of the Life Energy charging devices located at Reich’s extensive laboratory comprising two large and several smaller buildings. All of the Orgone devices exhibited exorbitantly high Geiger counter readings and produced symptoms of radiation sickness in nearby observers. A large batch of 30 experimental mice died from exposure to this Orgone Anti-Nuclear effect even though the mice were never physically close to arty nuclear material. Thorough autopsies on the mice revealed a leukemia-like blood picture.

The reaction seemed to be self-sustaining and was spreading. In response to the severity of the Oranur effect, all of the Orgone Accumulators were physically dismantled and their component parts were separated. The metal lined Orgone Room was dismantled. This measure of turning off the Orgone Accumulators (there is no switch to an Orgone device); this dismantling of the Orgone devices seemed to reduce the background counts of radioactivity from their levels of 80 cpm and above. It was noticed that reassembling even one Orgone charging device would immediately cause the background radiation measurements to approximately double. The experimental radium was secured within its 1/2” lead shield and placed inside a 4” steel and concrete safe located in a small wooden building some distance from the main laboratory.

What had been learned from this experiment? Basically, the presence of a strong concentration of Orgone Energy seems to amplify and magnify the radiation from a nuclear source. The New York Times reported on February 3, 1951 of an Atomic Energy Commission announcement of an increase in background radiation comprising an area of 600 miles in radius with its approximate center located Northern New England. It is likely that Reich’s Oranur Experiment with one milligram of radium had affected an area of 1,130,900 square miles.

On April 15, Reich decided to check on the experimental one milligram of radium which was still housed in its 1/2” lead shield inside the 4” thick steel and concrete safe. At a distance of 40 centimeters from the safe wall the reading was a fantastic 20,000 cpm on the SU-5 Survey meter. Reich was fearful of the radium and the continuing Oranur effect. He placed a group of mice in a cage quite near the safe housing the radium and waited for several days. The experimental mice remained in perfect health even though the radiation counts were abnormally high. It was as if the Oranur effect had changed and was no longer harmful even though the Geiger counter gave high readings.

Now Reich made a daring move that was to yield a rich harvest of new knowledge: He opens the safe and takes a measurement of the interior space inside the safe – the reading is over 100,000 cpm. He removed the milligram of radium from the steel and concrete safe and rushed it to the main laboratory. Here he measured it with the big and sensitive 4096 Tracerlab Autoscaler with a countertube of a mica window thickness of 2.3 mg/cm2 as opposed to the SU-5 Survey Meter with its countertube of a mica window thickness of 30 mg/cm2 wall thickness. (This means the 4096 Autoscaler was approx ten times more sensitive than the SU-5 Survey Meter) At a distance of one centimeter with no shielding the milligram of radium gave a reading of only 30,000 cpm! To explain this puzzling observation it was slowly realized that the 4” steel and concrete safe acted as an Orgone Accumulator itself due to its layering of steel and the organic material of concrete.

The nuclear radioactivity was confined within its lead shielding but the Orgone Energy was not confined, since the Life Energy passes through all materials – only at different speeds. Thus there was not a strong Oranur reaction when the nuclear material was within lead shielding inside the safe. The Oranur reaction was controlled as it were. The Orgone Energy could affect the nuclear source since the Orgone passed through lead; the radium could not irritate the concentrated Orgone field because the radiation was stopped by lead. 

Perhaps a way had been found to denature the harmful effects of the nuclear material. By placing the nuclear source first in lead shielding; and then placing the lead container within an Orgone Accumulator – in this way the Orgone Energy can get at the nuclear material but the radioactive material cannot affect the Orgone. After this process had been carried out for a period of time (months), a diminuation effect was noted in the reaction of the Orgone treated nuclear material on exposure to a strong Life Energy field. the next article we will discuss Reich’s invention of the cloudbuster to combat an unexpected side effect of the Oranur Experiment; and we will examine use of this denatured milligram of radium (ORUR) to amplify the effect of the cloudbuster.

A more complete history of the Oranur Experiment is found in Selected Writings by Wilhelm Reich, published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux ISBN 0-374-50197-1. Briefly: the Oranur Experiment illustrated the nature of radiation sickness as being a reaction of the Life Energy against the nuclear irritant. Shielding is not possible against the Oranur effect because Orgone Energy penetrates all matter. Once the Oranur effect begins, it spreads in a chain reaction fashion to infect areas not originally exposed to the nuclear material. The Oranur effect produces symptoms of radiation sickness generally and within individuals reactivates any latent disease or weakness found in each particular organism. There are possibilities of antidotal uses of the Oranur effect as a preventive measure to “inoculate” the organism against radiation sickness such as might be expected in nuclear war. Of course we realize that these medical implications are being discussed for experimental purposes only in the light of historical curiosity in our examination of Reich’s most famous experiment. In no way is it suggested that anyone try to replicate this dangerous experiment!

Thus with the living planet Earth, the atomic explosions inaugurated by Oppenheimer and his ilk in 1945 have initiated an Oranur effect extending far out into space. From Reich’s pioneering efforts, we know that the Oranur effect does not follow the inverse square law of radiation propagation. The concentrated Life Energy reaction against one milligram of radium was reported to extend for 600 miles. A small 1945 atomic blast of 20 Kilotons released 500,000 Roentgens of gamma radiation in .01 seconds. 

In the same time, a milligram of radium releases .000023055 Roentgens of gamma. The distance for the Oranur effect from the milligram of radium was 600 miles. A proportional distance from the 500,000 Roentgens (Oranur effect, not inverse square wave propagation) is two light years. From this rough calculation, we can expect other inhabitants of our larger environment who are more attuned to Life Energy functions – we can expect others to take notice from a long ways away of our malicious nuclear technology.

From Borderlands @ 

Reprinted from Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLII, No 6, November-December 1986




The Oranur Experiment

On 27th January 1951 an atomic bomb was detonated over America. [1]A week later on 3rd February 1951 an article by Robert K. Plant appeared in the New York Times reporting detection of ‘a slight increase in the amount of radioactivity in the atmosphere’ in the Eastern United States and Canada.

Conventional wisdom connected this with atomic bomb detonations two thousand miles away at the Atomic Energy Commission’s testing grounds in the Nevada Desert near Las Vegas. Correlation is not causation, but at the time there was no other explanation.

This is no longer the case because we now know that while the US Military was busy smashing atoms in the Nevada Desert, on the other side of the country the Black Death of 1348 [2] was being replicated and an atmospheric chain reaction created that threatened millions of citizens on America’s eastern seaboard. [3]

At Orgonon, four miles outside Rangeley in the state of Maine and two hours’ drive from the Canadian border, Wilhelm Reich was testing his hypothesis that nuclear energy (NR) was ‘energy after matter’ and that orgone energy (OR) [4] was ‘energy before matter’. If correct then orgone energy would act as an antidote to nuclear energy and heal or prevent the destruction of living systems by nuclear radiation.

Reich had made his proposal for The Orgonomic Anti-Nuclear Radiation Project (ORANUR) to the Trustees of the Orgone Institute on September 6, 1950. On December 3, 1950 a meeting was held in the research laboratory at Orgonon to deal with the task of ‘concentrating the work of the staff upon the anti-nuclear radiation effects of orgone energy’. The Oranur Experiment began in earnest on December 15, 1950. [5]

A radioactive phosphorous isotope (P-32) was used for preliminary investigations. Reich reported that ‘a major first result in the direction of the expected ‘OR-versus-NR effect’ came in on December 28, 1950. On January 5, 1951 experiments were started with two milligrams of radium.

‘Orgone energy and nuclear energy,’ Reich wrote, ‘are contradictory functions of nature and are thus antagonistic to one another.’ How right he was. Deadly orgone savagely attacks nuclear energy. Like the T-cells of the body’s immune system, orgonotic systems respond to the presence of NO by manufacturing massive amounts of DO. Its task is to annihilate the NO and destroy this threat to the survival of its host organism.

To cut a long story short, the Oranur Experiment ‘ran amok’ and the institute’s workers had to be evacuated to escape the ‘raging fury’ of the uncontrollable Oranur effects. [6]

On Friday 12th January 1951 Reich shut down the Orgone Institute after trying desperately to flush out the accumulated deposits of deadly orgone (DO)…with limited success. It had been an extremely close call. Despite the most stringent precautions, theOrgone Institute’s Protocols had been overwhelmed by the unanticipated power of this newly discovered form of cosmic energy. [7]
Wilhelm Reich Institute, Orgonon
Wilhelm Reich Institute, Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine

End Notes

[1] This followed a rapid change of plan in December 1950. The US Military had begun mass producing the Mark 4 version of the Hiroshima Fat Man bomb, now ‘much improved in reliability and ease of storage while equivalent in weight and yield’. However by the end of 1950 programmes were in full swing to increase the yield and reduce the weight and size. These new designs were to be tested in the US Military’s Pacific Ocean proving ground at Enewetak Atoll in a series to be called Greenhouse, planned for April-May 1951. But with the outbreak of the Korean War on 25 June 1950 the test location was shifted from the Pacific to Frenchman Flat in the Las Vegas Bombing and Gunnery Range. With weapon designers demanding more data, meetings at Los Alamos on 6 & 11 December 1950 hastily organized Operation Ranger ‘to collect data in preparation forGreenhouse’. Approved by President Truman on 11 January 1951, the first Ranger test took place 16 days later.

[2] Investigative historians should start by reading Philip Ziegler’s standard work on The Black Death (Pelican, 1970, ISBN 0 7509 3202 3) before studying Mick Baillie’s New Light on the Black Death: the cosmic connection (Tempus, 2006, ISBN 0 7524 3598 1) which demolishes the conventional bubonic plague theory and argues for astronomer Fred Hoyle’s comet impact theory believing that the historical record provides evidence of impacts from space every 300 years…with the resultant tsunamis and earthquakes wrongly classified as tectonic events. Professor Baillie weaves together a wealth of historical scholarship on Celtic and Chinese myths with his own professional scientific knowledge of the ice core and tree ring record and develops his ideas after re-examining the accounts of eye-witnesses and chroniclers of the several mis-classified tectonic events. Baillie rejects Hoyle’s extraterrestrial comet bacteria hypothesis but provides no alternative mechanism to explain the historic record. This is where Reich’s pioneering orgone research (1939-1951) enters the picture....though it is only a hunch...and not somewhere Baillie felt comfortable going...see private e-mail exchange (2011). Perhaps the corrupted atmosphere associated with the Black Death…and with the plagues of 430 BC and 539, 626 and 1014AD…is the same deadly orgone (DOR)…inadvertently released by Reich’s Oranur Experiment…after being produced by comet fragments hurtling through Earth’s atmosphere. This is of more than academic interest, because on 13 April 2029 an asteroid named Apophis will pass within 30,000 miles of Earth. Apophis is a quarter of a mile wide and carries 200 times the energy of the 1908 Tunguska impact. If Apophis is captured by Earth’s gravity it could crash into Earth in 2036. If our civilization survived the 3000-megaton impact, based on the historical record, between a quarter and three-quarters of Earth's population would fail to survive the Black Death in Apophis’ wake, 

[3] ‘The area in which the unusually high count had been reported, formed a circle 300 to 600 miles around Orgonon as an approximate center. Whether the radioactivity had reached far out into the Atlantic Ocean, nobody can tell. But it had reached, according to our assumption, some 600 miles southwest and farther into eastern Canada.’ See Atmospheric Oranur Chain Reaction in The Oranur Experiment (October 1951, p. 293-4)

[4] Reich, like Tesla, had little doubt that there were forms of cosmic energy yet to be discovered and that electricity and magnetism represented only a small portion of the energy spectrum...see Dowsing by Wilhelm Reich written around this time and included as Appendix G in William Shepherd's World of T.C. Lethbridge. 

[5] This account is based on material held in an uncatalogued private collection in The English West Country which includes many of the Orgone Institutereports, bulletins and scientific proceedings from the years either side of The Oranur Experiment. This archive of Reich publications was rescued from theTotnes Natural Health Centre in the Spring of 2007 when their library was being recycled. The referenced article by Reich on Dowsing comes from this treasure trove. The Oranur Experiment is one of several essays written in 2010, relating to Reich's research into Orgone EnergyOrgone Accumulators andClimate Modification, technologies being developed at the institute in Rangeley, Maine from 1947-1952...before the US Government stepped in and organized Reich's incarceration. As the Orgonon Institute published regularly and had an international list of subscribers, including Dr Aubrey Westlake in England, the US Government failed in its attempts to destroy Reich's research records, despite using such draconian measures as carrying out a court order to burn all books and papers at the Orgonon Institute

[6] See Health Measures and Evacuation of Diseased Workers in the 160-page report on The Oranur Experiment in Orgone Energy Bulletin (Vol.3 No. 4)released in October 1951(page 303). 

[7] On March 17, 1952 Reich wrote in response to an inquiry from Dr Aubrey Westlake of the British Society of Dowsers, that ‘we must be most careful in drawing final conclusions. The experiment is still running with highly problematic facts’. See The Pattern of Health: a search for a greater understanding of the life force in health and disease by Aubrey T. Westlake (Element Books, Shaftesbury, 1985, 225 pages, £4.95, ISBN 0 90654069 0). Westlake's book includes chapters on Dr Reich and Cosmic Orgone Theory (V); The Oranur Experiment and the Tragic Sequel (VI); and Medical Dowsing in the Light of Huna: the Role of the Low Self in Dowsing (IX).




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