Tuesday, August 20, 2013

OPPT: The Paradigm Report - Must Read

Small synchronicity: As I was searching for this document the radio show I was listening to, the room I was in, it all started to become extremely familiar, then BOOM major strike of Deja Vu. I had dreamt all this before with stunning accuracy. This report is key to understanding our present moment. 

OPPT Initial Investigation: 
The Paradigm Report 

The ‘Paradigm Report’ came about as a result of many years of research and investigation into the globalized practice of using private money (the labor money for the world’s citizens, collected through taxes, bank fees, fines and a multitude of other methods) to fund the growth of the global banking system that is controlled by a handful of transnational elite families and groups. In essence, the reverse of ‘Robin Hood’.

The investigation was carried out over two years by a small group of international banking attorneys who discovered some anomalies within the mortgage industry and began to look into the history, practices and consequences of the fraud, not just locally, but globally and the impact this unchecked activity had wrought on all people on earth.

The results of the investigation were clear, conclusive and in fact, frightening: The global judicial system is corrupt, and supported and encouraged by the private banking system; and the global ‘law enforcement’ system has developed the habit of turning a ‘blind eye’ to the actions of corporate criminals due to lack of clear direction, proper ‘orders’ and relevant support.

The full Paradigm Report is presented below:

The Paradigm Report

“Really we were asking can the private system be saved? Is it worth saving? and the answer is no, it could not be saved. And why put energy into something that cannot be saved?”

~ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on how the Paradigm Report came to be

Excerpts from The Paradigm Report:

1. The judicial house (system) is corrupt through its elite and privileged mentality and profit making, ordered, fostered and encouraged by the private banking system, filtered and maintained by the bar. 
2. Law enforcement is an order taker, and generally speaking, they turn a blind eye to the crimes their “superiors” are committing. Law enforcement is not corrupt in general terms, and they see what is happening, they just need support, and orders, to re-ignite their stamina and courage to enforce true justice.

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  1. I'd be great to be able to print this report out without Scibed asking you for money.


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