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Distilled Liquids - Dispelling myths by Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit

Prayer by Alex Grey
Visualization of total acceptance of self in homeostasis 
Originally just intended on posting the video of a show we did in June (Linked below). What developed is a thorough and detailed explanation of how our body and health are intimately connected with our mind and spirit. The choices we make about the foods we eat and how we view our bodies in general, greatly affect our experience on earth.

The truth about food on earth is what caused me to wake up in in mid 2010. I recently discovered the power of Distilled Liquids and the logic behind why they work so well. Soul work can be done just working on our health and physical body. When we begin to look at the reasons why we eat the way we do - mainly because of consistent external conditioning and social programing - we can make choices between our addictions and the greater truths our bodies are quietly revealing to us. The physical body is just as much a part of our BEing as the mind and spirit.

Dispelling Distilled Water Myth

There is a myth about Distilled Water which states: if you consuming nothing but distilled water you will die because minerals for electrolytic functions will slowly be leached from your body; minerals come from spring/mineralized water. It is true, Distilled Water will remove minerals, but only the Inorganic minerals your body needs to remove anyway. Organic minerals are found within the foods we consume, and the Urine we excrete. Therefore, drinking mineralized water or spring water is toxic to the body. I have been consuming distilled waters for months and feel wonderful, but according to the myth I should be dead.

In fact, Spring or Mineral water (dirty water) is loaded with dissolved inorganic minerals your body cannot process and is forced to store as crystallized toxins. Ever make sugar on a string as a child? Take a look at this video:

Did you see how much sugar was needed to form the crystals? The sugar had to saturate the water in order for it to crystallize on the string. If you keep adding sugar it has to crystalize on the string because it has reached the saturation point. The reverse is true, if you take the sugar on a string and put it into Distilled Water, the sugar will dissolve back into the water. Your body works the same way, and distilled liquids help dissolve the toxins just like adding pure water dissolves the sugar. One can keep looping, replacing the sugary water with pure water, again and again to purify it and eventually all the sugar on the string, all the toxin deposits, will be gone. 

1.5 Gallon of Distilled Liquids a Day in addition to eliminating as much toxic food as possible, will totally detoxify your body (decalcify your pineal gland) and heal nearly all health problems.

A Universe of Creative Intent

Visualization of the Universe's Intent to create life
The universe seem seems to be a product of creative expression. Everywhere we look we find evidence of this, David Wilcock has done extensive research into this area. Absolutely everything has a hand of creative thought behind it. Your health, both mental and physical is an expression of the thoughts and actions you take given your creative desires; what food you like to eat and in what balance. Everything has an intentional signature from the BEing who created it and/or sent emotional or thought energy to it. This can affect you if you are not aware or do not imprint your own signature into it. Have you ever noticed how food made with love just tastes better?

Our would-be controllers, the Cabal or the powers that were, have put a massive amount of intent behind modern day food. It is a hidden intent, yet your body will reveal the truth if you listen to it. Foods made inorganically with artificial additives and processing methods are intended to harm and cause you health problems, becoming dependent on various external systems. I mean both Materially, as in the chemical compounds in the food, and Energetically, as in the intent of causing harm to another imprinted in the food. Cancer, poor aging, chronic health conditions, all have been created by either the creative intents of the foods themselves or our creative expression of the thoughts for those foods and what we do with that desire - out of balance consumption and refusal to accept the resulting affects so we can change.

The Body is the Spiritual and Mental Receiver

Energetically, your body is the receiver for the intentions and creations from all BEings in the universe; you being the biggest contributor to your own system. Your thoughts resonate within the body. Stress causes physical effects within the body just like loving conscious intentions. The reactions from our thoughts we can FEEL within.

Our emotions are like truth of our thoughts reflecting back on us and received by the body. The term gut feeling comes to mind. For example, looking over a cliff, your body physically reacts to the distance even if you are not totally aware of how precarious your situation maybe. Consume something which has an intent to hurt you, and you are consuming that energetic signature. Masaru Emoto and the work he has done with water and emotion is an excellent example of mainstream Data; the water acting like some type of resonator. Look at this video if you are unfamiliar with his work:

Just like the placebo effect, one's thoughts about a thing affect the result. By this same action we can reverse the energetic signature of the food and sometimes transmute the material toxins. Yogi's and many practitioners for energetic health can Consciously transmute these toxic substances into things beneficial to the body. The Unconscious method, one might say, is to consume foods with good intent (grown by natural and organic means) and avoid the foods with malicious intent (artificial means and GMO's) always using the guide of your body for queues on balancing.

Updated 8.12.13 11:13am - The day after I posted this, CLN came out with an article which confirms this idea of energetic healing and mind over matter.

Mind and Spirit divorced from the Body

Culturally we are taught to have an innate disgust with our own bodies, as a result we, attempt to create an identity divorced from the body itself. The term 'Skin Suits' for some means just a husk - something we would rather discard instead of embrace. Resultantly, we find aging to be loathsome, the bodily duties a choir, and the products of our body to be distasteful; we reject a fundamental aspect of ourselves.

Holy Fire by Alex Grey
Visualization of the attempt to divorce the Body from 
the Mind and Spirit. The body is still there despite the fire
We slowly deaden our bodies messages because we would rather do something else. Eventually we only focus on the taste or the experience of a thing, and ignore any physical reactions which may cause us to either, balance a healthy activity or cease a harmful one.

Finally, we seal this conditioning, by externalizing the justification for it. The society at large and its habits powerfully condition us to avoid disconformity with respect to our body. For example, those who choose not to wear deodorant are ridiculed by the un-accepting masses. We look for social answers to personal questions about our body and its functions, confusing social mores with personal experiences; who would ever admit they enjoy their own body functions publicly? All of this has the energetic imprinting effect of causing blockages and health problems, both mental and physical, within the BEing whom attempts to divorce this aspect of SELF from their I AM identity. Our sense of self, the knowledge of ourselves is created by how we choose to define our experience, therefore if we define ourselves as disgusting we are creating an identity which is fundamentally divided against itself; a serious cognitive dissonance with major health effects physically and mentally.


Unconscious Body Healing and Communication

Since most of us are not capable of Conscious transmutation as of yet, we can go about a different process to achieve the same results. We can learn the true rhythms and harmonies of our bodies and feed into those for maximum health and homeostasis.

The body, is 100% truth expression. The Absolute embodied within. The absolute plan will use the body to balance the truth and help guide you towards a greater expression of self. You can convince yourself a diet drink is good for you and OK to consume, but your body will reveal the truth; the Aspartame in the diet drink is intended to poison you. Your body is the unconscious part of your BEing which will tell you when something you are DOing or consuming does not resonate with you. 

Fantasy Art Millennium tree by Josephine Wall
Visualization of the Universe embodied within
What tastes good, in our modern world usually is a short term separation from the whole truth - that it is ultimately toxic and detrimental. Consuming a Mountain Dew has a short term good feeling followed by slow steady destruction of one's body and soul as a result; this is most likely not the conscious desire of the person consuming it. 

Unconscious Body Healing Technique, is eating what serves you, from a holistic point of view, instead of a short term or taste point of view. All one needs to do is learn the intent behind the food - and make a conscious choice if it serves them or not. The metaphysical soul work comes when we begin to 'see the forest for the trees' -  some of the foods we have come to love are nothing more then dressed up poisons or we may also be consuming out of balance in general.

The Allegory of Modern Day Eating Habits

The allegory of modern day eating habits can be summed up as Ignorance as Bliss vs Awareness is Enlightenment. As we begin to act honestly and transparently with full disclosure, we have a great opportunity to reconcile these divergent aspects of our lives and release what does not serve us any longer.
In my personal journey, I have learned how much of an addiction food was, and still is in my life. I used to get migraines daily and have had constant stomach problems which I always blamed on the hereditary condition passed from my father. By this time in my father's life, he had a major surgery to address stomach ulcers and I thought I was destined to follow his path. Once I began learning about food, I started to address long term issues I thought I would never resolve, and I became less stressful knowing I could heal myself. I stopped trying to blame or externalize the causes of my health problems. I became empowered by the truth. 

Detoxification and Rejuvenation 

Distilled Liquids maximize the detoxification and rejuvenation processes healing from a total and holistic approach. Your body - unlike any other 'machine' - can take a serious beating before starting to reveal macroscopic problems. If you poured sugar in your gas tank, the car would be a paper weight afterwards, there would be no grey area between working and not. 

Mechanical Water Distillation Process
However, your body being the miracle it is, you can feed it mostly poison all your life without compromising much functionality until reaching a breaking point. Your body is designed to secret away toxins in safe places to ensure the whole keeps on going. As time goes on, these deposits build up to a greater and greater extent, until eventually they reach critical mass, and major health problems begin to arise. 

Distilled Liquids are a pure, toxin free, solution and medium which your body uses to break up these deposits as long as they are not sourced from a malicious intent - inorganic growing methods and processing. This is why 1.5 gallons consumed a day will is essential to releasing these deposits and detoxify the body. 

The 4 Distilled Liquids and Fasting

For the remainder of this post, we will be discussing good intent sources of food and drink only. Any regiment intended to boost health should completely eliminate all toxic sources; food, medication and beverages. Raw Organic Fruits and Vegetables are the best, with no meat or dairy consumption during fasting. Cooking foods above 212° F will create Heat Induced Food Toxicants, which will convert even the best quality food into toxins; even 106
° F will destroy living enzymes. Once a fast is complete, the body is usually depleted of priobotic organisms, and a regiment of probiotic foods and supplements is also a good idea.

Before we get into the 4 Distilled Liquids, we should cover fasting. Fasting is the essential component to this process which many often miss. Your body has organs which have dual function: Digesting foods and Healing/Detoxifying. All foods are not created equal. A McDonalds hamburger will cause your body to go into "emergency mode" - all of the healing and detoxification process to halt in an effort to get this new, mostly toxic, material processed and out of the body. 

The Soul Finds It by Alex Grey
Visualization of Detoxification and Healing
Alternatively, an organic apple, is very easy for you body to digest, will not tax it nearly as much and will actually provide beneficial compounds and intent. Fasting is the ceasing of foodstuffs either totally or partially to achieve heightened states of healing. During the fasting process your body will devote all of its processes and energy to healing you. This natural rhythm of consumption and fasting rarely is allowed to function in modern society.

The 4 Distilled Liquids are:

• Auto Urine (your own urine)

• Fruit and Vegetable Juices
• Rain and Myst
• Mechanically Distilled Water

Let me make clear now, one need not do anything with Urine at all and achieve amazing results. It is one of the options. Urine can be substituted for distilled water in a fasting regiment. 

Any food, even if of the good intent variety, causes your bodies natural processes of healing to slow, processing the new substance introduced into the body. Lets discuss the 2 different kinds of Fasts.

Soft Fast - Caloric Liquids or Fruit and Vegetable Juices only with light carbs would be consumed during this fast. No dairy is advisable because they tax the body. The Gerson Therapy would be a prime example of this method.

Pure Fasts - Non-Caloric Liquids are Distilled water and/or Auto Urine. Water has no calories and will not tax the body at all, however the lack of minerals from the fast will cause weakness, palpitations and shaking in sever cases, especially as toxins are released and flow about the body. This can be alleviated with salt baths. Auto Urine, unlike Distilled Water, will not cause as a severe weakening nor palpitations if one also applies the Urine externally.

The Urine acts as an amniotic fluid, which it essentially is, feeding the body the base electrolytic compounds it needs for proper functioning. Additionally the body imprints the Urine with a 'pure intent' which is much stronger than water, causing bio feedback effects which heal energetic maladies much faster than just water. The Urine also contains thousands of beneficial compounds 'ready for use' by the body such as free floating cells, which can be 'shifted' into stem-cells healing parts of the body normally which are totally wasted away. Gang Greene can be reversed and healed with external Urine usage and Urine Fasting. The Urine will literally rejuvenate wasted tissue.

For more evidence that Urine is truly your bodies personal amniotic fluid, and rejuvenation liquid see Hue-man Technology: Deep Wound (to the bone) Healed by Urine Bandage.

This article from the other day perfectly describes the concept:

Net of Being by Alex Grey
Visualization of the self reHarmonizing with the universe
Finally Auto Urine has a 'harmonizing effect' on the immune system taking Auto Immune symptoms and curing them. AIDS patients are some of the most outspoken proponents of Auto Urine Therapy. If one has an allergy, which is the caused by radical white blood cells getting out of 'sync' with the rest of the body, consuming them in the Urine will correct the allergy. Patients report being allergic to cats for years and curing their afflictions using Auto Urine Therapy.

In the J.W.Armstrong Treatise, there is a case of a women on a Urine fast for several weeks for a very serious health condition. After 19 days of drinking nothing but water and all the Urine she passed, her family nurse, being unfamiliar with these processes, insists that she begin drinking organic carrot juice to help with the weakness from fasting. As a result, the patient ended up having a serious autonomic reaction (shock), causing blisters and skin reactions and reverting the patient back to the original state of poor health. The premature end of the fast caused a shock in the organ systems of the patient wherein, they switched gears from healing to digestion. As a result the patent's body switched while still being in a high toxicity state and reacted. The patient had to begin the fast again, and this time lasted the full course with fantastic results.

Detox Toxicity - Symptoms and Reactions

As these toxins increase in concentration detox symptoms and reactions can occur. Depending on the level of accumulation, one will begin to experience a range of unpleasant symptoms which are actually positive signs of success; the body is releasing years of waste. 

Salt Baths, Coffee Enemas and Dry Sauna are excellent ways of helping to remove actual toxins and waste which will alleviate detoxification symptoms. Fasting is also essential for maximizing this process. Earthing is also very helpful for mood, healing and energy. 

Body's Own Medicine - A Metaphysical Lesson

The notion of consuming your own urine strikes most as being totally absurd and unthinkable. We have been trained and conditioned to think of Urine as Vile and only a waste. Yet when we exam the Data, we find there is absolutely no support for this idea. In fact, there is a preponderance of data to suggest that Urine is one of the most nutrient packed substances specifically tailored for your personal rejuvenation. 

Waste is released from the body by the sweat glands and the gastrointestinal tract. Your liver produces bile which your circulatory system deposits wastes into and then releases via the Colon. Urine is actually the surplus of beneficial nutrients from within the bloodstream and not the intestinal tract. Matter of fact, Urine is actually blood that has been filtered to remove red and white blood cells, then Urea and several other beneficial compounds are added; your own personal amniotic fluid. To call Urine a waste is like calling the change from a $100 dollar bill waste - it isn't waste at all, it is just excess of a useful thing. 

Birth by Alex Grex
Visualization of the Birth out of your 'Mothers Water'
If that isn't enough, in the womb we were floating in a bath of amniotic fluid, which is essentially our mothers own blood plasma (urine) and all the water you pass. You are swimming in Urine for the first 9 months of your life, drinking it and looping it. Finally, if Urine was a waste, if you drank nothing but Urine, you would die from toxicity. But in all the cases of people whom have survived by drinking nothing but their own Urine, out of desperation, the opposite is true, their Urine becomes more pure the more it is looped, or cycled back within the body.

I grant you, Urine can have an unpleasant side, but so can almost all the good things in life. Have you ever left an amazing meal in the refrigerator too long? Not so good smelling then was it.

Let's think about the thought-form of Urine for a moment. On earth we have been taught that Urine is a waste, yet there is more evidence to believe in the Santa Clause, then there is to believe Urine is a waste. Therefore, the MEME of Urine as a waste product is purely a mind control technique to reject a part of yourself. You think of a part of yourself as disgusting and vile. How profound this mind control is! 

Personal Testimony 

In April 2013 I listened to interview between Lisa Harrison and Andrew Norton Webber, wherein they discuss Distilled Liquids and Auto Urine. Like many I was totally flabbergasted by this idea that drinking your own Urine can be good for you. I began to research this topic and what I discovered is the medical and beauty industry spend millions and billions trying to produce substances artificially, which are found naturally in Urine. 

I read Treatise by J.W. Armstrong On Urine Therapy which was written in the 1930's just as modern medical techniques were dogmatically being established. The cases listed there were so mind blowing that I knew there was something to this. Additionally, there are millions of people all around the world who practice Auto Urine with amazing results. How could all these people be delusional?

One by Alex Grey
Visualization of the Re-Unification of Body, Mind and Spirit
Two becoming One
I realized that what was holding me back was my bias about my own Urine. It smells awful, looks disgusting and I just could not reconcile my past programing and this new data. A crisis of acceptance was occurring, the separate parts of myself were meeting head on and I knew I needed to cross the bridge and become whole again; two needed to become one.

I decided to try it and get over my obviously unjustified fear of myself. I was going to work up the courage and if I hated it fine, I would leave it alone. Just before I took my first draft I was shaking with fear. My social and societal programing was screaming: "DONT DO IT, THIS IS DISGUSTING, WHAT WILL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY THINK!?" I finally took my first sip and I had a physical reaction and gagged, but I felt something else too. The truth of my experience was very different then all the pent up fears I had placed around it.

It was definitely a different experience then I was used to, a salty - sour - kind of sweet experience which incorporated all my taste sensors. But the horrible disgust I thought I would feel was not there. I was so relieved that I soon took up the personal challenge. "My disgust with respect to my own Urine is a product of years of programing, and I am going to rid myself of this thing which causes me to be separate from myself." For me it was not enough to just choke it down because I had a belief it was good for me, I wanted the truth. I soon began to feel the positive effects, my long term stomach problems and ulcers soon began to calm down and heal. Many other conditions began to feel better and I started to feel better from a mind, body and spirit point of view.

Read More: 
Justin Deschamps' Urine Fast for 30 days - Documented on youtube

Note about Alex Grey

I decided to use Alex Grey's work because it has such a symbolic nature to it. The images always depict the physical body in its anatomically correct form, which follows the theme of this post; accepting yourself Body, Mind and Spirt. 

Outline for Distilled Waters Video

Here is the outline for the show we did in June covering all the concepts and principles behind Distilled Liquids and their health benefits. At the time I had not reconciled myself and dispelled my fear. It is a good show to listen to as I describe a lot of the concepts in more detail.

Distilled Waters...What are they?
--4 main sources: Auto Urine, Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Rain and Condensation, Mechanical Water Distiller.
--How Detoxification works in the body, InOrganic Minerals vs Organic, etc.
--How your Immune System Works to filter your body
--Curing Allergies
--Curing Cancer
--Curing Incurable Diseases
--The Science of the body
--Urine is Amniotic Fluid
--Science of Distilled Liquids Maximizing Detoxification process

Inner Ki by Alex Grey
Visualization of the I AM, Absolute Acceptance of All that is within State
This discussion brings to light the conceptual and scientific basis behind detoxification and the 4 sources of distilled liquids which enhance this natural process within the body. Your body is an amazing piece of technology, which despite years of abuse will keep on ticking even when saturated with toxins. Yet once you begin to get healthy and eat/drink properly, your body will begin to detox accumulated toxins. Your Spiritual energies will be able to work more harmonically within your body, once it is purified of it's toxic metabolites which your constantly taking on. Your pineal gland can be complete decalcified using distilled liquids.

During this show we discuss exactly how to do that, why you would need to detox to maximize your health and why it is our thoughts about our health, the body and our world which are the PRIMARY cause of all health problems. Change your thoughts and belief systems, change your life!

Treatise by J.W. Armstrong On Urine Therapy

Amazing website with Urine Therapy and Distilled Waters in general

Facebook Group Mentioned in the Show Focusing on Distilled Liquids and Urine Therapy (The Age of Aquarius)

- Justin

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