Friday, August 30, 2013

Chemtrails creating Cyber Humans? You are stopping Diseases caused by Nano Particles now

This topic can be hard to process for a lot of people and I was not sure how to present this information until I recently saw the below presentation. 

When ever I am exposed to information I always try and remember it is the Absolute Data behind it, I am trying to sift out. The idea, that chemicals on a massive scale are being sprayed on us can be disturbing. Based on all available Data this does seem to be happening, I can personally attest to seeing them sprayed here nearly everyday. 

Despite the ominous implications, there is always a way to correct something in your sphere of influence so that you may not be affected by it. Chemtrails are no exception, we have a lot of tools available to deal with this.

Everyone Transmutes

I think there are different sphere's of influence and levels of manifestation we are capable of. Some of us can, through will alone, transmute seemingly poisonous foods and substances into good things while others suffer the full effects. The Placebo and Nocebo effect are two prime examples of this, heavily documented in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. If the full breadth of theories are accurate - that the mass spraying was in fact a way to implant Self Replicating Nano Machines in all of us which would one day mature into a total control mechanism - then we should see cases springing up everywhere. Morgellons, the final phase of its manifestation should be rampant, statistically I would think a great many more of us would be affected given the increase in spraying over the past 10 years has been exponential, according to the below presentation; yet the total numbers of affected people is relatively small. 

To me this indicates that with some process of transmutation/removal, one can partially avoid any 'Cyber-man' effects. And we already must be doing this on a MASSIVE SCALE. Most of the population are capable of transmuting a lot of nasty things the elite like to throw at us. I think each of us comes into this life wanting to experience certain things, and if something we were not meant to experience presents itself,reality alters itself to suit our highest desire accordingly; which includes transmuting all sorts of food and medical toxins. However, if you create a large enough fear reaction within, then you could manifest that experience outwardly, even if there is no actual physical signs present. 

It may be your 'Destiny' To experience something

I am extremely sensitive to food, and one of the reasons I woke up was because I saw the Gerson Miracle, and was so totally blown away by what it had to offer. After realizing my diet was probably a big part of my food sensitivity, I began paying attention to everything I ate, learning more about my body and its reactions to food. The point being, if I had not been so food sensitive I probably would not have had these experiences.

The degree to which we can affect reality needs to be considered, relative to choices we have made at higher levels of consciousness. The post Bashar: The 9 Levels Of Consciousness, describes wonderfully how, as the ONE soul or Eternal Essence, broke itself up into infinite parts, it did so through illusions and agreements to adhere to certain group realities. Thats why Earth, for example, we have fixed gravity, we all agreed at some level to have this aspect of reality; this is the conceptual model which COULD be true. Template Level reality, number 4, below:

The Diagram Discussed in the Presentation Above (Bashar Nine Levesl of Consciousness)
Be Honest with your Experience

If you're not getting the desired effect - being healthy or what have you  - then change up your habits and perspectives. Although we often find the task of addressing physical health problems extremely difficult, the process can be very simple. Are you getting the effects you want? If there answer is no, then its time to be honest with your experience and look at what you can change, how you view a thing and in relation to yourself, or what your DOing, the actual process of making your desire real, whatever that may entail. Some just need to meditate, others like myself need to consciously avoid toxic foods. Its all about being honest with yourself I find.

In the post Distilled Liquids - Dispelling myths by Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit we discussed how all health problems can be resolved either energetically or physically. I am confident that the effects of Chemtrails, are able to be healed by either method. And as we discussed above, statistically this must already be happening not just with Chemtrails, but all levels of Cabal enforced control mechanisms.

Following Data: From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life. The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

The following presentation lays out a lot of the Data behind the concept for Machine and Human Integration via Self Replicating Nano Machinery. I warn you now, it has an certain alarmist aspect to it, try not to let that influence your understanding. I did not personally indulge in the fear aspect of the presentation. 

If this kind of information causes a fear reaction, just know that you are a powerful creator, and capable of great things when you honestly look at the truth with a clear mind. Remember that any experience you have in life is something at some level you agreed to experience, embrace the NOW and it will reveal what it needs to for you personal evolution and ultimate transmutation of the 'bad.' 

- Justin


Bruce Lipton on Cancer & Quantum Healthcare

Bashar: The 9 Levels Of Consciousness

Distilled Liquids - Dispelling myths by Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit

Ancestral DNA – Healing Yourself, Healing the Collective

I-UV: The Zero Point Field: How Thoughts Become Matter

Do we live in a Universe of Coincidence or Intent?


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