Friday, August 30, 2013

CE: Exploring The Hidden Breakthroughs of Our Modern World


Never before in the history of our present civilization have we been in a time of such great promise and progress while at the same time it appears on the surface to be quite the contrary. First, you have to realize that all that you see on the surface is the result of the corporate controlled mainstream media painting a reality that they want you to see. Have you ever watched a magician perform an elaborate illusion? While he is keeping your eyes focused on one hand, it’s his other hand that you should be watching. And therein lies the nature of our corporate and government controlled reality. If you’ve already come to this realization, then you’ve already started looking at your reality differently. You took the red pill, and now you can’t go back. Some days you may wish you could go back to being asleep, but most days, you’re happy to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. But now that you are awake, you have a great responsibility to be a part of “the change you wish to see in the world”, to quote Gandhi.

There is a lot to be hopeful about in the world if you only look for it. But you will only see what you choose to focus your mind upon. If you watch television, it will alter your mind’s focus toward mainstream events and what the magician wants you to see. And as a result, you will entirely miss out on all the absolutely incredible things that are really happening beneath the surface.

Since the brilliant work of Nikola Tesla, there has been much talk about free energy. But time after time, innovations in this area have been kept from the public. These technologies are now emerging all over the world from various inventors and can no longer be suppressed. One of the most highly respected researchers today, Russian scientist Gennady Shipov PhD has successfully reproduced Tesla’s free energy devices. He also has developed advanced propulsion systems that don’t use fossil fuels, but instead extract energy from the vacuum of space. The only thing preventing him and others like him from bringing their products to market is the corporate-owned world government that stands to lose considerable money, and more importantly, control of the people of the world. Imagine how much our world would change from having access to free energy alone.

One of most brilliant scientists of our time is another Russian Scientist, Peter Gariaev PhD. He has pioneered a new field called Linguistic Wave Genetics, essentially rendering the conventional understanding of genetics obsolete. He has discovered that DNA contains written readable text, and by reading the text, you can understand the organism. By transmitting information into the DNA, you can alter the organism, its health, its consciousness, and so on. This is already happening to you whether you like it or not. You are constantly being bombarded by information from electromagnetic fields, television programming, and even the people around you. And some of these fields are being intentionally used to control the way you think and experience your life. Dr. Gariaev was able to use this understanding to completely regrow damaged organs in animal experiments within only a few days, restore the health of plants by transmitting genetic information through language, and even restore the menstrual cycles of two 80 year old women. The implications of these few experiments alone could have a far reaching impact on the future of the world. But, that’s not the best part. When asked if with his current research and understanding he could extend human life for 1000 years, he said “yes” and proceeded to explain how he would do it. This is real science and it is here today.

But these breakthroughs are not exclusive to the scientific community. There are equally incredible breakthroughs happening in the field of natural health, most notably vibrational healing. One in particular, a gentleman by the name of Lloyd Mear, has come to the understanding that the human body is made up of a million or so frequencies. He has been able to determine that the primary difference between the health of one individual and another is simply the absence or presence of certain frequencies. Through the use of a dowsing rod, he can determine the missing frequency of someone who has cancer, and then give them the needed frequency as a series of numbers. The individual only has to read that number over in their head or out loud seven times for a couple of weeks. Many people who come to Lloyd experience breakthrough results in their health, including a complete reversal of critical health issues sometimes within the first few minutes after reading the numbers. He has also discovered numbers for increasing and optimizing health, such as telomerase activation, and the repair of damaged or missing chromosomes.

Are you excited for the future yet? We are only scratching the surface of the incredibly positive changes that are now within our reach, and that within the next 20 years will completely revolutionize our world. Your only job is to stick around on our little blue planet long enough to see these and other breakthroughs come to the surface. In the meantime, this new found hope for the future will start to open your eyes to this alternate view of reality.


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