Monday, August 26, 2013

Bashar: The 9 Levels Of Consciousness

This is a fantastic series by Bashar. I was just discussing the 2 apposing sides of thought when in comes to big T.O.E's (Theory's of Everything). When you boil down your world view or belief system, it is either based on the idea that the universe is random and chaotic (materialistic universe where we are no more then biological machines which randomly produced consciousness) or is the product of Intention and an Intelligent creator (mind, body, spirit universe where everything happens as a result of free will action either by ourselves or our ancestors; to include the Prime Creator). But natural law provides the deterministic element with free will as the random factor - all unified by the transcendent creator beyond time and space. 

The more we look at the evidence availabe, the more it confirms the latter, that there seems to be an overriding 'higher' intelligence that guides all things. If this is true then we are also all part of that intelligence, and we act in harmony with it in some way. For more on posts on this click here.

Bashar, just like Ra in the Law of one Series, has a model for creation based off an Intelligent over Soul or Prime Intellect which must individuate itself via progressive illusions until we finally reach our level of consciousness and life expression. When one honestly reconcile the Data available, it appears this is the most appropriate model for understanding the universe. More complete and replete models are sure to make themselves available as time goes on.

Diagram for the Series

Bashar refers to a visual diagram for ease of comprehension. This is that diagram:

I can personally attest to the way Imagination and Intuition work. 

I am a guitar player, and I play improvisationally, wherein, what I call my 'inner voice' is the source for my playing. I can literally hear the music in my mind before I play it. Now if I try and think about it, using complex systems of musical understanding, 'What mode am I playing in? Am I playing Tonically or Atonally to the Key signature? What is the time signature I am play etc?' All these questions are good to ask from a comprehension point of view, but when I am in the 'heat of the moment' I find setting all that aside and just being emerged in my imaginative inner voice yields the best results. 

The Video's Below

Unfortunately Bashar has not made the full video available on youtube. You can go to Bashars website and purchase the mp3/mp4's for a modest fee here

I did find someone who put together their own presentation of these concepts. The presenter is not Bashar, however, he has summarized a lot of the Law of one and Bashar models very well and this is an excellent resource. 

Here is an actual Bashar video with Highlights from that conference. The full video by Bashar is above for purchase:

Bashar :: The Nine Levels of Consciousness highlights

The 9 Levels Of Consciousness - Part 1

The 9 Levels Of Consciousness - Part 2


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