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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Human Trafficking For Slavery Off-world, Self Policing Slavery On Earth, Liberation Through Self Knowledge | Corey GoodETxSG

Most of the information covered in this Dr.Salla article, we covered in the update Trapezoid Base On Moon. We will pull a section from SECRET MOON BASE USES ABDUCTED HUMANS AS SLAVE LABOR for this update.

Corey stated that the use of humans in slave labor and various other purposes is much more severe than we think. Millions of people go missing every year, and it this could be one of their final destinations. 

Carolyn Hamlett is a former mind control victim and SSP Program asset who revealed the following about one of the bases on the Moon:
The [below] picture is my creation from my memory. I put the picture together to illustrate what I have seen with physical eyes while aboard a lunar bound craft with other humans. The trapezoid shaped building was our destination. My first thought when I saw this structure was of its unique and significant shape, that of a de-capped pyramid and how much in architecture it reminded me of the Pentagon as seen in aerial photographs. Therefore, I chose a portion of an aerial photograph of the Pentagon to best illustrate the architecture of the actual building I saw on the moon. The rendition I have created is very much like the view I had as the craft I was in was making its approach. However, the actual building on the lunar surface does not have an inner court yard.

Transmuting The Symbols Of Fear Into Love | Symbolism is the Language of the Mysteries

Symbolism is a powerful tool for building knowledge and exploring ourselves, because it allows us to receive deep intuitive meanings, generated from the unconscious all seeing unconscious mind.

As Manly states, "it is the language of the mysteries" because a mystery is unknown, that part of us which is conditioned and molded by way of experience itself. The 7th Principle of Natural Law is Gender, within the mind this manifests as our masculine principle of conscious attention or focus while the feminine principle of the unconscious: the hidden, grounded or unactualized totality of our experience. The process of looking at symbols is used in many spiritual traditions because it creates a focal point for that which is unseen deep within, allowing it blossom into a bonafide experience, producing sensations, intuitions and feelings. This data reveals our past choices and programing (both good and bad), how we have chosen to understand our experiences. It is a process of divination, knowing thyself, the first step towards self empowerment and mastery.

Earthspots News, Space Weather Report | S0 News May 24, 2015 - Suspicious0bservers

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Earthspots News, Space Weather Report | S0 News May 24, 2015 Observing the Frontier Conf...

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Earthspots News, Space Weather Report | S0 News May 24, 2015

Corey DID NOT Bad Mouth COBRA, Cabal Suffering Heavy Losses Due to Infighting, Earth Changes Are Nothing To Fear, Forgiveness and Compassion Are Key | Corey GoodETxSG

Ever since Corey made the general comment about COBRA I have noticed many polarized reactions. For clarity all Corey said was what his commander told him to avoid stirring conflict, not that COBRA is wrong, a 'bad guy' or even that he is working for the Cabal.

I think after disclosure comes about, we will see that many people who seem like they were diametrically opposed were in fact working in harmony in some degree, doing the work in the own way with the knowledge they had to work with at the time. Instead of focusing on more reasons to believe in separation I suggest we remember that the work we are doing on Earth and in the Universe at Large is a work of ONENESS. 

In my own practice of 'raising my vibration' or gaining self mastery, anytime I find myself slipping into a polarized reaction, I try to get still, mediate and forgive myself first and foremost for having such a reaction and then others if I THINK they are in duality. 

There are so many camps and divisions with the awakening community, yet at its core we all tend to agree that things are not right and we are empowered to be the change. As more data is released I have a feeling there will be more fuel for separatist beliefs and thinking, and many will be tempted to stay in their limited and separatist concepts. If we can simply agree to work together with compassion I think we'll be much more effective in freeing the planet.

West Coast, East Coast & Southern US Earthquakes Strike the Craton Edge | Plate Pressure Obvious

Dutchsinse has been doing excellent work tracking climate change recently. Please see his website/blog for more info:

For information on the energetic shift of the sun, which is most likely the cause of the earth changes occurring of late see: Is This A Sign of Increased Energy Affecting The Earth? | Global Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Spiked Last Week.

- Justin

Source - Dutchsinse

After issuing a forecast for the United States to begin showing major seismic movement, we now see the movement has begun.
east coast earthquakes
series of 4.0M+ earthquakes began to occur up the West coast of the United States over the past day (May 21-22) , multiple events in a short amount of time across California, Oregon, into Canada.
The West coast movement has now been followed by movement along the edge of the craton extending across the United States (as we would expect – seismic pressure is transferring EAST across the plate edge).
Since issuing the earthquake forecast, we have now seen a 5.4 magnitude earthquake strike South Nevada, and several smaller events strike the Southern, and Eastern portion of the craton across Alabama, South Carolina, and up the East coast in Maine.

Analysis Of Part 2 - Multiple Moon Bases & U.S. Military Space Shuttles As Cover Programs Dr. Salla Q and A May 20th 2015 | Corey GoodETxSG

I was able to make some time to analyze part 2 of  Dr.Salla and Corey GoodETxSG's Q and A from May 20th. This is the third analysis in the series, but part 2 of the Q and A from May 20th. The first was released on May 15th here, the second analysis we completed on May 21st here, and the following is the 3rd.

I will be posting sections of Dr. Salla's article for this analysis. For the complete article click here.

I will move forward with concepts presented in this series, and refer back to the others as needed.
Q17. The famous remote viewer Ingo Swan said that he saw naked looking humans/ETs walking on the moon’s surface. Is there a breathable atmosphere in some parts of the moon?

There are many dozens of ET groups based in “Embassy Zones” on/in the Moon. He could have been “Viewing” any number of them. Their uniforms/suits may have given the appearance of them being naked (As a RV practitioner myself I have an understanding of how some of the imagery language translates at times). There is an extremely thin atmosphere that is very near to the surface of the moon (down in craters) and away from the Sun facing side (So it is not constant as the Earth/Moon rotate around the Sun). It is not breathable at all and filled with a fine dust that would rip your lungs apart of you were unwise enough to try (the dust and ice crystals do make for some interesting light phenomena at times). Many people who do Remote Viewing or OBE’s have an experience of being brought to a place on the moon, a sort of gathering place before they travel further out into the Sol System and beyond. This is fairly common and I have experienced it myself. It is not in the physical realm, nor is it a physical place.
The Remote Viewing and OBE experiences that Corey refers to is echoed by some of the data offered by Rauni Kilde, the former Chief Medical for Lapand Finland, who published the book There Is No Death after receiving letters for people who had OBE (Out of Body Experiences) and NDE (Near Death Experiences) during her tenure. Miles Johnston's youtube channel has a wealth of anecdotal information, whistle-blower interviews and more, much of which relates to the Secret Space Program and Secret Government narratives coming out of late

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Discussion of Awakening with: Laura Eisenhower, Sierra Neblina & Jeremy E. McDonald 06/03/15

Mark your calendars, we think this is going to be a great show. Recently Sierra Neblina and Laura Eisenhower have been coming out with disclosures on the Secret Space Program, Missions to Mars and much more. Synchronistically we also have been sharing more and more information on the Secret Space Program as provided by Corey GoodETxSG.

You can listen to an interview we did with Sierra Neblina here: Events of 2015 Discussion with Sierra Neblina | PKFTA May 3rd 2015

Discussion of Awakening with: Laura Eisenhower, Sierra Neblina & Jeremy E. McDonald

On Wednesday June 3rd 2015 at 8PM EST - Listen at this link:



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