Tuesday, October 6, 2015

$11 Trillion Dropped Out of the Stock Market Last Quarter | Crash in October 2015? 9 Of The 16 Largest Crashes In History Have Come This Month

The stock market has taken several hits over the past four months, sustaining a loss of $11 trillion; that's one sixth of global GDP. The full impact of these losses is most likely being sheltered by aggressive lending policies by the big banks, printing money in the billions on a monthly basis via quantitative easing. 

The world economy seems to be very close to a major crash, with very little left in the way of stopgaps available to address the problem. Of course the pandemic use of interest and debt money, by the hand of clandestine financial powers has only one definitive outcome in the long term; financial collapse. Interest siphons creative energy, represented in the form of debt-money, out of a social group and into the hands of a hidden ruling oligarchy. 

When a people looses touch with the interconnected nature of reality, when they fail to negotiate an accord for the benefit of all beings, then money is needed to mitigate the chaos of the incompetent masses. But there is hope, a group of knowledgeable and far seeing individuals can develop an independent system of financial trade, using debt-free money as a tool for building prosperity. 

In fact, as the below linked documentary demonstrates, some of the most successful civilizations in history all had an interest free money system, run by the people in a not-for-profit capacity.

6.2 Earthquake, Disasters, Records Fall, Space Weather | S0 News October 6, 2015 - Suspicious0bservers

Monday, October 5, 2015

Part 2 and 3 of Breakaway Civilization Update Coming Soon, Prepare for Major Disclosures, Be Objective or "Childlike" When Hearing New Information | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey is presently working on parts two and three of a large update he says will ruffle even more feathers than part one. As of this writing, Corey has not posted anything on his Facebook page other then commentary since October 2nd. 

Presumably he is working tirelessly to finish these updates; along with being a full time father and husband. He also mentioned several weeks ago that despite not reporting on SSP Alliance meetings, there are still many events taking place. 

I have received a suggestion to place my commentary in bold as well as brackets for ease of reading. We'll give that a try for the next few updates and see what the feedback is. 

If you ever have a suggestion, correction or issue please contact me via sitsshow@gmail.com, and I will respond when I am able. 

U.N. Takeover of Local Police and Social Services Announced: "The Strong Cities Network" | AG Loretta Lynch Launches Stealth Takeover Of America

To the well versed researcher, the United Nations takeover of the United States is nothing new. 

In fact all of the corporatized entities within the U.S., from the Office of the President all the way down to local police forces and city councils is already commercially beholding to the transnational UN. They are literally entities of the global corporate control structure with the Pope as chief executive

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Is it a coincidence that shortly after the Pope's visit to the U.S., an historic event in and of itself, Attorney General Loretta Lynch makes these bold announcements? I think not. 

Space/Earth Weather, Publication Day! S0 News October 5, 2015 - Suspicious0bservers

Benjamin Fulford - October 5th 2015: Cabal resorting to extreme threats as their power structure crumbles

In honor of Ben's request to withhold posting the full update until 3 days have past, here is the partial update. This post will be updated after 3 days have pasted since its initial release.

Added links below.

- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

Senior cabalists in the West are threatening tsunamis, nuclear terror, death camps and other atrocities as their grip on world power continues to slip. The Russian, Iranian and Pentagon attack against Saudi Arabian, Israeli and Turkish troops in Syria appears to be the most visible trigger for these threats. Furthermore, a serious attack on the Bush/Netanyahu Nazionist faction’s drug money is also behind the new rash of threats. However, the biggest threat of all remains the likely implosion and nationalization of the privately owned system of central banks. There continue to be signs some sort of financial event involving the owners of the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan is imminent, according to multiple sources.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oregon Shooting Was Probably A False Flag | No Eye Witnesses of Mercer Shooting People, Sep 30th Time Stamp Articles and more

Thank you Lisa for sharing all these articles with me. 

Here is the latest attempt by our would-be masters to instill fear and push their agenda. Like other obvious examples, this event has many of the hallmarks of a staged event, however, no 'smoking gun' evidence of a false flag attack has been revealed thus far. 

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First there are no direct eye witnesses of the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, killing anyone despite the hundreds of people at the scene. The only witness reported that a shot came through a window, killing their teacher with a shot to the head. 

There are reports of multiple alphabet agencies such as the FBI and ATF in the area as the shooting occurred. 

Obama was pushing for gun control almost immediately after the shooting. 

A student and experienced hunter and fire arms expert, who was on the scene, stated to his mother during a phone call while events were taking place said he heard nothing that sounded like gun shots. 

CNN photoshopped Mercer's selfie photo and is now claiming he is a white supremacist, despite the fact his mother is allegedly african american. 

Dani from RTS captured several screen shots on October 1st of news articles by mainstream media timestamped with September 30th, a full day before the shooting occurred. 

And these are just a few of the points from the below list of articles and videos. Undoubtedly more data points will be revealed by committed investigators as time goes on. 

39 Signs the Global Elite Ship is About to Sink | Updated For September

The following article is a complied and updated version of the posts 25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink and 25 Signs (Plus 14 More) That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink, by Lance Schuttler writer for the Mind Unleashed.

Lance added several items at the bottom that relate to events in September.

- Justin

Source - Wakeup World

3rd October 2015
By Lance Schuttler
Guest Writer for Wake Up World
Make no mistake about it. The tide has turned on the global elite and there will be no going back. A new day is rising for humanity as those who have planned for complete control are now being exposed, cornered and investigated from many different angles. There is no need to buy into the fear-based propaganda the major media and even several alternative media outlets dispense. Very good things are happening and even better things are coming.
Let’s take a look at some of the major stories that have occurred in the last few months. Piecing the puzzle together, we see that the jig is up and the events surrounding it are growing in size and speed.

39 Signs the Global Elite’s Ship is Sinking
#1: 57 Nations approved as founding members of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Notable countries who signed on June 29th, 2015 include Russia, India, Iran, Switzerland, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Indonesia, the UK, Italy and Austria. Notables who did not join are the U.S. and Japan.
#2: May 12th, 2015: Russia asks Greece to join the BRICS Alliance. Notice the BRICS trend in the stories to follow.

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