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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Brown Dwarf Water, Sun-Triggered Earthquakes www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Brown Dwarf Water, Sun-Triggered Earthquakes

Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock's Comments (3x) - August 26, 2014: Major fall offensive against Nazionists begins despite continuing cabal threats of mass murder

Source - Hipknowsys

The summer is ending and the Satan-worshipping cabalists are trembling in fear of what will come their way this autumn, according to White Dragon Society, CIA and Chinese government and other sources. However, instead of anything dramatic happening, the cabal will be left to continue its slow motion implosion as new international structures continue to be put in place to by-pass their financial control systems, the sources say. The mathematics of finance and the real economy are working irrevocably against the cabal governments in the US and Israel so, time is on the side of the 188 nation BRICS alliance. Just like it is best to wait for a sick lion to die instead of trying to pick a fight with it, the cabal is inevitably sinking so there is no need to do anything rash.

Nonetheless, there might also be something more dramatic actions planned but obviously they will not be announced in advance. We can hint, however, that these planned moves involve gold, silver, and, for some, lead.

The cabal, for its part, is continuing to produce one fake fear-mongering media event after the other in an effort to manipulate the opinions of a steadily shrinking audience of brain-washed believers. To this end the cabal has recently staged the fake beheading of a journalist in the Middle East, orchestrated race riots in the US, attempted to reignite a cold war with Russia, tried to start a global Ebola pandemic, threatened to blow up Chicago, LA and New York etc.

The people who wrote the Mossad motto “by way of deception, thou shalt make war,” obviously never read the parable about the boy who cried wolf. The lies and fake incidents are no longer believed by most informed people, especially in the world’s military and intelligence organizations. Instead of creating the desired effect of herding the sheeple in predetermined directions, the recent staged events have caused profound disgust throughout the world’s governments, armed forces and other agencies with the ability to actually fight if necessary.

Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - (Live) S0 News August 27, 2014

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded (Live) S0 News August 27, 2014 www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded (Live) S0 News August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What’s in a NAME? - A Deep Discovery into the legal concepts of 'Strawman,' Birth Certificates or Fictitious names and their usages

Great post by Trent Goodbaudy!
- Justin
Source - Freedom From Government

Don’t be fooled by the appearances. The “STRAWMAN” argument is an opportunity to use as a forum to expose a vital truth about how men, women and children are legally converted into mere things; HUMAN RESOURCES and raw materials for exploitation to profit a relatively few beneficiaries of a perverted government monopoly.

Take into account (no pun intended) that to visualize the fact that the “curious practice of mixing real names with fictitious names” is not unique to Oregon. As nearly as I can determine, it is practiced by preparers of birth certificates in all states. And it has been going on for at least 16 years – nationwide. Knowing that, you will also realize that the source of the command for such a “curious practice” is at the national, or even the international, level. The practice is systemic.

The baby is a “product”.
One other thing that is not made perfectly clear in the following is the fact that the “names” of “artificial persons,” such as corporations and “assumed business names,” are written in all UPPERCASE letters. Since they are fictional or fictitious “things,” they require fictitious names. Don’t confuse a fictitious name with an alias (alias dictus).

“Alias” is when one is known by two or more different names. The term refers only to natural persons, not to artificial “persons.” A natural person may be known by as many names as he chooses, for any lawful reason – or for no reason. For example: so long as he doesn’t use different names with the intention to commit fraud, “James Smith” may lawfully also be known as “John Jones.” An alias, being a name of a natural person, is always capitalized.

Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - More Solar Flares | S0 News August 26, 2014

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded More Solar Flares | S0 News August 26, 2014 www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded More Solar Flares | S0 News August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

SITS Morocco Diary #3: Part 1 - Transmuting Pain into Pleasure: A very personal account of Justin's experience since coming to Morocco

Artwork by Julian Robles

Five months have past since our last Diary with a lot happening in all our lives since then; despite the 'blackout' of media coverage. For some here there have been life changing events, hardships and revelations. Can we classify these things as World Changing?

In their own way I have no doubt that ALL events, the world over, are playing their part, ala the Absolute Plan, but stories of ascension, instant manifestation or free energy breakthroughs are off the list. I say this because I want to be clear and direct with you. There are no community projects we all work on to support our material needs. There are people working together in small groups but nothing in the way of Sustainable Community efforts we all collectively contribute to. But there is an over all interest and desire to create these things and everyone here seems to be playing their part in this.

Despite this sobering disclosure, there is a great deal that occurs here and many microcosms of community activities do take place. For example, the Clubhouse is being occupied by over 20 people at present whom all work together at some level to maintain the house. To me this is an example of community and it is absolutely a venue for Community strengthening experiences to take place. But this aspect of our story will be revealed later.

As the title of this post suggests, the following is a very personal accounting of the journey I have been on since coming to Morocco. In sharing this with all of you I hope to reveal a grander aspect of what many have been going through here in Morocco. And on a worldwide scale, everyone is also going through their own initiation and transformation.

Note: This is the preamble to a much larger and more detailed series of postings about what has been happening here in Morocco since our arrival on February 13th 2014. I sat down to begin this diary and soon had well over 5000 words written before I even began discussing our arrival in Aouctham on March 2nd. To make this data more digestible, we will break up this Diary into sections which allows more detail to be included in each section.

The Plasma Cosmos Paradigm: Electricity throughout the Universe

Source - Nexus Illuminati
Atmospheric electricity: Lightning, blue jets, sprites and elves, examples of "Transient Luminous Events" in the atmosphere

Electricity in the Universe has been identified from beneath our feet, in animals and plants, our biosphere, and out to the furthest reaches of the Universe. In general, electricity is present wherever we find plasma, and since 99.999% of the visible universe is in the plasma state, magnetic field and electric currents are nearly everywhere. 

This page summarises where electricity and electric currents have been considered to be important. Each item is supported by peer reviewed papers from scientists in a number of different disciplines. 

Terrestrial electricity

Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - Big Earthquakes, Big Solar Flare | S0 News August 25, 2014

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Big Earthquakes, Big Solar Flare | S0 News August 25, 2014 www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Big Earthquakes, Big Solar Flare | S0 News August 25, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Swara Yoga – One of the most TOP SECRET knowledge of the yogis - "Swara etymologically means ‘the sound of one’s own breath’. Yoga means ‘union’."

Image Source
I have been researching and practicing an informal type of yoga for several months now. This is a research project I have been conducting to see what the affects are on body, mind and spiritual progression. I can confidently share with you, that the practice of yoga or any other physical activity which draws your consciousness to the body, is a technique for creating a more accurate representation of reality within; which is one of the keys to spiritual progression.

I say this because when we focus our attention in a meditative state to include our body, like during yoga or stretching, we can hold a consciousness of love (acceptance) and allow the sensations we feel to be grounded into ourselves fully. This would be in contrast to our selective mode of operation to judge ourselves less then the ideal archetypes we encounter as part of living on Earth. For example, modern advertising uses models and images to incept an idea into our minds that we are not beautiful and a product they are selling will satisfy this need to be beautiful. But in truth, you are already a perfect expression of yourself, including all your 'flaws' and when you can accept this as your truth, then we are touching upon the technique I am referring to.  

I have attempted these processes to help heal a very intense personal injury which flared up at the begin of February 2014. This technique has allowed me to transmute my meaning of things that I normally label as painful or bad. This is the KEY to spiritual receptivity because when we label something as bad or unwanted, this blocks us from the full experience of grounding into ourselves within. And this is also the same technique many refer to as 'heart space' and being in the 'now.'

- Justin

Source - Aether Force

Swara yoga is an ancient science of pranic body rhythms and explores how prana can be controlled through the breath.

Traditionally a closely guarded science, taught only through direct transmission from guru to disciple, very little has ever been written about it.

Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - S0 News August 24, 2014 | Earthquake, CME, Storms

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded S0 News August 24, 2014 | Earthquake, CME, Storms www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded S0 News August 24, 2014 | Earthquake, CME, Storms

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Disclosure: What Is Sea Plankton Doing On The Outside Of The ISS (International Space Station)?

Source - Mysterious Universe

There’s no oxygen, zero gravity, extreme temperatures and a constant barrage of cosmic radiation on the outside of the International Space Station. So how did sea plankton get there and why is it still alive and thriving?

Russian cosmonauts Olek Artemyev and Alexander Skvortsov were on a routine spacewalk to launch nanosatellites (tossing them like tennis balls to Russian wolfhounds) when they noticed some dirt on the outside of the Russian side of the space station and on a window called an illuminator. They used wipes to clean the surfaces and a later analysis of the microscopic particles identified them as sea plankton and other microorganisms.

This has never been seen before, says Vladimir Solovyev, chief of the Russian ISS orbital mission. It must have been on the module when it was launched, you say? Good guess but Solovyev says the sea plankton is not indigenous to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, where the Russian launches took place.

Location in Kazakhstan where space station components were launched.

So how did sea plankton end up 260 miles up in space? It didn’t just float up there on its own, did it? You’re getting warmer, says Solovyev.

The Collective Imagination relaunch w’ Heather Tucci-Jarraf and Sacha Stone - 8am EST August 26th 2014 (Air Date)

Updated - 8.26.2014 1:22pm - Due to technical difficulties, the show was not able to be heard live, although the chat room was able to be used to ask questions. 

The One Network will upload the recording which I will post here when it becomes available. 

FYI this show will Air at 8am EST (1pm Morocco Time) on August 26th 2014
- Justin

Source - Brian Kelly's Blog

Image created by Jorge Cortez

Thursday, Aug 21
The Collective Imagination relaunch w’ Heather and Sacha

Can't even describe how excited I AM for the relaunch! In this open discussion, no agenda format who knows what kind of wild conversation threads we'll end up covering. Time to kick it up a notch!! ~BK

Join the Former 5D Media Network as it relaunches after a 3 month hiatus with a new name, new home, new presenters and much more.

We are very excited to announce the return of our founding radio show, The Collective Imagination with Hosts Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and D along with our special guests Heather Tucci Jarraf and Sacha Stone.

Listen LIVE and join in the chat room at

Join the conversation with our call in number 347 467 1211 (New York) using skype or your phone

Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - Solar Surges, Triton, SpaceX Explosion | August 23, 2014 -S0 News

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Solar Surges, Triton, SpaceX Explosion | August 23, 2014 -S0 News www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Solar Surges, Triton, SpaceX Explosion | August 23, 2014 -S0 News
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