Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Major Bank Official: Banks Are “Preparing for an Economic Nuclear Winter”

Source - The Free Thought Project

by Matt Agorist, August 29th 2016

After years of giveaways to megabanks, marketed to the taxpayers as ‘quantitative easing,’ the crutches shoved under the banker-controlled global stock trade are about to snap. Bankers now say they are preparing for the collapse.

Volcano Alert, Major Hail, Plasma Eruption | S0 News Aug.30.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Visions for a Better World: Private Cities, Freedom Cells, Free Communities – The Solution to Hegemony

Image Source.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) We've been conditioned via institutionalized education and propaganda media to think that there's no choice but to conform to the status quo within our respective national regions. 

Enculturation is a process of making an individual or smaller group like their parent culture, usually by quashing free thought and critical thinking. But we have always had the power to create new social agreements and related institutions that are more in harmony with the ideals of a truly free society. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Signs of Change -- Week 4 August 2016 | Gaian Eye (Video)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) For more go to his youtube channel Gaian Eye.

- Justin

Benjamin Fulford -- August 29th 2016: Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazarian mafia

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In honor of Ben's wishes to withhold posting the full update here is a portion of his report.

This post will be updated after approximately 3 days since its initial release; usually on Thursday.

Added links below.

- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

For the past few weeks the wheels of geopolitics have been churning the mud during a summer “ceasefire.” That is now ending.

The German government has made a decisive break with the Khazarian mafia and has ordered its citizens to stockpile 10 days worth of emergency food supplies in preparation for a war of independence, according to both CIA and MI6 sources. In addition, the German government is mobilizing 600,000 militia members in preparation for this war, the sources say. The trigger for this mobilization was a request by the Khazarian controlled US government for Germany to accept a massive false flag attack on its territory as an excuse for totalitarian Khazarian rule. The Germans have decided to refuse this request and are instead allying themselves with the Russians and effectively joining the UK and Turkey in a Western led move against the Khazarian controlled American government, the sources agree. 

Big Quake, Killer Weather, Europa | S0 News Aug.29.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Soros Group ‘Trained’ Socialists to Combat Will of the People

Image Source.
(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Social Justice movements along with other grassroots efforts have gained increasing popularity of late, most likely due to the advent of the internet. 

But how many of these movements were organically inspired from a population of people seeking redress of grievance?

George Soros is a known globalist and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that overtly makes no claim to power, other than as an advisory board; but in truth, this group works from behind the scenes to manipulate the consciousness of humanity. Part of that manipulation is the creation of social justice movements, or any institution in general, with the goal of altering the social climate so as to align with the aims of the NWO agenda. Divide and conquer is arguably one of the most easily recognizable programs of manipulation and control. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

How To Grow A Limitless Supply Of Anti-Inflammatory, Alkalizing Garlic, Ginger & Turmeric At Home

Source - Collective Evolution

by Alexa Erickson, August 17th 2016

Take one look in your kitchen, and you might find a plethora of herbs and spices on a rack waiting for you to add a dash of them to your food for flavour. But have you ever thought they offer benefits beyond simply adding excitement to bland foods?


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