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Monday, November 24, 2014

Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Earthquake Swarm, Spaceweather | S0 News November 24, 2014 www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Earthquake Swarm, Spaceweather | S0 News November 24, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ESP, Hypnosis, Paraphysics, and Remote Viewing | New Millennium Psi Research

Source - Nexus Illuminati

by Iona Miller and Richard Alan Miller

"One really should start thinking in terms of biomind receptors, rather than in terms of ESP"
-Ingo Swann


While on his journey to the moon and back, astronaut Edgar Mitchell conducted an unscheduled experiment of his own. On June 22, 1971, he informed the New York Times that:
"During the Apollo 14 lunar expedition I performed an extrasensory-perception experiment the world's first in space. In it five symbols a star, cross, circle, wavy line and square were oriented randomly in columns of 25. Four persons in the United States attempted to guess the order of the symbols. They were able to do this with success that could be duplicated by chance in one out of 3,000 experiments.”

He claimed, in effect, that his demonstration showed that ESP was independent of shielding, locale, distance, or time. When he got back to planet Earth, he founded The Institute of Noetic Science (IONS), noetic meaning consciousness studies. That program, now run by parapsychologist Dean Radin, is still thriving and the Institute recently moved to larger quarters in an old school in Petaluma, California. IONS is celebrating its 30th anniversary.


The spontaneous event commonly called psychic experience, perception or ability is called 'psi' in scientific arenas. Even more precisely, it is now often referred to as anomalous cognition (AC). A particular form of intentional AC is known as Remote Viewing. Between 1978-1995 the U.S. government sponsored the Stargate Program, in conjunction with Stanford Research Institute (SRI), a psyops development think tank. 

The existence of psi or ESP abilities has been hotly debated among scientists for decades, since J. B. Rhine began his experiments in 1927. Both the pro (Dean Radin; Ingo Swann; Jessica Utts, Russell Targ; Hiroshi Motoyama) and con (James Randi, Susan Blackmore, CSICOPS) positions have their "true believers", and it seems never the twain shall meet. 

The True Cross and Sign of Life - Marking the Death of the Material Self, Rebirth of the Spiritual Identity

Source - Gnostic Warrior

“To the Rosicrucians, Alchemists, and Illuminati, the cross was the symbol of light, because each of the three letters L V X isTau and serpent 1024x1014 The True Cross and Sign of Life derived from some part of the cross.” – Manly P. Hall
The cross was used by many cultures and tribes long before the time of Christ. Prior to when the first Christians had adopted the ancient Tau cross into their religion over two thousand years ago, and then later in the 4th century when it was changed to the modern Christian cross of warfare under Constantine; the symbol of the cross could be witnessed all over the world in places such as ancient Egypt, India, Phoenicia (Crete), Greece, England, Scotland, Ireland and even in the Americas.
In the Encyclopedia Britannica, Thomas Macall sheds some light on the real nature of the true cross; “The use of the cross as a religious symbol in pre-Christian times, and among non-Christian peoples, may probably be regarded as almost universal, and in very many cases it was connected with some form of nature worship.”

Introducing GalacticU Radio Network: 2 PM EST on November 23rd 2014 - with Sierra Neblina, Bob Wright, Christian Traa, Kim Fuller, Judy Jandora, Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles

Julian and I are joining Sierra Neblina, Bob Wright, Christian Traa, Kim Fuller and Judy Jandora on GalacticU Radio Network! We are excited to be doing radio again and with such a prolific panel of hosts. 

Bob, Christian, Julian and I had many conversations about the thought-form or symbolic basis to our reality; the mechanics of how we create our reality subjectively. We were invited to participate in an effort to reveal this and much more on a weekly Blog Talk radio show, with the intent of helping others and ourselves understand the full breadth of what it means to be alive at this pivotal time in Earth's history.

Listen to the show here.

Join us for our first live show today November 23rd 2014 at 2:00pm EST.
- Justin

Source - GalacticU Radio

Click image to listen to the show

Hello folks Sierra here, I am so excited to officially introduce to you Galactic Radio Network. It has been a long time in the works, and now that I have found some family to play with, GalacticU Radio Network is now offering 5 new Radio Shows! It is my honor to introduce to you our new line up:
Wednesday WE REMEMBER 8pm EST
Join us to meet all of the wonderful new Hosts and to get the details on each new show!

Be sure to tune/call in live to ask questions.

For further info visit


Earthquake | Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - Earthquakes, SDO Problem, FOTW | S0 News November 23, 2014

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Earthquakes, SDO Problem, FOTW | S0 News November 23, 2014 www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Earthquakes, SDO Problem, FOTW | S0 News November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

22nd of November (11.22) | Synchronicity in Numbers: Doreen Virtue - Angel Numbers

We posted this last year and I felt like today was a good time to repost it. 

I have been talking with locals here in Morocco about synchronicity in numbers a lot lately. Ayoub one of our good friend here, told us that in Morocco when you see a double number it means someone in the world is thinking of you. 

Number patterns seem to ubiquitously inspire curiosity in the mysteries of life. As I shared in the write up below from last year, number patterns have been a huge factor for my awakening, finally accepting the reality of an Intelligent Universe. 

Numbers, just like words and everything else in our lives is a symbol; it can mean something. We covered this extensively in the post Decoding Fiction - Science of Meaning | As Above So Below (Fractal) Symbolism in Once Upon A Time TV Series. Divination is the art of contacting higher consciousness, god or the prime creator, by decoding symbols in our experience.

Life is a language so vast and grand, most of us never recognize it. But once we learn to read the language of life, the doors of all the great mysteries open to us. We become the key maker. 

Here is the original write up for this post:

I am really excited to be sharing this information with all of you! I have had such a profound experience in my personal life with this topic and I know it can be powerful for expanding consciousness. I also think it is a direct communication from your 'Higher Self' or Source.

Let me tell you a story of this in my life. Ever since I was a young boy I always noticed how things I took notice of, learned, or became aware of would later be lived out in my experience. It was around this time, I began to notice how number patterns were popping up everywhere. But as time went on, and I became a teenager, I dismissed these number patterns as coincidence, and as a result I stopped seeing them as frequently. 

Then many years later, after Julian and I began to wake up, I started to become more open to the idea there was an intelligence behind it all. I immediately started to see patterns again. I was reading the Law of One Material and the Urantia Book, I would look up to see the numbers 144 or 744 on the clock and it was right as I was grounding a concept into myself. This was happening so frequently that I could not dismiss the statistical certainty that some organizing force was behind it. I have a background in math and physics and I can recognize patterns very easily. The probability of these events happening randomly was astronomical. An overriding principle was at work here. 

Enter the following post. I have not read much of Doreen Virtue's work, but I know she is one of the pillars of the awakening community. She describes the concepts in terms of Angels and Ascended masters. Now I know these days, there is a progressive move away from guru's and masters, but if we look past the literal interpretation, focusing on allegorical meanings, the concepts she presents can be a very powerful tool for self discovery and our true roles here on Earth. 

As we described in the post Emotional Guidance Scale (Explained in detail) How to be guided by your emotions, instead of controlled by them. By Justin, the Universe is literally communicating with us at all times. When we begin to consciously become aware of this, there is a process of language development wherein you literally create a personal body of symbols specifically tailored for your communion with all that IS. And this is why learning about the number patterns can be so powerful. The Universe is desperately trying to communicate with you, and will use any means possible to do so.

For example, I just read the first few sections of this post, and I immediately got something back. Julian and I were in traffic on our way to meet a friend, and I saw the numbers 1144 on a car in front of us. Doreen's meaning for this is that the Angels are letting you know they have your back and you may have just been processing something big. I reflected on what I was thinking a moment before I saw the numbers and I was just processing a deep fear -  thought-form - I have been trying to let go of in my life. What a profound example! Then right after, I saw it, on the next car I saw the numbers 777, which mean the Angels are trying to tell you, you're on the right track or you have just accomplished a soul lesson. Wow! Finally on one last car I saw the numbers 1111, which indicate that you are stepping into a new realm of mastery or a new soul project. We were on our way to go visit new friends (Lisa & Joe!) as well as Judy Jandora and talk about our Journey to Morocco

The following is a tool to help draw your awareness about the symbolic existence we all apart of and co-creating. It is not just numbers that speak to us, but EVERY THING. And the more we are able to discover the allegorical Hero's Journey of our lives, the more we are able to fully comprehend what part we play in the Uni-verse.
- Justin

Source - Spirit Library

The angels do their best to get our attention and to communicate with us. In this way, they help us heal our own lives. However, we often discount the signs they give us, writing them off as mere coincidences or our imagination. The angels say: "We can't write our messages to you in the sky. You've got to pay attention and believe when you see any patterns forming in your life especially in response to any questions or prayers you've posed. When you hear the same song repeatedly or see the same number sequence, who do you think is behind this? Your angels, of course!"
Number Sequences

Your angels often communicate messages to you by showing you sequences of numbers. They do this in two ways. First, they subtly whisper in your ear so you'll look up in time to notice the clock's time or a phone number on a billboard. The angels hope you'll be aware that you're seeing this same number sequence repeatedly. For instance, you may frequently see the number sequence 111, and it seems every time you look at a clock the time reads 1:11 or 11:11.

Volcano Eruption | Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - Volcano Erupts, Earthquakes, Spaceweather | S0 News November 22, 2014

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Volcano Erupts, Earthquakes, Spaceweather | S0 News November 22, 2014 www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Volcano Erupts, Earthquakes, Spaceweather | S0 News November 22, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Forbidden Archaeology | 10 Insane Ancient Achievements That Science Can’t Explain

Source - Nexus Illuminati

Out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) is a term coined by American naturalist and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson for an object of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in a very unusual or seemingly impossible context that could challenge conventional historical chronology. The term “out-of-place artifact” is rarely used by mainstream historians or scientists. Its use is largely confined to cryptozoologists, proponents of ancient astronaut theories, and paranormal enthusiasts….

In this article we present our selection of Top 10 OOPArts. There are many more (you can find them by exploring our website).

Tiwanaku (Spanish: Tiahuanaco and Tiahuanacu) is an important Pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia, South America. Pumapunku also called “Puma Pumku” or “Puma Puncu”, is part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku.   Tiahuanaco is an example of engineering so monumental that it dwarfs even the work of the Aztecs. Stone blocks on the site weigh many tons. They bear no chisel marks, so the means by which they were shaped remains a mystery. The stone itself came from two different quarries. One supplied sandstone and was situated 10 miles away. It shows signs of having produced blocks weighing up to 400 tons. The other supplied andesite and was located 50 miles away, raising the question of how the enormous blocks were transported in an age before the horse was domesticated in South America. Close examination of the structures shows an unusual technique behind their building. The stone blocks were notched, then fitted together so that they interlocked in three dimensions. The result was buildings strong enough to withstand earthquakes.

Space Weather | Suspicious0bservers just uploaded a video - Electric Universe, Earthquakes, Cosmic Rays | S0 News November 21, 2014

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Electric Universe, Earthquakes, Cosmic Rays| S0 News November 21, 2014 www.Suspicious0bserv­

Suspicious0bservers has uploaded Electric Universe, Earthquakes, Cosmic Rays| S0 News November 21, 2014

Decoding Fiction - Science of Meaning | As Above So Below (Fractal) Symbolism in Once Upon A Time TV Series

False knowledge leads to error and chaos, True knowledge leads to creation and harmony
Julian and I have been watching the Once Upon A Time TV series, decoding it for meanings. As we have discussed many times there is a staggering amount of hidden truth in popular fiction.

A prerequisite to any decoding process is knowledge. The more omnivorous our appetite for information, the easier it is to compare one thing to another to decode meanings. Better still is contemplation, as to reconcile these meanings into a holistic understanding; which we will explain later is crucial to decoding symbolism of all types. Hollywood and many popular works of fiction are rife with retellings; stories which are retold again and again. Every story has a moral locked inside just as any symbol or object can have a great number of potential meanings.

As far as symbolism goes, Once Upon A Time is bursting with potential meanings. The possible number of meanings one can gleam from any work is limitless but what is the method or technique for decoding meanings? We are going to analyze the Final Episode of Season 3 as an example of the process describing various methods and determining how meaning generation can help us in all ways.

Warning: Spoilers below!

Psychology of Meaning

First we must understand the mechanics - the science - of meaning. We discussed this extensively in the post Science of Word Magic and Spells | Collective Imagination Nov 11-2014 with Cullen Smith.

From a biological standpoint, our bodies receive massive quantities of raw data, deciphered and stored within our brains as neural connections. Taking into account new discoveries in consciousness and biology by Dan Winter's work and Heartmath Institute, the Pineal Gland is the epicenter of our consciousness (seat of the soul) whereby our bodies sensory organs funnel raw data through the brain stem, along the limbic brain to our neocortex. Here is where the data is processed for meanings, creating neural connections as a result of how we choose to reconcile the data - which is observed by the third eye (the lens or oculus) and received into the higher consciousness.
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